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Speak and Inspire

"Take this course and be ready to uplevel how you communicate with yourself, your loved ones and the world!"

The reason I enrolled in this Quest was that I launched a book, Life in Full Colors, that came to and through me during the first lockdown of COVID-19 last March and suddenly found myself guesting on podcasts and summits...
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Corry MacDonald

Creative Healer (art therapist/energy healer/artist)

Overijse, Belgium


What Students Are Saying About 10x Fitness Quest

These are life-changing stories from people around the world about the fantastic results they got after taking 10x Fitness Quest.
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10x Fitness video stories


"Transformation comes in all shapes and sizes!"

I always considered myself fit and slim. After all, I have been an active gym member for 20 years!Most of these years my fitness regiment would consist, however, of excessive cardio training. I would step on the elliptical trainer for 1 hour a day!Considering this, I got frustrated with t...
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Monique Schuldt

Email Marketing Manager

Featured Story

"It changed my life completely"

I took the course of Jim Kwik’s Superbrain. I read books and the newspaper very fast to read 2 books a day. And I keep doing some of the habits every day. It changed my life completely.


Executive supervisor

Setagaya, Japan

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I'm in the best shape of my life!

I became an amputee (Right Below Knee) February last year and fighting my right leg muscle atrophy because of decrease mobility since then. I started to use a prosthetic leg on July 2020 and went back to the gym but the convenientional weight training the I knew didn't help me with my pro...
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Lawrence Tuazon


Fukuoka, Japan


"The results awed me"

This is my transformation after 18 months of 10X. I started Jan 2018. This picture was taken October 2019. During this time I exercised no more than 30 mins a week. And in fact, I had to skip almost 1 out of 3 weeks before I was frequently traveling. Still the results awed me.
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Vishen Lakhiani

CEO & Founder

Tallinn, Estonia

Money EQ

"I'm not afraid of money and I'm not afraid that I won't have money"

Before this Quest I felt scared of money; having it made me feel I wouldn't get more, not having it made me feel awful. From the very first session my perception of money shifted. When I stepped into Money I saw it as a compassionate and caring energy that was wondering why I wasn't comin...
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Kavi Ramachandran Ladnier

Actor, Writer, Producer

Los Angeles, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"I started receiving breakthrough inspirations when I went running, ideas for my business"

I also used the three scenes technique and my habits changed without me even trying.... this stuff leaves me with tingles running down my spine and feeling lucky again...
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Steve Hall

Owner and Founder of Beealigned Coaching and Consultancy

Geelong, Australia

Money EQ

"I can do what I love and make money out of it"

Before this program I used to understand money as difficult to get, I had this limiting belief that money was not for everyone and I felt like I didn't deserve making good money. Worse than that, I believed that living my passions had nothing to do with making money. I had a scarcity mind...
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Alejandro Miranda

Entrepeneur and writer

Guadalajara, Mexico

Mindvalley All Access

"The level of the Teachers is mind-blowing"

Before enrolling into Mindvalley, I was the founder of 3 Biz ventures - Golds gym India, Valecha Infrastructures & Valecha Inv-Start up funding. My quest for Personal knowledge made me sign up for Mindvalley All Acess Membership. The quality of teachers is Mind-blowing !!
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Jagdish Valecha

Chairman of Golds Gym India

Mumbai, India

Mindvalley for Business

"Mindvalley has been a huge support for all of us, my staff, parent body and myself included"

I first came across Mindvalley a few years ago when I had a strong inspiration to start a new way of educating young students. A school where children's natural and spiritual gifts were cultivated, supported and encouraged. A curriculum that not only speaks to academic learning, but also...
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Mahalo, Licia "Kumu Mailani" Sakamoto

Ke Kula `O Ho`omakuapono

The Power of Boldness

"The quest will improve your Zest for Success!"

Before I started as a seeker and joined Quest my life was interesting productive n sucessfull after taking Quest the Vision has become bolder the canvass bigger of touching n transforming billion lives . The reason for joining Quest is my hunger constantly for personal development and mi...
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Jagdish Valecha

Chairman Golds gym India (Founder Master franchisee)

Mumbai, India

The Power of Boldness

"A Quest every entrepreneur needs to take to truly be bold!"

I can easily say that post this quest I have become much more confident, gained mental clarity and really understand how to take that much-needed leap towards my moonshot. I am ready...
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Kanika Jain

Finance Professional/Entrepreneur

Manama, Bahrain

Coaching Session Planner

"I learned so much about how to become a great coach by learning from the greatest coach in the world"

And after i take this quest i feel more courage to helping people and can't wait to be a coach (great coach like all of them) and built my business...
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Beauty Advisor

Denpasar, Indonesia

Speak and Inspire

"I have started to test myself when I speak to anyone"

I am launching my business in January 2021. This course has given me the foundations of how I am to show my story, how I am to do lives and how I should continue to work on my confidence and do FB lives etc to grow my audience...
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Creative Director

Windsor, United Kingdom


"I have lost 9 kgs and now back to my wedding weight"

the team have helped me get my head back on track and to structure my nutrition in a way that makes so much sense, it feels good and I love the compliments I get. It is a WIN WIN for me...
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Lynne Hutton


Sydney, Australia