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"The Lifebook course has highlighted to me how to win in all aspects of my life"

Before this program I was mainly concentrating on getting my home business off the ground and all other areas of my life were just continuing really without too much consideration although I've always wanted an amazing life. The Lifebook course has highlighted to me how wins in all aspect...
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Philippa Rutherford

Business Owner - Essential Oils & Low-Toxin Lifestyle

Market Harborough, United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

"My big lesson here for me was to realize that my life vision is possible and that I deserve it"

Before I started the Lifebook Program, I was wondering why I could get the most of life and not be living the best of it. I am so grateful for Lifebook, because I know I got my north star and I know where to go. I did a lot of thoughts about my life, the people around me, my kids, my bu...
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Valdenice Dos Santos Schreitl


Vienna, Austria

Lifebook Online

"Lifebook gave me affirmation of the decisions I've made"

Lifebook gave me affirmation of the decisions I've made, added to my confidence regarding self-knowledge and the "understanding of understanding". It is quite inspiring to see a married couple as integrated as Jon and Missy!
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Joey Ayala


Quezon City, Philippines

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Lifebook Online

"I highly recommend Lifebook to everyone looking at transforming their lives"

I have never heard anyone talk about life design as holistically as Jon and Missy. The way they cover 12 different categories on Lifebook is extraordinary. It is no surprise that their approach has changed so many lives. I had a great time interacting with both Jon and Missy and what stan...

Bijay Gautam

Founder, Podcast Host & Coach


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Lifebook Online

"This course has helped me re-evaluate my life"

Loved doing this Life book course, was a great way to reality check my life and goals. Jon's delivery of this course was amazingly thought out and excellent!!! This course has helped me re-evaluate my life and focus on what really matters.
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London, United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

" I have a clear vision what I want in my life categories, this vision and strategies will evolve over time"

I am Nimish, grew up in India and moved to United States in 2016 for education. Before this program I felt my life was on autopilot and had hit a rock bottom of hopelessness. I am greatful that the 1st personal development program that I went through was Lifebook and what a great decision...
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Nimish Parkhi


Raleigh, United States

Lifebook Online

"It also gave me ideas to take forward"

I really enjoyed the process of moving through the different categories. It helped me reshape and define my goals. It also gave me ideas to take forward. I realise that it is a work in progress and that it can be refined and taken to the next level. The foundations that have been laid are...
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Shanaaz Mia


Johannesburg, South Africa

Lifebook Online

"Thanks to this program I have been able to put all of my loose-leaf notebooks currently into files that reflect my Lifebook categories"

I have never completed a program like this and I am glad that I did. Before this program my intention was to learn all I could and if I was able to implement it great. I was looking forward to getting the money back and put it towards something else. Once I started the work and I watched...
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Denise Pinero

Mental Health Therapist

New York, United States

Lifebook Online

"Loved the concept , the content and the coaching :)"

This program has given me so much clarity about myself and my future self .. Although I always had a vision for my life, but now that is even clearer and I exactly know what I want and who I want to be and I am assured that my all dreams will come true just by one mantra - " Thoughts be...
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Pallavi Chatterjee

Software Professional

Bengaluru, India

Lifebook Online

"I was able to look at all areas of my life simultaneously, honestly evaluate them, think deeply about each of the areas and design the direction"

Although even before I took the LIFEBOOK training I considered my life great: with its ups and downs of course because it is life. However my happiness felt kind of unstable. There was always a feeling that if I focus on one area in my life the rest don't get my attention and kind of stop...
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stay at home mum, a teacher

Riga, Latvia

Lifebook Online

"It also helped me to realize small and important things that I could be doing right now to get closer to that vision"

Lifebook helped me clarify what I really want. It also helped me to stop seeing that as a distant big dream or something difficult to achieve, and instead integrate it into my present moment and build it from there. It also helped me to realize small and important things that I could be d...
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Cali, Colombia

Lifebook Online

"Nothing really touched the vision of my life in such a structured way as the Lifebook"

What an awesome journey on the Lifebook. In the beginning I did not have high expectations for this mentoring program but that quickly changed as I realized that what was holding me back in life was the lack of clear vision in my life. I had been many times through goal-setting sessions a...
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Angelos Ioannis

Data Scientist

Helsinki, Finland

Lifebook Online

"Lifebook is a journey and this is how I intend to live my best life"

Coming from an immigrant background and looking back on my life's journey in retrospect before Lifebook, I had a slightly confident outlook/roadmap I developed since highschool. Setbacks aside, I always knew that with persistence, I'd be accomplishing anything and everything I'd always wa...
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Eduardo Badal

Student/Skateboarder/Graphic Designer

Miami, United States

Lifebook Online

Lifebook Online with Jon and Missy Butcher

Lifebook is a transformational lifestyle design system that empowers you to ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE your very best life. On your own terms, and nobody else’s. Imagine owning a 100-page book with a crystal clear vision for the person you want to become and the life you want to live (beyond the cookie cutter goals imposed on you by society). Every dream, every desire, every goal - everything that you really want - captured on the pages of your personal blueprint for life. Your Lifebook will become the most important book on your shelf and your step-by-step plan for creating your dream life. Let’s create your Lifebook – and make your dream life a reality.
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