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"I believed in myself and moreover Really fall in love with my inner self"

Yet is coming... Another chapter In my life. Achh.. I wish to everyone having journey as I had. Still, I am on the journey, same as you'll are. I was broken and broke like any other human being....however afterlife Book program the shift happened. I believed in myself and moreover Really...
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Monika Panfil


Dungannon, United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has certainly given me a marvelous window to my Mind, my Heart and my Body"

I have been a business consultant and a coach during my recent Professional years. I have countless times worked on Personal Vision and Strategic Planning with Executives of different areas and industries. Every time I prepared a workshop on these themes I normally made sure I experienced...
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Cyn Abreu

Transormation and Leadership Director

Mexico City, Mexico

Lifebook Online

"It's been a truly transformative experience and my life now is becoming a beautiful tapestry of my own making"

Before I began this program I used to plan my life in general terms focusing on material goals I wanted to achieve and occasionally factoring other aspects of my life as I become aware of the need to develop in different areas. After completing Lifebook online, thinking deeply about and plan...
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Daleen Baker

English Language Teacher / IELTS Examiner Trainer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Lifebook Online

"I’ve had an immense shake up and being pushed out of my comfort zone and into my dream zone"

I decided to try a Mindvalley program because I was feeling very stuck in life. I had a job that didn’t pay well given the level of responsibility, skill and hours required. It was safe as it paid my mortgage but it was deeply unsatisfying. My health is awful and I’m riddled with arthritis a...

Vin Govindan

General Manager

Strathfield, Australia

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Lifebook Online

"It enables me to "see" what my life is about and where I want to go."

Quite possibly the best program I've ever undergone. It enables me to "see" what my life is about an...
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Barrington Oswald Bowen II


Hyattsville, United States

Lifebook Online

"Before this program I didn't realize there were so many details to the 12 categories of my life"

Before this program i didn't realize there was so much details to the 12 categories of my life, nor...
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Vicky Chiu

at home mother

calgary, Canada

Lifebook Online

"Never have I been able to find a study programme that so richly encompasses all of that learning in a format of such simplicity and importance as the Lifebook lessons"

I have spent my life reading, studying how to live my best life, this has included science, religion, design, thereapy, meditaion, excercise, diet, fellowship and community. Never have I been able to find a study programme that so richly encompasses all of that learning in a format of such s...
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Mary McNulty

Business Development Executive

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

"the takeaways from the first few lessons have, without a doubt, changed my perspective, habits, and intentions"

Before this program I found my life in general to be incredibly routined, but not in a way that was constructive for my desires. Thanks to the Life Book program, even though I have still not completed it, the take aways from the first few lessons have, without a doubt, changed my perspective...
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Bryan Hutt

Clerk, Loblaw

Nova Scotia, Canada

Lifebook Online

"Gaining more and more positive and confidence everyday towards my goals"

Before this program,I was disorganized in life. Did not had any life goals for future. only goal then was to live through the days and regret,get depressed and curse myself for not thinking on life goals. Thanks to this program which gave me an insight of 12 life categories and helped to vis...
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Software developer

Bengaluru, India

Lifebook Online

"I have come to the realization that "I am enough" and working from that is starting to change my life"

Thank you for this life changing program that really dives in deep in all categories of life. I have come to the realisation that "I am enough" and working from that is starting to change my life. I am very grateful for all the happiness and abundance that is flowing into my life.
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Christina Böhm


Windhoek, Namibia

Lifebook Online

"I wish, I would have found this earlier in my life, but I´m grateful I found it now."

The reason I enrolled in this Quest : After I lost my job, I wanted to start my own business in March and then the Covid - 19 lockdown happened. So I started to search for personality development programms. I love "Lifebook", because of the 12 categories. I wish, I would have found this earl...
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Waltraud Marques Matos Pentieiro

Occupation Therapist, Certified Handtherapist, Test based health advisor

Vienna/ Wien, Austria

Lifebook Online

"LifeBook helped me to look at life from another angle, and shape my premise, vision, purpose, and strategy"

Before this program, I'm totally lost and having a lot of uncertainty with my life. LifeBook helped me to look at life from another angle, and shape my premise, vision, purpose and strategy. Now I'm positive, grateful and energized! My gratitude towards this beautiful journey. I'll live m...
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Elaine Wee

Head of Division

Ipoh, Malaysia

Lifebook Online

"Thanks to Lifebook it has helped me to understand where I am lacking in life"

Before Lifebook, I was unhappy and trying to figure out what I want from life. I have recently finished my studies and because of covid-19, I am finding it hard to find a job and figure out my career and other areas of life. Thanks to lifebook it has helped me to understand where I am lackin...
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Garima Kaushik


Delhi, India

Lifebook Online

Lifebook Online with Jon and Missy Butcher

Welcome to Lifebook Online! We’re absolutely thrilled to have you here. As they say, showing up is half the battle, so congratulations on taking this important step and investing in yourself. Remember, Lifebook Online is all about YOU: what you want, what you believe, and what you dream of the most. Get ready to dive deep into the core of who you are, and explore what an extraordinary life really means for you. From content-packed videos, an engaging community, to insightful coaching calls, this program has been designed to help you produce an actionable, personalized blueprint of your IDEAL LIFE. At the end of the 6 weeks, you will emerge with stunning crystal clarity of the reality you may have only dreamed of before – with an actual plan on how to get there. If that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is! Let’s create your Lifebook – and make your dream life a reality.
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