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"It really helps put things in perspective"

This course is amazing! It really helps put things in perspective. This has helped me align my thoughts with actions, set realistic goals and expectations and carry out life to the fullest! There are no excuses, you either do or you don't, either way, it's your LIFE!
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Salim Shakir


San Antonio, United States

Lifebook Online

"I was blown away that in just 6 weeks, I was able to not only get clear on what I wanted out of life but confident that I could achieve it"

At the start of Life Book Online, my life quotient score from the Intra-spect Assessment was 63 and at the end, it was 82. That is an increase of 19 points and I expect it to keep improving! I was blown away that in just 6 weeks, I was able to not only get clear on what I wanted out of li...
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Bernita James

Housing Program Specialist, HUD

Washington, DC, United States

Lifebook Online

I have learned a strategy for life

I have learned a strategy for life that has empowered me with a structure of inspiration to guide me in my journey of self-discovery and mastery.
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Marriage & Family Therapist

Santa Monica, United States

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Lifebook Online

"I highly recommend Lifebook to everyone looking at transforming their lives"

I have never heard anyone talk about life design as holistically as Jon and Missy. The way they cover 12 different categories on Lifebook is extraordinary. It is no surprise that their approach has changed so many lives. I had a great time interacting with both Jon and Missy and what stan...

Bijay Gautam

Founder, Podcast Host & Coach


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Lifebook Online

"I feel more clear about the different categories of life after taking this course"

I feel more clear about the different categories of life after taking this course, I was hoping to have more clear guidance and direction. Areas of my life in which I've noticed the biggest changes in my life are paying attention to all categories of my life instead of focusing on one.
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Cascara Lee


Coquitlam, Canada

Lifebook Online

"This program helped me shape in detail who I want to be from now on"

Before this program, I hadn't really thought about what I wanted my life to be. I mean, I had glimpses of what could be different and felt frustrated that I wasn't there. Now, I didn't transform my life, but this program helped me shape in detail who I want to be from now on and understan...
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West Jordan, United States

Lifebook Online

"I have a good life and want to make it amazing"

After taking care of my Mom, I wanted to get back to work, then I saw the state of my industry and realized I will need to work for myself. I started a business with my friend and realized I really am going to need to do business different than before. I don’t know how to do that. I ha...
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Director of Operations

Dana Point, United States

Lifebook Online

I am confident that I can build my dream life

Before Lifebook, I believed that only a few categories in life were important to my happiness and fulfillment. I looked at career driven people with suffering relationships and thought, "wow, that person must be so unfulfilled." Yet, I was doing the same thing, only I was neglecting areas...
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Remly Dunn

Marketing Professional

New Orleans, United States

Lifebook Online

I understood who I am, what life I want, what my goals are

I grew up in a family that was not great at showing love, without visions and with wrong beliefs about money, entrepreneurship and risk-taking. It took a long time for me to find out talents, to have dreams and ambitions. I felt lonely, unappreciated, with a low self-esteem and complete...
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Operations SPecialist

London, United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

I have a bigger picture of what I want and where do I want to go

I was on the rock bottom at the end of 2019 after a 7 years of repressed trauma came out to the surface. After choosing to focus on a deeper healing process, I decided not to enroll in any job and therefore, I had no source of income as well. It was a period of major reset in many aspects...
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Maria Immaculata


Tangerang, Indonesia

Lifebook Online

I feel reborn, reconfigurated and empowered

Before the LifeBook Programme, I've had an idea of what I wanted but was always coming up short because I lacked belief in myself, confidence and consciousness. Thanks to Jon & Missy and everyone else on the team, I feel reborn, reconfigurated and empowered to trust and believe in my drea...
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Dagmar Baumunk


Lisbon, Portugal

Lifebook Online

My dreams can be achieved

Before this program, I really did not have a clear goal for the life that I really wanted. It was just-"Que sera sera." The program made me realize that goal setting is really important and that my dreams can be achieved. Thank you, John and Missy; I am so excited about my future now. I w...
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Farah Sumcad

Licensed Practical Nurse

Baltimore, United States

Lifebook Online

Thank you Lifebook for much more clarity, purpose, drive and support

I have been pretty clued in to myself in most categories, but now the Career and Financial Category remain the biggest challenges. The entertainment business has its own challenges and I continue to be committed. I do want it all. I am happy now...but just you wait!!! Thank you Lifeboo...
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Flo Lawrence

Actress/Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist

Woodland Hills, United States

Lifebook Online

Lifebook Online with Jon and Missy Butcher

Lifebook is a transformational lifestyle design system that empowers you to ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE your very best life. On your own terms, and nobody else’s. Imagine owning a 100-page book with a crystal clear vision for the person you want to become and the life you want to live (beyond the cookie cutter goals imposed on you by society). Every dream, every desire, every goal - everything that you really want - captured on the pages of your personal blueprint for life. Your Lifebook will become the most important book on your shelf and your step-by-step plan for creating your dream life. Let’s create your Lifebook – and make your dream life a reality.
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