"While going through Lifebook I started 3 new businesses..."
Lifebook Online

"While going through Lifebook I started 3 new businesses..."

Before this program, I had recently discovered the power of beliefs and energy. 
I was divorced with 3 kids over 10 years of anger resentment and overall tired and drained. 

While going through Lifebook I rekindled a love so powerful with my ex-husband, started 3 new businesses, became 45 lbs lighter in a 2-month span, parenting my children with a positive attitude and genuine compassion for all beings in my life and who I come into contact with daily. 

I'm so thankful and happy I found this amazing program and life path. 

I'm truly grateful for Jon and Missys sharing of their own life path, inspirations, teachings and knowledge. I'm and a lifetime student in your work. Bless you both for sharing your amazing journey and intelligence to the world.


Childcare Owner/Aspiring Energy Healer

Fort Collins, United States

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Lifebook Online

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Lifebook Online

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Clarice Montero

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