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Money EQ

" I was able to observe how I actually see and hold money in my mind - and *how it sees me* as a result"

I've also been able to shed limiting beliefs about how much I can actually receive and can now solidly hold an image of a richer me in my mind and heart. It feels... different....
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Carli Bauzá-Feliciano

Personal Evolution Coach, Pro Photographer

Mexico City, Mexico


"WildFit gave me a tribe of people who accepted me"

My successes are massive and many: energy, sleep, the ability to wake up and have a morning routine that I love, enjoying cooking for the first time ever, eating new foods, losing 10 lbs and 18 inches (see I did have weight to lose!), calmness, joy, beauty, confidence and releasing of...
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Jenn Becker

Quality Improvement Specialist

Saskatoon, Canada

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Love Vishen's calls! And Yvette is lovely, has positive energy, and would love to see her even more.

Loved working on creating daily mantras + mission. Coach Bea is easy to talk to & we both share a passion for reiki, breathwork + meditation. I am paired with the right coach. Great job you guys! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Group Call with Coach: Excellent experience. All participants are like minded;the exe...
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Zoraida Morales

Certified Nutrition + Cancer Coach

Astoria, United States

Featured Story

“The WildFit program changed my life”

My family completed the program together - we lost a combined 76lbs and 100 inches over the 90 days. WildFit is more than a diet - it gave us the tools to easily make the lifestyle changes that have lead to increased joy and energy. WildFit has literally changed my life....

April Antonia

United States

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Lifebook Online

"Moving forward it is so easy to make decisions always knowing they are all going towards one goal alone"

Before the program, I knew there are things I wanted to change but not sure what or more importantly how. Thanks to my Lifebook I now know I am ready to control what I really want in all areas of my life. i clearly understand the importance of recognizing all areas and knowing they all n...
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Chantal Bingham

Creative Communicator @ Pura vida Tv

Coco, Costa Rica

Dent the Universe Online Seminar

"There was something different about this seminar, something real and many shifts took place within me that had not before"

The break-out sessions were amazing, getting to connect with souls eager to seek what yours is. Having the opportunity to lift and be lifted during those moments was priceless. The structure of the entire event was a perfect flow...
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Alyssa Sobecki

Owner of The Difference Baker: Certified free from gluten/wheat, soy, peanut, treenut, fish, sesame & crustacean bakery and bistro.

Leesburg, United States


"I have had my eyes opened regarding nutrition and brain function"

My mother signed up for WildFit through Mindvalley in January 2021 after seeing a Facebook advertisement. I joined her, mostly to make sure this wasn't a scam. Before the WildFit journey, Ann Marie felt like her diet was dependent upon other people. She was overwhelmed with where to start...
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Ann  Marie O

person at life

Dallas, United States

Be Extraordinary

"This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind"

Before this program, I was still in the threshold between what I had shed from the first part of my life, to fully embracing the ways of the feminine, which meant NOT forcing myself to figure things out. This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind. I ap...
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Deborah Lukovich, PhD

Writer, Coach, Reflection Partner, Speaker

Jacksonville Beach, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Amazing as always. I love Yvette and her warm caring for the coachees.

Amazing as always..... every experience is new and expansive. I do energy clearings and was trained by Christie Marie Sheldon last year. I would love to do a no charge energy clearing to enhance the process he was using to help him manifest his summer cottage or whatever else using superc...
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Barbie Layton

Intuitive healer, author, motivational speaker, spiritual maverick

Anaheim, United States

Dent the Universe Online Seminar

"Thank you Mindvalley for bringing together a virtual event of this scope like it was a casual meeting amongst a small tight group of peers and like-minded humans"

This event has and will continue to impact us scattered all across the world in unimaginable ways. More than I could possibly articulate here...
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Suchitra Balaji

Healer, Speaker, Coach

Austin, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Safe to be vulnerable. Follow Vishen's guidance is such a gift. And I love Yvette's energy.

I felt very safe to be vulnerable with my Coach, and to set goals that reflected my deep self work. I love accountability and appreciate having her support and guidance as I work to bring forth my gifts to best serve the world. And the group call was fabulous! Loved the break out rooms...
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Julia Anderson

Business Manager/Carpenter

Vashon, United States

Super Reading

"In 3 weeks I went from 80 wpm to 400 wpm and gained the feeling of being in control"

It was a transformational process for me to go through this course, during which I restructured the way I read. It was a true lifesaver for me. Reading doesn't associate with struggle anymore, instead - with enjoyment and empowerment...
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Joanita Janson

Freelance Artist & Designer

Viimsi, Estonia

WildFit en Español

Mi salud se reforzó enormemente

Antes de entrar a este programa venía arrastrando las secuelas del tratamiento de quimioterapia y radioterapia recibidos en 2017 luego de una gastrectomía total a causa de un tumor canceroso etapa 3 en el estómago. Siempre estaba cansada, no tenía ánimo de trabajar, salir o hacer las tare...
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Katherine Ramírez

Oficial de servicios en AEELA

Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico

Experience Lucid Dreaming

"I could in fact achieve lucidity through this quest and it was a mind-blowing experience"

With this quest, I learned how important dreaming is not just to have fun and "bend reality", but also as a powerful healing and spiritual practice. I also learned how to "decode" dreams and understand what my mind is communicating through my dreams.
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Ivan Garcia

Civil Engineer | Educator

Lisboa, Portugal

7 days to happiness

"Kristina awakened the process I needed to conduct in order to maintain a more happy and habitual state of happiness"

I finally approached people in my life such as my very deserving parents and I was able to properly thank them in person which automatically made things improve noticeably....
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David Kobus


Burnaby, Canada

The Silva Ultramind System

"Everything suddenly feels within reach as long as I bring it to my awareness"

This class came to me magically. The connections were too apparent and now I understand why my higher self wanted me to take this. Before Silva, I felt that my energy was all over the place. I wasn't focused on anything and instead I was jumping around and doubting myself with what I trul...
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Daniella Aragon

Head of Video at

Mandaluyong, Philippines