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"Thanks to you Lisa Nichols for all that you are giving to us in this program"

Thanks to this program, I'm learning now with Lisa Nichols the strategies to break down all this struggle in my life, here we have the tools, habits the thoughts and routines worldwide that use all social media thought leaders. And now my life is different that before, I can already...
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John Baptist KAKU


Duabi, United Arab Emirates

Mindvalley All Access

"I am clear on my direction and I feel so empowered on my path"

I am so happy to have done Lisa Nichols's course on Mindvalley. Since I started the course I feel I have grown so much as a speaker. I am clear on my direction and I feel so empowered on my path. It was phenomenal. PHENOMENAL! Thank you so much, Mindvalley and thank you so much Lisa...
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Leah Marville

Attorney, Miss Barbados 2009


"What Mindvalley gave me is a feeling of certainty and belonging"

Before Mindvalley it was me creating the new world and I know now that I have the whole family of people who are truly committed to creating the new world where we can live from love, from compassion, from understanding, from co-creating rather than from fear
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Helena Houdova

Czech Supermodel and Humanitarian

Featured Story
The Habit of Ferocity

"The Habit of Ferocity is arguably one of the most specialised and actionable pieces of peak performance content in the world"

I always wondered how I can sustain and scale my growth beyond graduation, and Steven Kotler's framework for peak performance allowed me to take a step and envision repeating that process now given the new variables and realities in my life.

Sina Meraji

Software Product Manager at Mindvalley

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

"The Code To The Extraordinary Mind together with a series of other books changed my life and reassured me that everything starts and ends with my mind"

After experiencing life through many trials and tribulations my friend gave me Vishen book The Code To The Extraordinary Mind. That book together with a series of other books changed my life and reassured me that everything starts and ends with my mind. Since then I have been...
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Daryll Willoughby

C.E.O - Double Eleven Media

Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

The 6 Phase Meditation

"I have been using The 6 Phase Meditation for 3 years with amazing results"

I have been using the 6 Phase meditation for 3 years with amazing results. I find it to be the most powerful 20 minutes someone can spend. I can see tangible results in my life from my relationships, to my business. I also recommend the meditation to my coaching students as a daily practice...
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Jamil Damji

Founder KeyGlee

Phoenix, United States

Energy Medicine

"This program was absolutely amazing"

Before this quest, I wasn't much aware of how the energy field impacts our health and our lives. Through this program, I've learned how to utilize various techniques to release stress, energize and be more productive throughout the day. Now I have the tools to release stress...
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Catalina Birza

Geophysicist, Equinor

Katy, United States

Mastering Authentic Networking

"This quest was top notch and really laid out the whole process to make it easy to follow"

I am a natural networker and I always enjoy learning new concepts/ideas and being reminded of old learnings. This quest was top notch and really laid out the whole process to make it easy to follow. Thank you so much Keith for being a part of Mindvalley and sharing your wealth of...
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Bari Schanerman

Founder - Business Strategist/Coach

Miami, United States

The Habit of Ferocity

"Very grateful for the connections and the lessons"

Steven Kottler taught us about Flow, finding our Flow profile as part of this. At the end, I'd manifested a new magazine, published 2 issues, and identified in a potent where ( and how) I choose to focus in order to make the difference I am called to make. I love my work, I love my life and..,
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Zola De Firmian

Business owner- Business coach consultant for new paradigm change-makers

Creston, United States

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance

"This is truly transformational!"

Thanks to this program I now feel surrounded by abundance. I was struggling to find housing and the funds to attend college. Once I listened to Marissa, I actually attracted everything that I needed. I started to think in abundance, and everything was provided for me. This is truly transf...
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Sedric Grady


Saratoga, United States

Mastering Authentic Networking

"The Quest is really insightful and helped me to overcome many of my notions"

Mastering Authentic Networking by Keith Ferrazi was my first quest with Mind valley. The Quest is really insightful and helped me to overcome many of my notions. Especially I like the part of “five packets of generosity” – alone with concept anyone can conquer a Bigshot within minutes of...
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Rafeeq Kolangara

Operations Officer, Phars Film Co LLC, Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Live By Your Own Rules

"You make me dream even bigger!"

Thank you for sharing your positive energy and love. Most of all for sharing your knowledge. maybe being a foreigner is hard, but no one can take your possibility to learn and develop. You make me dream even BIGGER! I learn I share it, I am happppy! I help my little humans!
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Starokrzepice, Poland


"The course was amazing"

I was trying for 3 month to put together a course to overcome fears and worries for my NGO Training Program, I got all the materials and worked so hard but there was no clear structure. After the third week of Duality, I woke up at 6 am, by 10 am it was ready. I had so much clarity and confidence...
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Shatha Alzuhairy


Baghdad, Iraq

Lifebook Online

"I’ve had an immense shake up and being pushed out of my comfort zone and into my dream zone"

I decided to try a Mindvalley program because I was feeling very stuck in life. I had a job that didn’t pay well given the level of responsibility, skill and hours required. It was safe as it paid my mortgage but it was deeply unsatisfying. My health is awful and I’m riddled with arthritis a...
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Vin Govindan

General Manager

Strathfield, Australia

The Silva Ultramind System

"My confidence level increased multi-fold and self criticism has been subsidised"

Before the program, my confidence level was lower and self-criticism was higher. After the program, my confidence level increased multi-fold and self criticism has been subsidised.
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Kiran Pandiyath

Head Of Procurement

Thrissur, India

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance

"Loved the RTT course and trib"

I am still in touch with many of the tribers. Completed another business over the last few months. Ready to launch it any day now, B2B Sales Mind. Felt compelled to create another business to help others in business in increasing their sales by"opening more doors." Mindvalley is fabulous!
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Carol Solis

Owner, Coach, trainer, speaker of Simplified Marketing 4 You and B2B Sales Mind

Burlington, Canada