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The HoloBody Intensive

"This seminar reminded me to be so grateful for my body"

Prior to covid, S Factor was my “church” and therapy. It was my Me Time to reconnect with myself and my essence. To recharge and also hold space for my S Sisters. I’ve missed that time to set aside for just me. But then I discovered MindValley and it helped to fill the void and be able to...
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Stay at home mom

Los Angeles, United States

Conscious Parenting Mastery

"I have increased awareness in how I communicate with my children, partner and everyone around me"

This Quest is very well organized and is composed of applicable knowledge and tools that help every parent achieve a true connection with her/his child. It also helps parents understand a more border and holistic approach to parenting and what it means to be a parent.
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Nardos Debebe

Parenting coach

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"Definitely Vishen is tuned into the needs of the group and bringing amazing tools to us"

Amrit is excellent, I am getting up to speed and I love the wisdom that comes through - his clarity and ability to flow with what is before us. The last group call was a nuts and bolts about prioritizing and essential skill. The group call with Vishen was very timely for the issues I ha...
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Tracey Malanowich

Coaching Wellnes (Overcoming Cancer and Chronic Illness, iLight Integrative Services

Brentwood Bay, United States

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

What Vishen brings was precisely what I needed

My 1-1 coaching session included deep connection and I felt a space of security to share. The 60 minutes have gone flying as a state flow. Looking forward for the next 1-1 call! With regards to the group call together, I felt very welcomed in the tribe and it was very insightful to hear...

Victor Elizondo

Analytics & AI Lead @ LATAM Airlines

Santiago, Chile

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"Even as a crazy vegan, I recommend Wildfit as a very effective, deliberate, educational and successful program even for vegans"

I am a vegan. Wildfit is definitely not designed for vegans. I was easily able to blow past my "reasonable" goal then easily reach my dream goal. There are vegan diet programs out there but what I appreciate about Wildfit is that it gets deeply into the why, not just the what of making f...
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Don Berlyn

Vegan Wildfit February 8 Member

Flagstaff, United States

Lifebook Online

"It shifts your conscious state and puts you into alignment with who you are and who you want to become"

Before this Quest my life was an unorganized mess without direction. After taking this Quest I feel empowered with a plan and a vision, which brings consciousness and that makes it easier to accomplish my goals in each of the lifebook categories. The reason I enrolled in this Quest, I w...
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Anelee Melendez

Health Coach

Rancho Cucamonga, United States

Lifebook Online

"I am on track to build my new business and hopefully refinance my home"

While completing the 6-week program, I was somehow able to successfully and finally get a divorce after 20 months of fighting, get a restraining order for myself and pressed charges for abuse on my son's behalf, reorganize my home and get rid of clutter, pay off all my debts...
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Sheila Cummings

Nurse Practitioner, educator, artist, activist, entrepreneur

Cherry Hill, United States


"After 3 months I’m down to 88kg, feel stronger & more energetic than ever"

Before this program I did not realise how fat I was until I had to climb over a 6 foot fence to get back into my property (Gate motor failed). At 1.68m and 105kg I was obese and thus struggled like an old zoo gorilla to hoist myself over this minor obstacle. Then late one night, I sig...
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Peter Goosen

Crash Test Dummy

Johannesburg, South Africa

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I was blind but, now I see!"

Life filled with uncertainty, sort of like a little boat in the open ocean with no navigator. Well, that was my life before I joined the Mindvalley Premium Coaching. Through the program, I met coach, KarFei. I only had 3 personal coaching sessions and I already see my life transforming....
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Helen Lee

Founder, Expressive Arts Coach @ Expressive Arts Dallas

Dallas, United States

Money EQ

" I was able to observe how I actually see and hold money in my mind - and *how it sees me* as a result"

I've also been able to shed limiting beliefs about how much I can actually receive and can now solidly hold an image of a richer me in my mind and heart. It feels... different....
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Carli Bauzá-Feliciano

Personal Evolution Coach, Pro Photographer

Mexico City, Mexico


"WildFit gave me a tribe of people who accepted me"

My successes are massive and many: energy, sleep, the ability to wake up and have a morning routine that I love, enjoying cooking for the first time ever, eating new foods, losing 10 lbs and 18 inches (see I did have weight to lose!), calmness, joy, beauty, confidence and releasing of...
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Jenn Becker

Quality Improvement Specialist

Saskatoon, Canada

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Love Vishen's calls! And Yvette is lovely, has positive energy, and would love to see her even more.

Loved working on creating daily mantras + mission. Coach Bea is easy to talk to & we both share a passion for reiki, breathwork + meditation. I am paired with the right coach. Great job you guys! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Group Call with Coach: Excellent experience. All participants are like minded;the exe...
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Zoraida Morales

Certified Nutrition + Cancer Coach

Astoria, United States

Lifebook Online

"Moving forward it is so easy to make decisions always knowing they are all going towards one goal alone"

Before the program, I knew there are things I wanted to change but not sure what or more importantly how. Thanks to my Lifebook I now know I am ready to control what I really want in all areas of my life. i clearly understand the importance of recognizing all areas and knowing they all n...
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Chantal Bingham

Creative Communicator @ Pura vida Tv

Coco, Costa Rica

Dent the Universe Online Seminar

"There was something different about this seminar, something real and many shifts took place within me that had not before"

The break-out sessions were amazing, getting to connect with souls eager to seek what yours is. Having the opportunity to lift and be lifted during those moments was priceless. The structure of the entire event was a perfect flow...
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Alyssa Sobecki

Owner of The Difference Baker: Certified free from gluten/wheat, soy, peanut, treenut, fish, sesame & crustacean bakery and bistro.

Leesburg, United States


"I have had my eyes opened regarding nutrition and brain function"

My mother signed up for WildFit through Mindvalley in January 2021 after seeing a Facebook advertisement. I joined her, mostly to make sure this wasn't a scam. Before the WildFit journey, Ann Marie felt like her diet was dependent upon other people. She was overwhelmed with where to start...
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Ann  Marie O

person at life

Dallas, United States

Be Extraordinary

"This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind"

Before this program, I was still in the threshold between what I had shed from the first part of my life, to fully embracing the ways of the feminine, which meant NOT forcing myself to figure things out. This quest was a great followup to both Life Vision Mastery and Silva Ultramind. I ap...
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Deborah Lukovich, PhD

Writer, Coach, Reflection Partner, Speaker

Jacksonville Beach, United States