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Lisa Nichols

"Lisa Nichols makes you go deep into your self"

Lisa Nichols makes you go deep into your self, become very self aware, go through an amazing mirror practice process and pushes you hard to break through barriers to build courage and determination.
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Carine Cuyvers

Business Manager/ Sussan Corporation

Melbourne, Australia

Speak & Inspire

What Students Are Saying About Speak and Inspire Quest

The impact that Lisa Nichols and her Speak and Inspire Quest have on people is unbelievable. These are a life-changing stories about Lisa’s teachings.
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Speak and Inspire Video Stories

Lisa Nichols

"Following guidance from Lisa, I scored my HIGHEST ever speaker presentation score in history"

Following guidance from Lisa, I went on stage that same day at a major event. I scored my HIGHEST ever speaker presentation score in history and was voted best speaker...
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Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley

Featured Story
Little Humans

"I couldn’t have asked for a more thorough and insightful experience."

I absolutely enjoyed my Little Humans experience. As a mom of two, who has spent her whole life working with children, I cannot praise the content of the lessons enough. The bite-sized episodes are so packed with layers upon layers of parenting advice, knowledge, wisdom and assurances that you ...

Dixie-Ann Harris-Gordon

Founder of The Children's Wisdom Institute; Pediatric Life Coach

Baton Rouge, United States

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Lisa Nichols

“Lisa is an incredibly gifted individual”

Lisa is an incredibly gifted individual in her ability to inspire, motivate and empower people of all ages. It has been my good fortune to work with some of the legends in the speaking industry. As a speaker, Lisa ranks at the top with the best of them. As a facilitator, she is unequaled....
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Barry Spilchuk

Co-Author of The New York Times Best Selling Book Series Chicken Soup For The Soul

Lisa Nichols

“Life will never be the same”

Nicole Roberts Jones, a talented speaker who has spoken in front of audiences as large as 15,000 people, couldn’t break through her money conversation and generate any income. After coaching with Lisa’s master facilitators and Lisa herself, Nicole was able to generate $10K in just one mo...
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Nicole Roberts Jones

Founder and CEO of Imani Corporation

Lisa Nichols

“I had a paradigm shift”

After intensive training with Lisa, I had a paradigm shift, which resulted in enrolling 32 powerful women to contribute and participate in my launch of GREATful Woman. My database grew from about 200 to 4,000 people in just 6 short months, and I generated over $48K, wrote a book and launche...
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Stephanie Bavaro

CEO and Founder of GREATful Woman

Lisa Nichols

"Truly winning the hearts of her audiences"

More than a great orator, Lisa has the capacity of truly winning the hearts of her audiences...
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Dr. Jim Turrell

Founder and Pastor of Center for Spiritual Living

Robin Sharma

What Students Are Saying About Robin Sharma

The impact that Robin Sharma has on people is unbelievable. Here's what people have to say about Robin Sharma
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Robin Sharma Video Stories

Be Extraordinary

"Thanks to this program now I am high on confidence"

Thanks to this program now I am high on confidence, have goals to achieve, know the purpose of my life, meditate everyday by choice, smile more often, love myself, and yes I'm now unfuckwithable. I know my capabilities and my strengths and I am writing my own destiny. I have recruited people...
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Navi Mumbai, India

The Book of Coaching

"I have learnt so much from the practical sessions"

I was not sure of what to expect but I needed tips and ways to navigate my coaching sessions. I am so glad I took up the challenge. I have learnt so much from the practical sessions. Thank you so much.
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Ivy Syovata

Founder and CEO

Nairobi, Kenya


"Thanks to this program I can now learn all the subjects and languages I always wanted to learn"

Thanks to this program I can now learn all the subjects and languages I always wanted to learn. I know what to concentrate on and have a better idea of what would be blocking me to do so. Now, even if there are some pain periods, I will push myself and change my habits.
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Marine Gouffon

Travel agent / employee

Lausanne, Switzerland


"If these learning and skills are seeded everywhere, we have the change to fix many outstanding issues in today's world"

After completing the masterclass of Jim Kiwk's tips on name retention I was convinced. I believe Vishen is doing a great job with Mindvalley, many of us needed something like this to make up for the deficiencies of traditional schooling and unfortunately a less to desirable home environmentA
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Project Manager

Brisbane, Australia

Super Reading

"Thanks to this program I'm working for my true purpose in life"

This quest allowed me to rediscover the things that I'm capable of. I started with 371.2 W.P.M (Words per minute) and now I'm reading 945 W.P.M, which allows me to read faster and have better comprehension. Also, I'm more effective at my work because I'm capable to ask better questions...
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Laura Stefany Gutierrez Perez

Innovation Analyst, Grupo SURA

Medellín, Colombia

Be Extraordinary

"I can't express enough how this course and Mindvalley in general has propelled me to improve my life in so many ways"

The areas of my life that have changed since taking this quest; I can literally meditate for lengths of time without getting fidgety (most of the time!) and using the tools I've learned, I feel much more resilient and immune to things going on around me. I have also noticed a distinct intuitive...
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Lulu Campbell

Freelance Writer

Cutler Bay, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

"I’ve reached some clarity in my life after years of some confusion"

I realized I needed to be bolder with my life and take some risks to fulfill my purpose. So, I decided to return and move to my hometown of Austin. I plan to build my dream home here and reunite with friends. Coincidentally, some of my life long friends are also moving here ( moving back)...
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Sr. Mgr, Quality Improvement @ HCSC

Chicago, United States