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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

My 1-1 session with my Coach was energizing, comfortable, and inspiring. And Yvette, I just adore you.

My 1-1 session with my Coach was energizing, comfortable, and inspiring. Very positive! The opportunity to get authentic exposure to Vishen is priceless. This is one of the main reasons why I joined the program. I admire him so much and I’m not a person who really admired anyone haha. And...
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Jessica DeMarte


Rochester, United States

Lifebook Online

"While finishing writing my Lifebook I was approached by an interested potential HUGE Enterprise client"

Before this program I had a general idea of the life I want to create and thanks to this program I was able to create a detailed vision for all the important areas of my life that moved, touched and inspired me. Call it coincidence, but right towards the end of this program and while fini...
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Haim Ore

Conscious Parenting Coach

Upper Montclair, United States

Mindvalley Schools

"After taking this Quest I know that in the future I will go after the things I want for my life, and prioritize my own interests"

I took the Be Extraordinary for Teens Program, whose focus is to help us students learn more about ourselves.The structure of the Quest is different from our regular courses at School since it is only one lesson per day, which lasts around 20 minutes.In my opinion, this model is effective...
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Maja Sjögren

Secondary School Student

Kalmar, Sweden

Featured Story
Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has delivered above and beyond my expectations"

I feel transformed and empowered. I've lost weight, stopped drinking. I practice yoga and meditation and eat clean. My head is clearer, I have more energy and I have so much more confidence. I'm loving learning. I have...

Caryn Gillespie


Hayters Hill, Australia

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Experience Lucid Dreaming

"Through this course, with all these new tools, I have been able to really take meditation to new levels"

I absolutely loved this program with Charlie! I had been following Mindvalley for quite a while but when I saw this program added that is what finally got me to join. It did not disappoint! I have always had a meditation practice but through this course, with all theses new tools, I have...
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Traci Consoli


Setagaya-ku, Japan

The Silva Ultramind System

"Overcoming my career blocks was the main reason I signed up for the course but it has helped in other areas of life too"

I had been listening to the Mind Valley podcasts for a while when i saw the advetisement for the Silve Ultramind Masterclass on YouTube so decide to sign up not really knowing what it was all about. Teh masterclass blew my mind so I immediately signed up for the full course and what a tra...
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Eleanor Meireles


Sydney, Australia


"10x provided me with a program to work on that I adjusted to my lifestyle and my motivation for improving my body"

Now I use much less time for exercise (I only need 10-30 minutes depending on my routine of the day, up to 5 days per week right now) and enjoy fitness with purpose and much more than ever. I also did it all with only my body and resistance bands throughout at home...
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Leonard Döhl

Consultant and researcher

Delft, Netherlands

Mindvalley Membership

"I can now carry my 4yr. old daughter and actively play with her outside which I wasn't able to do last year"

I became an amputee (Right Below Knee) February 2020. I was in the rock bottom of my life, hopeless and lost when I found Mindvalley during my post-op recovery of my amputation surgery in the hospital. I was 33 yr. old having muscle atrophy of my leg muscles because of decreased mobility...
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Lawrence Tuazon

Department Manager

Fukuoka, Japan

Awaken The Species

"I've noticed the biggest changes are in my love life"

This Quest helped transmute my depression into passion and motivation to ending child sex trafficking. The biggest positive changes are that I feel less anxious and even motivated to wake up today...
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Sheerle Dove

Yoga Teacher

Tel Aviv, Israel


"For 6 months, my leg muscle strength increased by 264%!!! I can do 12 standard repetitions of leg press now at 190kg"

I became an amputee (Right Below Knee) February 2020. Before I discovered 10X last year(September2020), I was 33 yrs. old experiencing Muscle Atrophy of my leg muscles because of decreased mobility from long hospitalization that mostly seated on a wheelchair for 1 year and 3 months. I st...
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Lawrence Tuazon

Department Manager

Fukuoka, Japan

Experience Lucid Dreaming

"This quest will enable you to see and experience things you never dreamed possible"

I have been able to connect to a BIG shadow and started the healing process of my inner child. I have not been able to speak up for myself before, and as late as yesterday I told a very important person in my life my truth...
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Tess Andrijevski

Brand owner

Malmo, Sweden

Money EQ

"More and more money is flowing into my life to support me and my family"

Although I made a decent amount of money I was always afraid of not having enough, of my money supply drying up. Ken Honda helped me to understand that I am the container for my wealth, and that money is a friendly energy that wants to support me. This program helped me heal patterns that...
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Nadja Hagen

Transformational Feminine Heart Coach

Kreuzau, Germany


"Now I see is so easy to lose weight for the first time in my life, that seems magic!"

Before qthe 10x quest, I struggle with lose weight, and I didn't know much of nutrition. Now I see is so easy to lose weight for the first time in my life, that seems magic! And my body feels much better!
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Daniela G. Carvajal

Miss Stock market

Madrid, Spain

Lifebook Online

"After taking this Quest with my wife together I sense I have the power, the possibilities, and the tool how to make it"

Before this Quest my life was a busy treadmill. I woke up at five o´clock, started with deep work (doing science), around nine o´clock I switched to daily work (lectures, workshops, coaching, mentoring, meetings). With short break for lunch I finished usually between seven and nine o´cloc...
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Assistent Professor at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Mindvalley Membership

"This is the most valuable dollar you will ever spend"

After Mindvalley I was inspired to take charge of my own health, heal myself, break bad relationship patterns, learn to fall in love with myself, find my voice, create wealth, make friends and have the courage to start my own coaching company...
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Cassidy Chapman

Self-Healing Coach

Andover, United States

Lifebook Mastery

"Thanks to the program I've realized that I am not just an entrepreneur, yet also an artist"

It gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and make the decision to quit my job and become a full-time artist. Today I've sold over 100'000.- of my art, building a global community of conscious collectors and living my dream as an artist! That would have never been possible if...
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Oliver Hojas

Abstract Artist

Zurich, Switzerland