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Jim Kwik is the founder of Kwik Learning and a widely recognized world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. For two decades, he has served as the mental coach to students, seniors, entrepreneurs, and educators, and as an advisor to many of the world’s leading CEOs and celebrities.
Jim Kwik
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"Really helpful course and I have found a lot more applicable than I first thought!"

I use these to help me in my degree, and I have been able to increase the amount of work I have been doing enough to be able to spend time on projects and things I believe will help shape the future, of which my degree is just a small part of that plan...
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Sam Rhodes

Robotics University Student

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Super Reading

"I invest money in myself"

Where to begin. I was born in north of Italy in 1990 in a small village in the mountain. I loved to live there , I was always in contact with nature I had a lot of friends, life was really good till the age of 11. In 2001 my dad got a job promotion and we had to leave in an other town 250...
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Roberto Mosca


Kematen in Tirol, Austria


"Jim Kwik has given me not only a lot of techniques to build and overcome my lack of memory power but also to eat and exercise for a healthy lifestyle"

Super brain by Jim Kwik has changed my perspective towards life. I used to be a person with procrastination, never really thought about my physical health and mental health. I used to forget words, numbers, my password, my atm pin, my grocery list, my credit payment due date and what not!...
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Nandakishore Rajagopal

Security officer

Kamloops, Canada

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Super Reading

"Thanks to this program I'm working for my true purpose in life"

This quest allowed me to rediscover the things that I'm capable of. I started with 371.2 W.P.M (Words per minute) and now I'm reading 945 W.P.M, which allows me to read faster and have better comprehension. Also, I'm more effective at my work because I'm capable to ask better questions...

Laura Stefany Gutierrez Perez

Innovation Analyst, Grupo SURA

Medellín, Colombia

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Super Reading
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Super Reading

"On Day 1 I was reading at 286 words per minute but by Day 21 I had reached 1105wpm"

I used to love reading before this programme but I rarely sat and did it. Now that I've completed the Quest, I can safely say that I LOVE READING!!!! Not only was my passion for reading re-inspired but I was able to rapidly increase my reading speed AND comprehension over the course of just ...
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Aidan O'Sullivan

Entertainer and Speaker

Buckingham, United Kingdom


"I hope this course will help me"

As a chef, I meet a lot of people insiede the business and outside the business. I find it very difficult sometimes to remember people’s names, keep a track of all my projects and remember some numbers and facts. I hope this course will help me with all that. Also I love to learn new la...
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Rostislav Kemelman


Brooklyn, United States


"I would like to develop a new mindset and create a new way of taking on challenges"

My name is Alexander Charles Price I am 22 years old I am from Las vegas, Nevada, im currently working as a receptionist at a pediatric office, and I am in school for my EMT I am working towards becoming a firefighter with my schooling, but have my passion set on Fitness and acting, when I w...
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Alexander Price

Medical Receptionist - I would like to become an actor!

Henderson, United States


"I am coming back stronger than ever."

Before this program (Keep in mind I am starting today), it was hard (Still is) to focus on one particular tasks.  I have forgotten what was it that made me successful in the military. How I used to complete tasks after tasks, and after more tasks. Somehow that disappeared. Granted, I do ...
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Carlos A. Tirado-Herrera

Entrepreneur/Retired Veteran

Killeen, United States


"I look to increase my memory"

I was a trained memmory, but I dont no why, my memory wasnt good lately. The people see me as a leader e menthor, I have a trained memory most the time (sorry, becasue my english not so good, in Brazil we speak portuguese rsrsr) I look for increase memory and became to my brain a SuperBrai...
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Aurelio Rodrigues


Maringá, Brazil


"I'd like to be a young sixty and not an old sixty. So let's do this!"

I’ve only done lesson one so I am looking very forward to seeing what comes of this. Im doing this for the mere fact that I am going to be sixty years old next year and I remember nothing. I am also one of the biggest procrastinators so Im excited to get the help I need so that by the time...
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Debbie Tushman

In transition... looking to see what comes next!

Bloomfield Hills, United States


"I was enjoying the learning but have to drop because I lost my love one and couldn’t concentrate."

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Patience Kwabafour

Healthcare Assistant NHS Trust

Walthamstow, United Kingdom

Super Reading

"I already increased my comprehension and speed from 155wpm to over 600wpm"

Before I started this program I lost all joy for reading and learning. I am now 14 days into the Superbrain quest with Jim Kwik and already increased my comprehension and speed from 155wpm to over 600wpm. Thank you Jim for teaching me these skills but also how to have fun with it as well.
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Joli Mitton

Assistant Accountant

Johannesburg, South Africa

Super Reading

"Now I am more confident about reading as I can employ the techniques learned in the lessons"

Prior to this lesson series, I was unsure of how to read fast and to retain information. But now, I am more confident about reading as I can employ the techniques learned in the lessons, and I can only get better as I know this is only the beginning! Speed is faster and I’m looking forwar...
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Hilo, United States

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