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Super Reading

"I gained confidence that I can manage my work and also read"

My focus has amplified, I am able to think more creatively and I am able to listen to podcasts at 2X speed with full understanding. When my reading speed increased from 300wpm to 600 wpm, with this quest, I am accomplishing more tasks in less time...
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Sree Duggirala


Memphis, United States

Super Reading

"My wpm was at 144 on day 1 and by the end of the course, I was above 450 wpm with very good comprehension"

ew years down the line, I completely stopped reading and ended with a shelf full of books that I used to pick up on most of my travels and never turned a page. I came across Super Reading on YouTube during the pandemic and the master class by Jim was mind-blowing. I couldn’t...
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Roshan Mohamed

Lead Engineer, Yokogawa Middle East and Africa

Manama, Bahrain

Super Reading

"After completing the program I had nearly doubled my reading speed"

Before this program I was a competent reader. After completing the program I had nearly doubled my reading speed. I loved the process that Jim used during his videos. It has spurred me on to continue improving my reading AND my juggling!!
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Lianne Morgan-Sands

My own boss - semi retired

Smiths Falls, Canada

Featured Super Reading Story
Super Reading

"Thanks to this program I'm working for my true purpose in life"

This quest allowed me to rediscover the things that I'm capable of. I started with 371.2 W.P.M (Words per minute) and now I'm reading 945 W.P.M, which allows me to read faster and have better comprehension. Also, I'm more effective at my work because I'm capable to ask better questions...

Laura Stefany Gutierrez Perez

Innovation Analyst, Grupo SURA

Medellín, Colombia

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Super Reading

"I am looking forward to what I can achieve!"

I am just starting and I am looking forward to what I can achieve!
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Sasha Maravic

Entrepreneur, actor/voiceover

Las Vegas, United States

Super Reading

"I am super excited to begin my journey of learning"

I just started, I've listened to many videos and I am super excited to begin my journey of learning. I've told numerous friends and family about this program. I hope to learn myself but also be able to share with my family and co-workers. I feel like I've been living in this bubble and...
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Jennifer Klingele


Augusta, United States

Super Reading

"With this course, I am able to navigate in a more swift way to stay up to date"

I have very many documents, articles, medical papers, and literature to read every day in a very tight work environment. with this course I am able to navigate in a more swift way to stay ip to day and be able to dedicate some time for historic novels that I like to read.
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juan uribe


Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Super Reading

"I feel I am focusing more and understanding more while reading"

Before I did the super reading my focus and concentration while reading was really really poor. Whenever I send to read before within few seconds my mind used to roam around different issues. My reading speed was really slow and understanding from what I was reading was extremely poor. So...
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Sauda Parvin

A nurse now and a dreamer to become an entrepreneur very soon and to do extraordinary works for the world and it’s wonderful people

Essex, United Kingdom

Super Reading

"Teaching this to my students will enrich their learning further"

Before this program, I used to be a slow reader. Sometimes, I don't finished a technical book. I will come back to the book again after some time later when I am on vacation. To achieve this, it was usually difficult to motivate myself unless I see a purpose in reading the book. Now, I h...
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Jenny Tan Feng Ling

Education Officer / Teacher

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Super Reading

"I now feel as though my life is making actual progress and I can actually measure it"

Before the Super Reading course, I really struggled to maintain focus and retain the information I had learnt. I really felt that I had very little to show in terms of how much I had read/listened to/watched. Which is a problem given my career as a researcher! Jim Quik gave me the mindset an...
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Christine McCagh

Senior Researcher, Greenpeace

Taipei, Taiwan

Super Reading

"My reading speed doubled"

I took Super Reader with Jim Kwik and loved it! My reading speed doubled, I now read a book a week and am sharing books and ideas with friends on a regular basis. I follow Jim on social media daily and share his ideas and techniques with my agents at our weekly meetings. Many of them have...
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Denise Salmon

Managing Broker

Vancouver, Canada

Super Reading

"Everyone should take this program, is so complete and useful"

It is incredible how much progress I made on my reading and comprehension skills during the super re...
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María Fernanda Palacios Carrillo

Educator/ veterinarian

León, Mexico

Super Reading

"The reason I enrolled in this Quest is to prepare to go back to school while working"

The reason I enrolled in this Quest is to prepare to go back to school while working. I thought if I learned to read faster, remember information better, and teach students at the same time, everyone wins. I am excited on what this Quest has to offer and how I can become my best self duri...
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Camille Jackson

High School Math Teacher/Phoenix Metro Area, Arizona

Phoenix, United States

Super Reading

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