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"As an educator, I hope to be able to teach and equip my students with the same skills that I will be gaining"

I have always wanted to read fast without having to miss out the context. Since I am unable to read fast, I prioritise understanding over speed. As a result, how much of knowledge I can gain is limited. Although I am able to understand the content that I have read, I am not able to retain i...
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Jenny Tan

Education Officer

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Super Reading

"Before this program my reading speed was 260 words per minute. At the end it was 1070!"

Because of this fantastic program I have rediscovered my love of reading both fiction and non fiction books established a reading habit and dramatically improved my comprehension of non fiction and my ability to get through material faster even newsletters and emails.
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Jonathan Mewett

Company Director, Consultant Business Analyst

London, United Kingdom

Super Reading

"I have created a healthy lifestyle"

Before this program, I did not practices a good healthy habits, including food I eat, exercise, meditations. After this program, i have created a much healthy lifestyle, including taking blueberries as one of my important must eat food. Doing meditation indeed help me alot on my emotion con...
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Nic Tee

Director, Naxpansion

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Super Reading

"Thanks to this program I'm working for my true purpose in life"

This quest allowed me to rediscover the things that I'm capable of. I started with 371.2 W.P.M (Words per minute) and now I'm reading 945 W.P.M, which allows me to read faster and have better comprehension. Also, I'm more effective at my work because I'm capable to ask better questions...

Laura Stefany Gutierrez Perez

Innovation Analyst, Grupo SURA

Medellín, Colombia

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Super Reading

"On day two when I started to apply what I have learned, the 160 words per minute with full comprehension has bumped up to 175"

So here I am staring at my book shelves, remembering all the impulse buying I did throughout the years and living out a fantasy of what would I do with the new found knowledge. Unfortunately, all it has done is collected dust, or added more weight to my luggage. I thought my problem all thes...
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Hussain Al-Essa


Kuwait City, Kuwait

Super Reading

"Jim is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend this quest"

I started reading at 216 words per minute. Now after completing this quest I can read with comprehension at 612 words per minute. That's pretty impressive especially for an "older brain". It has renewed a dormant love of reading and learning.
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Marcie Albright

Dental Hygienist

Kalispell, United States

Super Reading

"Thanks to amazing Jim Kwik I am more aware and enjoying reading even more"

Thanks to amazing Jim Kwik I am more aware and enjoying reading even more. Now I am no longer scared to read fat books and bother to remember even much more than before. I have enrolled for more online courses and eager to learn more...thanks to Mindvalley...
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Rashmee Sharma

Human resource

Geneva, Switzerland

Super Reading

"The reason why I chose to go through this program is to discover my hidden potential"

My first time to start this program today and am super excited for the next 30 days of my life. I believe it's going to make me better and better. The reason why I chose to go through this program is to discover my hidden potential. I have always thought that I am not good enough as I aspi...
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Sheila Abukayo


Kilifi, Kenya

Super Reading

"Has been a life changing experience in terms self-growth and development"

I discovered a passion for reading and self-development. I knew I needed to learn to read faster and I found Jim Kwik and then MV through him. Has been a life-changing experience in terms self-growth and development. Mindvalley has changed my life in terms of me believing in myself and my c...
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Ryan Williams


Los Angeles, United States

Super Reading

"I found the 1-2-3 and the eye fixation techniques to boost my skills the most"

I am definitely using the first class in my coaching practice to show my clients the power they have over their destinies and their path and how just upgrading your systems will enhance your life.
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Christopher Lembke

Transformational Coach

Oxford, United Kingdom

Super Reading

"My reading was slow but increased considerably"

My reading was slow but increased considerably thank you
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Jacqui Sayer-Noble


Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Super Reading

"It beats all the other speed reading courses that I had attended before"

I have built a habit to read every day as if it has become a daily necessity. The experience I had gained was truly uplifting and rewarding indeed.
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John H C Yip

Executive Director

Singapore, Singapore

Super Reading

"I'm so happy and satisfied"

I improved my comprehension and retention of what I read. I'm so happy and satisfied with the development that I enrolled in All Access because I strongly believed that the Benefits I can get in helping me with my personal growth outweighs the Investment.
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Edver Pascual


Cavite City, Philippines

Super Reading

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