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"I now have the tools I need to dig in and work"

Before this quest, I was taking far too long to memorize text and I couldn't for the life of me begin to remember all my passwords and phone numbers. I enrolled to "try" to improve in these areas. This quest is not finished and I can tell you that it will probably never be finished. I am...
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Trainer, actor

Montpellier, France


"This program helped me to be more aware and focused on the present and truly pay better attention in order to remember things"

Before starting this Superbrain program, I sometimes felt like my days were a bit hazy, especially as I was often busy. I would easily forget things, not so much because I am forgetful as I thought I was, but rather (as I discovered during the course) because I was not as focused and pres...
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Veronica Garcia-Robles

Ministry Assistant

Amstelveen, Netherlands


"Thanks to Jim I now have methods to remember names, numbers, lists and I know how to remember my speech and presentations"

Before this program i was not able to remember other persons names and I was forgetting the things most of the time. Thanks to Jim I now have methods to remember names, numbers, lists and I know how to remember my speech and presentations. Once again thanks to Jim and Mindvalley team for...
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Noorali Bhimani

Founder & CEO

Mumbai, India

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"Never have I completed a course as good as this one!"

I have completed hundreds of different courses over my 20 year career as a teacher, but never have I completed a course as good as this one! I am superbly impressed with the quality of this course. I just wish I had the time, money and health to complete more courses with Mindvalley and...

Catherine Stebbing

Disability Support Pension

Melbourne, Australia

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"Also, I started remembering the names and also am teaching my colleagues in the office and they are super excited"

Thank you very much Jom and Mindvalley for this amazing quest. Before taking this quest it was normal for me to forget the name of the person i use to meet. Grocery list was sure some items missing. During meetings most imp topics were forgotten. Now things are very well aligned. I feel s...
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Senior Sales Engineer

Kuwait City, Kuwait


"Maybe that is the biggest transformation, as showing who I am without all the covers"

The learning points of this program, made me think a lot on exactly what I really want to CHANGE. Is it a process I do? is it a way I do things? Or really is to change who I am to the world! Maybe that is the biggest transformation, as showing who I am without all the covers we have on a...
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Ana Lucia de Souza

Swine Technical Services

New Bern, United States


"I am now able to easily remember lists and have a multitude of techniques for improving my memory"

Before this program, I struggled with remembering small lists and didn't really believe that I would be able to help my memory get better. Thanks to this program, I am now able to easily remember lists and have a multitude of techniques for improving my memory. I now also believe that I c...
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Michael White

Senior Consultant, CapTech Consulting

Dublin, United States


"You will learn plenty of different techniques to improve your memory and create different ways to remember the things you want to remember"

I have felt and believed all my life that I have a very bad memory. I always understood it was mainly because my brain is not done for memory. But after this Quest, I realised that the truth is that it was not properly trained, and also, the importance of believing and having the proper i...
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Jose Nadela

Finance Manager

Barcelona, Spain


"So I thought maybe his techniques can help me"

I have been sick for past 5 1/2 years, have various symptoms but no Doctor has been able to diagnose anything. One of the main symptom is severe shortness of breath which has affected my brain a lot. I can’t focus, can’t remember conversations, I start reading a book and by the time I am...
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Bhavna Bhatnagar


Sugarland, United States


"Thanks to this program, I started believing in myself and the ability of my mind to learn new skills even at this age"

Learning a new skill - Cycling Emotions can make you do crazy things.... There was one skill I wanted to learn for many years but somehow could not initiate... It was Cycling !!! It might not appear to be a big thing for most of you, but learning to ride a cycle was in my New Year...
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Prashant Purohit

Head Internal Controls

Mumbai, India


"The Quest is so much more than "just an interesting course"

And now, my life has changed significantly. Now I start the day with a morning routine, which makes me so much more productive the rest of the day and I spend more time on reading and other ways to personal growth...
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Frank Kortlever


Meerkerk, Netherlands


"I desire to improve my ability to read, learn and retain things"

Hello All - I am writing this part of my story so that I can remember where I am and why I am on this quest. As of today, I am on a track to get out of my depression. A depression that has been building up over years of believing in my subconscious that I am "Not Good Enough". Although...
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Tony Neal

Operational Excellence Segment Lead

Escondido, United States


"Thanks to this program I feel much more clarity"

Before this program, I was very confused about certain situations in my life. My mind was very foggy, I used to feel very fatigue. Thanks to this program I feel much more clarity, I feel like I am someone real, who can achieve as much as I desire to do so. As long as I put my effort, in...
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Rupy Gill

Law Clerk

Brampton, Canada


Superbrain with Jim Kwik

The Superbrain Quest is an accelerated learning curriculum designed to activate your brain’s limitless potential. Join Master Mind Trainer Jim Kwik on a 30-day adventure towards a bulletproof memory, unshakeable focus, and superhuman productivity. Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, student, or just someone looking to unlock the full power of your mind – you’ll experience life-changing elevations in your career and personal growth as you shatter every inner limitation that has ever dared hold you back.
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