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The Mastery of Sleep

"I have made some great changes in my life that I know shall continue to support my new sleep lifestyle"

I have been super impressed with the high quality of all Mindvalley offerings. ‘The Mastery of Sleep’ has been just right — lots of terrific science-based information packaged in a way that works without being overwhelming. Thank you for this terrific upgrade in an important part of my life...
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Juna Berry Madrone


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The Mastery of Sleep

"Thank you Michael Breus for this program and the improvement in life quality it has given me"

In the last 6-8 years I have struggled a lot with an irregular sleep pattern. I have been able to sleep well 5-6 days in a row at more or less normal times typically, then sleep pattern goes more and more forward until I go to bed in the morning and sleep during the day, and then it pushe...
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Mathias H.

Economy & Digital Manager

Lørenskog, Norway

The Mastery of Sleep

"I am here to take charge of my life"

Hi! I am Amal Karnik. I have came into this program knowing that I will be meeting a lot of like minded people who have had trouble sleeping I looking for means to fix this one important facet in life. I do suffer from sleep apnea & know that this may be a problem. But I am here to take c...
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Amol Karnik

Business Development Manager

Mumbai, India

Featured The Mastery of Sleep Story
The Mastery of Sleep

"This is a life-changing Quest for me and all of the people around me"

I now feel... Zen? Before I started the programme my sleep schedule was everywhere and I had absolutely nothing of a routine in place. As I learned my way through the 28 day Quest I was able to apply the knowledge to my life AND help other people with their struggles too! Since I've complete...

Aidan O'Sullivan

Entertainer and Speaker

Buckingham, United Kingdom

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The Mastery of Sleep

"Now I'm able to sleep through snoring sound, not getting up few times"

Before that Quest, I had a hard Time to sleep all Night through. I Always woke UP few Times. Now I'm able to sleep through snoring sound, not getting up few times and I wake up rested. Yesss Thanks Dr Breus. Merci Beaucoup
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Vero Del Valle

Laughter Yoga Teacher

Paris, France

The Mastery of Sleep

"I now have very few and short awakenings during the night, waking up without an alarm clock, and it's so, so much easier to get out of bed in the morning"

This quest exceeded my expectations and with all the benefits I've experienced there is no doubt in my mind I will take the knowledge I've learned and keep these habits for the rest of my life...
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Ellen Yan


Pasadena, United States

The Mastery of Sleep

"I tried all the points given by Dr. Michael Breus. Some work, and helped me"

I have been trying to work on my sleep patterns since I was very young. I use to wake up in the middle of the night when I was 9-10 years old. Keep in mind that not far, maybe 6 years ago, I figure out that my sleep issues were also a response to a severe trauma in early childhood. I wil...
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Ana Lucia de Souza

Swine Technical Services

New Bern, United States

The Mastery of Sleep

"I wake up each day feeling refreshed energized"

Before I started the program I was going to bed at 9:30 10:00 . But for some reason I would wake up at 12:30 or 1 wide awake and take forever to fall asleep. After I learned my chronotype(Lion) applied the power down hour changed my bedroom lighting to a red bulb . Changed my eating time....
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Nuno Lourenco


Toronto, Canada

The Mastery of Sleep

"Now I feel pretty much energetic during the day, and I feel I sleep so good"

After trying hundreds of times to have an organized routine and peak productivity, I realized that the main reason for me to give up all of those times, was my sleep. Even when I thought I slept well, I was sleepy all day, every day. I thought it was only about the amount of sleep, but it...
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Jonathan Aliaga Ramirez

Monitoring Staff, Domobol S.R.L.

La Paz, Bolivia

The Mastery of Sleep

"After this quest, I am developing new habits and I already feel the results of my efforts"

I have struggled from mental health issues for years and I decided to improve my mental health by my own efforts which is the best remedy. Sleep is definitely part of this process. Before the quest I suffered from sleep deprivation and I did not how to improve it. I learned few things fro...
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Abderrahim Bouguerra

Student in Nova University of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

The Mastery of Sleep

"To improve this would deal with the first and a big portion of my daily struggles"

I have quite bad sleep that effects all margins of my day everyday. To improve this would deal with the first and a big portion of my daily struggles, which would then allow me to tackle my other challenges better.
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Rhys Langford


Ashton-under-Lyne, United Kingdom

The Mastery of Sleep

"By implementing a few techniques my sleep improved and now I'm sleeping better"

I found this quest really useful. I was constantly waking up the same time every night 2am and staying a wake, I found out from the programme it was my brain saying it need more energy to function. By implementing a few techniques my sleep improved and now I'm sleeping better.
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King's Lynn, United Kingdom

The Mastery of Sleep

"My intentions for this program is to become less worried and fall asleep effortlessly"

I am 28yo and have had sleep problems since my early 20’s. The problem is mainly that I am a worried soul and have trouble fall asleep and wonder too much before sleep (can be both positive and negative thoughts). The sleep quality is usually decent. My intentions for this program is to b...
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Jens Brolin

Audit Associate

Järfälla, Sweden

The Mastery of Sleep

The Mastery of Sleep with Dr. Michael Breus

Turn your sleep into a catalyst for superior health, energy & cognitive abilities with America’s #1 sleep doctor as featured on The Dr. Oz Show and Oprah, Dr. Michael Breus. Discover the ultimate sleep design program that’s fully customizable to your biology so you sleep like a baby and perform like a master.
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