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7 days to happiness

"I feel good, comfortable and aware of some situations from my everyday Life"

it was a nice experience from refreshing many things that I know already , thanks a lot Kristina for all your time , and concept about happiness I feeling good , comfortable and aware about some situations from my everyday Life thanks a lot
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Daniel Mijares Ramos

krankentrasport L.M.U Munich

Munich, Germany

7 days to happiness

"Very interesting techniques...totally recommended!"

I really enjoyed these 7 days of the Quest, it is one week of full commitment with the most important aspect of anyone's life, HAPPINESS! Very well defined, very interesting techniques...totally recommended! Now moving on to the more deep Quest Live By Your Own Rules. Thank you Kristina...
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Jose Nadela

Finance Manager

Barcelona, Spain

7 days to happiness

"Kristina awakened the process I needed to conduct in order to maintain a more happy and habitual state of happiness"

I finally approached people in my life such as my very deserving parents and I was able to properly thank them in person which automatically made things improve noticeably....
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David Kobus


Burnaby, Canada

7 days to happiness

"I know what I want and more of in my life"

Thanks to my Mindvalley Membership I have felt inspired again. I have felt comforted that there are people I can resonate with here. I have dealt with much pain in the last decade with tremendous loss. I did not resist it. What I found were people in my life that do. I realized I no long...
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Retired/Reinventing Myself

Sliverton, United States

7 days to happiness

"It was a wonderful class of seven days"

Hi Kristina It was a wonderful class of seven days ,your ideas were simple n executable.It has made my disposition more Reflective then Reactive!! My best to You n all the wonderfulTribe .End the note with the Song “Don’t worry be HAPPY” Signing off Valecha JK .
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Jk Valecha

Chairman Golds Gym

Mumbai, India

7 days to happiness

"Going forward I will continue to explore and try new things"

Before this program, I was always questioning my worth by comparing myself to the best. What I realise is that I want to be around the best to learn from them. Going forward I will continue to explore and try new things because it makes me happy and be grateful for all things that I often...
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Riripeti Haretuku

Manager and Teacher

Rotorua, New Zealand

7 days to happiness

"Thank you for this week of exploration and journey towards happiness"

The name caught my attention for i do consider myself a happy person above all. Have always said happiness is a state of mind and not an emotion yet I have come to learn a lot about how to be present in happiness. Loved the part about pain and how it was compared to exercising. I start...
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Creative Communicator

El Coco, Costa Rica

7 days to happiness

"It helped me understand, absorb and assimilate great tips towards carving a happier life!"

I enjoyed this program throughly. It helped me understand, absorb and assimilate great tips towards carving a happier life!
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School Principal

Gurgaon, India

7 days to happiness

"This course had shown me a new way of looking at how my own version of happiness doesn’t have to meet anyone else’s standards"

Before this program I always felt I had to be or live up to my expectation of what I believed other people’s expectation of me was. I have two very different worlds - the exterior and the interior. My interior beliefs are shameful or laughable to many of my culture. I keep most of it t...
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Cherie Michelle

NHS Medical Secretary

Leeds, United Kingdom

7 days to happiness

"Totally powerful with letting go of things I have been carrying with me for years"

This program definitely surprised me with a few new things! It was how hard it was to tell some of the people how important they are! And other thing I learned is that I need to start with gratitude practice again, that exercise took some time for me too although is should have been easy!...
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Nelli Aedla

Fx trader

Tallinn, Estonia

7 days to happiness

"With this program I feel so much lighter and the simple techniques have made such a difference in my emotions"

Thank to this program I recognized I been holding on to emotions that makes me feel so angry- with this program I feel so much lighter and the simple techniques has made such difference in my emotions ❤️🙏🏻 - Thank you - I feel like a burden has left me 😃 and some energy has connected to m...
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Susanna Rantala Ibsen

Self emplyed

Hamburg, Germany

7 days to happiness

"It really gave me techniques to increase happiness"

Thanks for the wonderful short quest. It really gave me techniques to increase happiness as well as it gave me new insights and understanding about my happiness.
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Noorali Bhimani


Mumbai, India

7 days to happiness

7 days to happiness with Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

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