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Energy Medicine

"I look forward to learning, exploring and practicing better health"

Hey Everyone - I'm a breast cancer survivor. Something you never plan for and it changes you forever. By the way, I recommend a regular mammogram. My docs say that everything is "normal" and I should be feeling like my usual self. I don't. After 15 months of treatment including, tw...
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Maureen Rowe Crawford

Executive Assistant (soon to be a retiree)

Portland, United States

Energy Medicine

"I had no idea how this all fits into energy healing on a broader realm"

Before joining this program I have been very curious about universal energy and how it functions in healing, prayers, etc. I have intuitively experienced healing energy with my daughter who had stage 4 cancer and with my own body when I felt heart discomfort. But, I had no idea how thi...
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Ruby Diane Hamilton

Retired Teacher

North Bonneville, United States

Energy Medicine

"I would like to see an improvement in my vitality, energy level and walk/balance"

Before this program, I was diagnosed with ADCA, sca3, an Autosomal Dominant-hereditary cerebellary Ataxia in 2016. ADCA is a hereditary and slowly worsening brain disease of the small brain, moving forward and maintaining balance challenges. I can keep it pretty stable for a few years...
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Maarten Gillich

Volunteering as a social worker to support refugees to integrate

Hof van Twente, Netherlands

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Energy Medicine

What Students Are Saying About Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine

The impact that Donna Eden has on people is unbelievable. Here are the life-changing story from Donna's student on energy healing

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Energy Medicine

"I let go of things that don't serve me anymore and heal from my past"

I followed the firsts weeks of the programs, and my energy is going better. I let go of things that don't serve me anymore and heal from my past. I renew aspects in myself that will allow me to create something new. Thank you so much, Mindvalley, for all your programs and dedication to im...
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Christian Beysens

Pilot Student

Miami, United States

Energy Medicine

"I believe I can finally get the help I need with Mindvalley"

I joined this quest for a total transformation. I have had chronic pain for 25 years and I believe I can finally get the help I need with Mind Valley.
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Vicky Lien

School Bus Driver and professional driver

Onalaska, United States

Energy Medicine

"Learning to trust my intuition and my healing hands more"

Before this programme I’d been super sick as a working too hard doctor. I actually collapsed in 2013 Slowly I’ve been improving using various methods. One of which is chi gong ( Shaolin cosmos ) I’ve been practicing this for 4 years , we are not given any explanation as to what our bodies...
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Kate Gillies

Retired family doctor

London, United Kingdom

Energy Medicine

"What I am learning will be of great value when helping others"

Even now I can help others with what I have learned and continue to learn as I continue to go over the course notes. There has been a shift in my energies already and combining the Eden Energy Medicine with...
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Bognor Regis, United States

Energy Medicine

"Thank you for helping me personally incorporate energy work in everything I do"

Thank you Eden family and a warm hug to you Donna as we go back a long way starting at the Mind Body and Spirit festivals .. saw you in New Orleans a few years ago again and kept saying I wanted to actually participate in your course as although I use energy work I knew your tips would be...
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Michele Claiborne

Teacher of Super Seeing & Deliberate living @ Mill Lake Retreat

St Osyth, United Kingdom

Energy Medicine

"I enthusiastically look forward to these sessions"

Good day. Energy medicine was the very first quest i signed up for in 2019. Had been doing some some adhoc workshops on the net pertaining to Law of Attraction etc. Some just didn't had the depth run by novices who were out to monetise. Guess the Universe saw my thirst for authentic know...
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Bank clerk

Central, Singapore

Energy Medicine

"I can say I now have a plethora of the best knowledge to help heal my body on a physical and mental realm"

I now thrive in my chakras, meridians, and auras constantly with abundant flow and life. I am now the being I was truly meant to become...
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Tony Dale Conn

Licensed Massage Therapist

Crum, United States

Energy Medicine

"I noticed a happier, more energetic me"

Before the class I was doing long Qigong sets to improve my health and gain inner peace and harmony. After the class, I added Donna's Daily Energy Routine to what I did and I noticed a happier, more energetic me. Qigong and Tai Chi need a more uplifting approach and this compliments the...
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Joel Rosenfeld

Psychology Professor, retired

Green Valley, United States

Energy Medicine

"My life will never be the same again!"

Signed up for the course and just completed it and my life will never be the same again! I even took time off to attend the 3 day virtual Energy weekend with Eden Energy. My perspective of what I was chasing after and what I want to do with the rest of my life has been completely...
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Kay Velavan

CEO, CyberSolutions LLC

Middlebury, United States

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine with Donna Eden

Energy Medicine is a life-changing deep dive into your body’s natural energetic systems. You’ll embark on a series of tutorials, exercises, and powerful energetic experiences designed to improve your existing energy healing practice – all in just eight short weeks. By the end of this journey, you’ll know how to work with your unique energetic blueprint to awaken physical and emotional healing, restore your vitality, eject negative energy, and relieve pain. Guiding you every step of the way is Donna Eden, widely regarded as one of the world’s top energy healing practitioners.
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