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Energy Medicine

"I love it, clients love it"

I'm 53, I've been a psychologist for over 30 years ... worked in the corporate world, in Scotland Yard, and finally set up my own practice ....but this is the first time I've truly felt like I was walking the right path ... as soon as I hear Donna I felt inspired ... my body feels like mine,...
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Ms leonie morris

Energy psychologist

Grange over sands, United Kingdom

Energy Medicine

"The first module was terrific and full of useful tools!"

I have had a life long battle with being tired since age 11. This, oddly enough is around the time I was diagnosed with thyroid problems. Now, as I begin this energy journey, I am excited to learn techniques and reasoning behind them to have sustainable energy and fantastic health. The fi...
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Ashley Pearson

Painter + Instructor / Paint Social

Preble, United States

Energy Medicine

"This program has opened my eyes to new ways of using my energy body"

This program has opened my eyes to new ways of using my energy body.
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Keren Binshtein

indipended - Self-Awareness and healing Workshops

Kfar Yehezkel, Israel

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Energy Medicine

What Students Are Saying About Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine

The impact that Donna Eden has on people is unbelievable. Here are the life-changing story from Donna's student on energy healing

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Energy Medicine

"With the results I have had with just a few of the exercises I have learnt I am completely convinced that Energy Medicine 100% is amazing and works"

Before this program being a single grandparent carer to my three grandsons 5, 6 and 7 each who have disabilities ranging from one of my boys having a medium intellectual disability to two of my beautiful boys who have severe level 3 Autism on both domains as well as an intellectual disabili...
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Tania Tuagalu

Child and Family worker

Sydney, Australia

Energy Medicine

"I absolutely loved her teaching tips on quick instant energy boosting exercises"

I had been unwell and found myself lacking energy. A neighbour even commented that I was always tired! That shocked me as I hadn’t realised I came across that way. Donna Eden at Mindvalley came up while I was browsing YouTube. I absolutely loved her teaching tips on quick instant...
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Bernadette Bennison

Meditation Teacher and Therapist

Harrogate, United Kingdom

Energy Medicine

"I recommend everybody to do this course as I feel stronger, feel better and my back pain is much less noticeable"

I enrolled in the quest because I often felt tired and because of my back pain. I wanted to have more energy and feel better. I do the daily energy routines every day and now have more energy and I am confident that I personally can do something for my health and well-being without pills. I ...
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Martina Baumgartner

Translator English

Nürnberg, Germany

Energy Medicine

"I am here willing to learn with an open heart and a humble mind"

I'm in a major life transition. I left my relationship of 16 years last year, sold our home, and changed my life. I've been on a personal journey for decades trying to understand why I am here and what my soul's purpose is, often times questioning the very existence of my soul. During my tra...
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Colleen Perry

Therapist, dancer

Los Angeles, United States

Energy Medicine

"I enrolled to take my life to the next level"

I enrolled to take my life to the next level.. to learn how energy can be used to heal and when balanced create a healthy, happy and prosperous life
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Karen Hourtovenko


Sudbury, Canada

Energy Medicine

"Equipped me with new knowledge, skills and techniques"

I used Energy medicine prior to the Energy Medicine course. However, the course enabled sharpening my comprehension and appreciation of the energy medicine and equipped me with new knowledge, skills and techniques, which I currently successfully use! Thank you, Mindvalley for arranging this...
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Dillyara Dosmakova

Global Advisor

Houston, United States

Energy Medicine

"I am really happy I took part in this program"

Thanks to this program of Energy Medicine course of Donna Eden and David Feinstein, it added further to my understanding and information. I especially loved the Daily Energy routine which I have now integrated into my daily life. As well as the Figure 8 and Chakra cleansing. I also...
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Citadel Cruz

Sound Healer

Quezon City, Philippines

Energy Medicine

"I feel much better"

I have small intestine obstructions often - Crohn's disease. I started the Energy Medicine course for week 1 "Fuel Your Vitality" with Donna and David yesterday and within 2 days of practicing the daily energy exercises, I feel much better. Looking forward to completing this course with gr...
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Farida Engineer

Executive Assistant, Coca-Cola Ltd.

Toronto, Canada

Energy Medicine

"I am more clear and confident"

I am a healer for last 10 years . However post attending the sessions on Mindvalley i understood my quest very clearly and delighted to learn much more than i thought i knew. I am more clear and confident as i can relate to everything that is taught with such ease and devotion.
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Rashmee Sharma

Human resource

Geneva, Switzerland

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine with Donna Eden

Energy Medicine is a life-changing deep dive into your body’s natural energetic systems. You’ll embark on a series of tutorials, exercises, and powerful energetic experiences designed to improve your existing energy healing practice – all in just eight short weeks. By the end of this journey, you’ll know how to work with your unique energetic blueprint to awaken physical and emotional healing, restore your vitality, eject negative energy, and relieve pain. Guiding you every step of the way is Donna Eden, widely regarded as one of the world’s top energy healing practitioners.
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