"It changed not only myself but my whole family"
Energy Medicine

"It changed not only myself but my whole family"

Before this program I was feeling tired, depressive and I had to go to difficult times because I moved in to my husband again after a 1,5 year break-up. The energy was very aggressive and I felt lonely and incomplete. I started to change through practices of selflove and energy medicine. It changed not only myself but my whole family. 
I’m so grateful for this course with Donna Eden. She was like a sun lightening and warming my heart so I could face my challenges without fear and anxiety. But the best part: I don’t need to go to a therapist or a healer - I can do it all by myself and serving my family with this timeless wisdom. Thank you Mindvalley and Donna Eden!!!


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Bad Hindelang, Germany

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Energy Medicine

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Tania Tuagalu

Child and Family worker

Sydney, Australia

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