"Equipped me with new knowledge, skills and techniques"
Energy Medicine

"Equipped me with new knowledge, skills and techniques"

I used Energy medicine prior to the Energy Medicine course. However, the course enabled sharpening my comprehension and appreciation of the energy medicine and equipped me with new knowledge, skills and techniques, which I currently successfully use! Thank you, Mindvalley for arranging this course as this was my first desired upon having bought Donna Eden'sbook last year.

Dillyara Dosmakova

Global Advisor

Houston, United States

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Energy Medicine

"Eden energy has been an integral part of my new sober life in so many beautiful and unexpected ways"

Through the daily energy routine and a multitude of other techniques I am more balanced, energized, filled with joy, grounded, healthy, and powerful than I have ever been. Though I have been expanding my consciousness through other avenues as well...
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Rachel Duren

Real estate appraiser

Medcine hat, Canada

Energy Medicine

"It's amazing how Donna and her course changed my life!"

For 30 years I had a problem: I was always freezing. But after taking this course everything has changed. Even one year ago in winter, I was using warm sleeping socks and 5 blankets and in summer at +30 C I was using a ski jacket. I haven't expected to have such an effect from this course. I...
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Akane Viedge


Energy Medicine

"I feel so good right now"

Areas of my life in which I've noticed the biggest changes in my life is my energy level, I am back to do what I love as kayak and other sports. I drop some sizes and have my smile again. My top 3 takeaways or insights during/after finishing this Quest are the energy dance routines...
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Andreína Fuentes Angarita

Creator Creative

Miami, United States

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