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What Students Are Saying About Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine

The impact that Donna Eden has on people is unbelievable. Here are the life-changing story from Donna's student on energy healing

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Energy Medicine

"I am really looking forward to making Energy Medicine a big part of my future"

I know I am only just finished week 8, but already feel more energetic and focused and I look forward to doing the D.E.R each day. I find the food testing facinating and very very helpful, as there is so much fear and confusion about what we should/shouldnt eat with many contradictions.
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Marian Fitzgerald

Retired nurse

United States

Energy Medicine

“This is what life's about”

After graduating from Medical school in France, I was left with a feeling of not having found the answer to the fundamental question that made me undertake these studies. My deep question was "What is Life "? Of course, intellectually the information I received and the training were fulfi...
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Marie-Paule Fanchette


Energy Medicine

"I can now easily feel the YES/NO answer to various spiritual questions"

I can now easily feel the YES/NO answer to various spiritual questions when my body became "involuntary" pushed forward if it was a YES, and pushed back if it was a NO. When I have healing crystals and stones in my hands, I can feel which chakras are affected, as well as the strength of the...
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Jorgen Malmgren

Musician and IT-programmer

Copenhagen, Denmark

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