"I loved this program and I've learned so much about energy"
Energy Medicine

"I loved this program and I've learned so much about energy"

I was somehow "pulled" to this program, maybe because I am also a Yoga Teacher and some of the things that I saw at this program resonated with what I've learned in Yoga training. But it went beyond what I've had expected. 

I loved this program and I've learned so much about energy and most of all, about how to elevate my mood that now I notice more about other people energies and my own. Thank you Donna and David, it was life changing!

Magda Soares

Baby Massage Therapist

Lisbon, Portugal

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Energy Medicine

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just want to dive in a little deeper into the energy aspect of an individual's pain and discomfort. I have been experimenting on myself for several years. Also I have gained knowledge from working with the bodies of so many people in pain and discomfort. I'm interested in a deeper understandin...
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Julie S. Nelson

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Davidson, United States

Energy Medicine

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Ashley Pearson

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Energy Medicine

"I am so grateful for this program!"

I am so grateful for this program! I plan to use these techniques and info to help myself, my family, and my clients.
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Nicole Grimes

Intuitive Life Coach

Owens Cross Roads, United States

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