"I loved this program and I've learned so much about energy"
Energy Medicine

"I loved this program and I've learned so much about energy"

I was somehow "pulled" to this program, maybe because I am also a Yoga Teacher and some of the things that I saw at this program resonated with what I've learned in Yoga training. But it went beyond what I've had expected. 

I loved this program and I've learned so much about energy and most of all, about how to elevate my mood that now I notice more about other people energies and my own. Thank you Donna and David, it was life changing!

Magda Soares

Baby Massage Therapist

Lisbon, Portugal

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Energy Medicine

“I listened to Donna's interview and it literally changed my life.”

Donna and David are excellent teachers and presenters. They make the learning of energy accessible for all levels…whether you are a healing professional or just someone who wants to learn techniques to help themselves and family. Energy is everywhere and is everything. It only makes sense to le...
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Janice Andrews


Energy Medicine

“Donna and David created a path for us to expand our knowledge of the healing energy our bodies hold.”

I have been involved with natural healing for years. I am a Master Herbalist, a graduate of the Christopher School of Natural Healing. I also am a certified aromatherapist. I have taught herbology for a long time, feeling that whole herbs, which are whole foods, can feed the healthy energy in you...
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Bonnie Krause-Gams

United States

Energy Medicine

"I particularly liked the Daily Energy Routine which I am sure will help me detoxify and ground myself."

I’ve been a Reiki healer for sometime now but I feel something is missing. I can’t figure out what but when I watched the Masterclass of Ms. Donna Eden, it just resonated with me. I felt excited to learn more.
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Citadel Cruz

Reiki and Sound Healer

Quezon City, Philippines

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