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"Not only has my body improved, but this course has also fundamentally changed the way I think about fitness and nutrition"

I've completed several courses and this is the first one where I felt sad when it ended. It was as if Ronan had become a friend who I looked forward to hearing from a few times a week. The live calls were all great as well. Not only has my body improved, this course has fundamentally cha...
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Nick Carr

Data Solutions Engineer

Phoenix, United States


"I plan to make 10X a part of my life. I highly recommend it"

Be fore 10 X I was not a fan of weight training. I tried it a few times over the years yet never enjoyed it. I feel the quality of the instruction and the fellow questers helped set this apart. The holistic approach with the science behind it, the nutrition counseling and the sleep aspect...
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David Johnston

Pre press technician/ color professional Chen Style taji instructor

Farmer City, United States


"I see this Quest as something new, and very different from how I’ve trained in the past!"

Beyond excited to take my body and mind to the next level! I left my nearly 20 year career as a clinical pharmacist 4 years ago to pursue my true passion, health and fitness. I am 47 years young with a goal to inspire other women to view health and fitness as a positive lifestyle, not...
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Karen Hall


Auburn, United States


"I sought a program to safely exercise, to break my mindset and recent trends and to regain an energy around health"

Before I started 10X program I was gaining weight throughout the COVID pandemic and gaining more aches and pains. At age 59, was much fitter earlier in my 50s. I sought a program to safely exercise, to break my mindset and recent trends and to regain an energy around health. If I am to be...
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Fred Spring

Marketing Analyst/Emory Healthcare

Atlanta, United States


"10x provided me with a program to work on that I adjusted to my lifestyle and my motivation for improving my body"

Now I use much less time for exercise (I only need 10-30 minutes depending on my routine of the day, up to 5 days per week right now) and enjoy fitness with purpose and much more than ever. I also did it all with only my body and resistance bands throughout at home...
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Leonard Döhl

Consultant and researcher

Delft, Netherlands


"Thank you Mindvalley for the quality of your program content and the professional commitment of your coaches"

Following 90 days of Wildfit and raising my awareness and application of good nutrition and achieving my goals including body fat % below 20% I have now persisted with and completed the 10X program I have done all my 10X training at home using resistance bands and dumbells. I will now...
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Owner MD Doug Lambert Executive Coaching

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"When I started 83 days ago I could only do 7 knee pushups. Today I did 3 sets of 12 FULL Push ups"

Thanks to this excellent program, I now understand what it means to become stronger. I have done cardio, aerobics, yoga, running, biking all my life but now at 66 I get it about strength. When I started 83 days ago I could only do 7 knee pushups. Today I did 3 sets of 12 FULL Push ups!...
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Charlotte Crowley

Yoga instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Parksville, Canada


"I am BEYOND excited to learn of 10X and see what it can do for me moving forward"

I am a vintaged girl; vintage 1954. VERY active most of my decades. Active though not as powerfully active after a couple of large-scale injuries and a lot of high-dose chemotherapies. The chemos decimated and re-wrote my physiology. I have been working at reclaiming my previous physi...
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Vivianne Israel

Very recently retired from 44 years as Registered Nurse

Anaheim, United States


"I released 30 lbs and 3 inches around my waist and 4 more inches around my hips"

At the completion of Wildfit, the first round of the 10x quest came up, and I started it again, along with Living Wildfit. Now, 7 months since I started the 10x trial, I have decreased 7 inches total from my hips and 4 inches from my waist. My strength doubled in every area of my body...
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Wendy Peterman

Ecologist, US Forest Service

Monroe, United States


"Only a few weeks into the 10X Fitness program, I found myself having so much more energy and it was easy to carry my grandson"

I began to lose inches and started to feel like I was drowning in my clothes. I gave away all my "fat lady" (plus size) clothes and can now easily fit into size 18 pants instead of size 22...
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Jeanne Anderson


Portland, United States


"At my 47 years old, I feel like I am at the best time of my life, I feel more confident and stronger mental and physically than when I was at my 20's"

10X- AN INTEGRAL FITNESS PROGRAM THAT HAS EXCEED MY EXPECTATIONS 💯🏋️‍♀‍ I'm Nadya Veliz from Mexico, a woman very enthusiastic who enjoys to learn new ways to do things, a world trotter, I love authenticity in people and I enjoy to be in a multicultural environment, embracing the best on...
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Nadya Veliz

Vice-president of Deportes LUTECIA

Celaya, Mexico


"Thanks to this program I increased my muscles by 5 pounds!"

I love MindValley and have taken several classes in the past. Before starting 10X, I was feeling flabby and wanted to get stronger. At 57 some people thought I was crazy. They said.... you can't grow your muscles... you're a woman and you're over 50, your muscle growing days are gone!! I...
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Debbie L Holden

Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

Averill Park, United States


10X with Ronan Diego de Oliveira

10X is designed for busy people who want to increase strength, build muscle mass, and improve physique — fast. It’s the shortest, most efficient, and adaptable workout system to optimize health, fitness, beauty, and longevity.
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