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The Silva Ultramind System

"This is actually my 3rd time I am taking a Silva class"

This is an early "Hello" as a way to get into posting. My Silva UltraMind class starts in 4 hours! I am very excited to participate! This is actually my 3rd time I am taking a Silva class. My 1st was over 30 years ago - I wanted to believe it worked but couldn't get myself there....
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Jeffrey Sonin

Owner of Balance and Strength Training, LLC

Buffalo Grove, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"This program has given me the awareness of my goals"

This program has given me awareness of my goals, motivated me to turn the problems into projects, and most importantly strengthened the compassion to fellow human beings with case workings.
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Abid Mehmood

Conservation Manager

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Silva Ultramind System

"I am Thankful and Grateful for the learnings and the fact that I can test it on myself and be successful at"

I chose Life over Death...then I worked the magic with the Three Scenes Healing technique. Being admitted into Intensive Care Unit with 58% oxygen levels, I made a choice to live and practiced daily habits that made my battle much easier. To date, the most beneficial lesson in Silva Ult...
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Nolan Pillay

CEO and Founder - StraightTalkWithNolan

Johannesburg, South Africa

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The Silva Ultramind System

"I experienced that I can communicate with my higher powers more loud and clear"

I believe in my higher intelligence that has to be something that meant to be and just be grateful to receive. One day, a man from nowhere got right into my life, approaching me and say he has been looking for me, and now we are getting to start something new together...

Nikki Phao


Bangkok, Thailand

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The Silva Ultramind System

"I am hopeful that this Silva Ultramind System Masterclass will be the key"

Today is day 1 of my Silva Ultramind System Masterclass. This is a big step for me because I have practiced meditation (primarily TM but also Sahaj Samadhi for 40+ years. I also have taught over 100 people to meditate (I was trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a TM teacher in 1975...
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Jeff Knox


Delray Beach, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"I am thankful to the Silva Program (and you Vishen!) for helping me to organize my intentions"

I am thankful to the Silva Program (and you Vishen!) for helping me to organize my intentions. I have had a couple small Caseworking hits and am hopeful that my psychic skills will continue to develop. At this time I am most excited for the confidence I now have in communicating with the...
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Kari Wetherill

Horse Riding Instructor/Alicorn Stables

Vancouver, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"My intuition sometimes almost surprises me"

Before the program: I was in a space of desperation, and also restlessness . In addition, I was not consistent in anything. This is first time I have completed a course from start to finish. So it in itself is quite extraordinary! After the course- I feel accomplished. I saw huge shif...
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HR professional

Mumbai, India

The Silva Ultramind System

"I soon realised it was a totally transformational life-enriching program that changed my life in profound ways and forever"

The house I now live in I visualised in one of my meditation sessions where I projected myself to an ideal place where I would be living 10 years later and indeed 10 years later I found myself living in this extraordinarily wonderful house in the best town in the world and it had...
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Christopher Dean

Founder Thursday Plantation tea tree oil. Chairman. Organic India. Passionate marble sculptor celebrating the feminine

Byron Bay, Australia

The Silva Ultramind System

"Everything suddenly feels within reach as long as I bring it to my awareness"

This class came to me magically. The connections were too apparent and now I understand why my higher self wanted me to take this. Before Silva, I felt that my energy was all over the place. I wasn't focused on anything and instead I was jumping around and doubting myself with what I trul...
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Daniella Aragon

Head of Video at

Mandaluyong, Philippines

The Silva Ultramind System

"My health is so much better, and my mind clearer"

I love the Silva Method and have been using it for years. I was introduced to the Silva method shortly after I had just retired from working in a Federal Penitentiary, as a criminal investigator. Needless to say, I was pretty messed up after 20 plus years of living a nightmare, but I s...
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Maria Millsaps, MS

Marriage Family Therapist, Business Owner, Writer, Artist, Designer, Speaker and Investigator

Lompoc, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"It reduces your stress and make you a positive person and also your manifestation goal power increases"

this course is very good.i higly recommend it.its reduce your stress and make you positive person and also your manifestation goal power increases. thanks to silva ultramind course and our instructor vishen :)
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web developer

Istanbul, Turkey

The Silva Ultramind System

"Today's experience was something amazing. Beyond my power to understand"

My mind wanders in circles like a money that has no fear and knows of no restrictions when it comes to jumping from place to place without accomplishing anything in particular. But something had happened today and it shifted my aimless wander toward a wonderful tour. I feel compelled to s...
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Thalorh Balram


Hanumangarh, India

The Silva Ultramind System

"I did not know that I was going to learn these amazing techniques"

I did not that I was going to learn these amazing techniques, and now I am practicing a lot to help myself to resolve my problems and help others. With my working cases I am very happy because when I am worknig I feel in my body the part that the personis is having issues. Thank you very...
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rosa pollard

Tourism Administrator

Bogotá, Colombia

The Silva Ultramind System

The Silva Ultramind System with Vishen Lakhiani

The Silva Ultramind System is a highly optimized framework for awakening your mind’s fullest potential by giving you reliable access to altered states of mind. Based on The Silva Method: a pioneering mind empowerment methodology founded in 1960 by Texan radio engineer Jose Silva (1914 - 1999), with over 6+ million students in 110 countries. Learn to access the Alpha level of mind for creative problem solving and healing, the Theta level for waking psychic and intuitive ability, and finally the Delta level while your conscious mind sleeps so that you can receive guidance from higher intelligence.
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