" Most of all I feel amazing - I can't get over how much energy I have at the end of a workday"
The Silva Ultramind System

" Most of all I feel amazing - I can't get over how much energy I have at the end of a workday"

Before this program I always felt like I had to work hard and make loads of effort to achieve things. Having applied the mental video technique and the three scenes technique some amazing transformations have happened - at work and on a house move that was stalling and suddenly everything is falling into place. I am so excited to be clear on my goals and to use the techniques to achieve them. 
I want to revolutionize education for young people and this course has given me the confidence to think big. I found I have started to make changes in my life without really realizing, eating more healthily, meditating more, and my intuition has really increased - I have been amazed. Most of all I feel amazing - I can't get over how much energy I have at the end of a workday if I take 5 minutes to practice the 3-2-1 technique at lunchtime. So very glad I took this course. Looking forward to continuing with practicing cases and increasing the number of hits.

Jennifer Waters

Wellbeing Coach

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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The Silva Ultramind System

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The Silva Ultramind System

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The Silva Ultramind System

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Shiri Redensky

Registered Dietitian

Demarest, United States

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