"This is focused Ninja-training for the mind"
The Silva Ultramind System

"This is focused Ninja-training for the mind"

I took this course in the 80s and have spent the last 40 years meditating and on a journey of self-discovery. I wondered why something inside me kept pulling me to take this course again. 
Boy! I'm so glad I followed my hunch. I enrolled because I've been pondering how we actually can create our reality. Fool-proof. Aligned with Principles and laws. 
I'm a Family Constellation Facilitator and have spent years in The Field. I also studied PSYCH-K with Bruce Lipton... they both involve feeling things in my body. So moving to watch things on a "screen" was revolutionary for me. Less wear and tear on my psyche... and a real tool that I can use on daily basis to be At Cause of events in my life. Big changes... I'm trusting my intuition a lot more. Also able to go deep into Theta very quickly. I can tell the difference and go deep just following the instructions... because I have done them so many times. 

The top 3 things that have changed in my life are.. 
1. I know that I can build or heal anything in my life. I KNOW it. Not just "know" it. It's deep in my bones. 
2. I can get authentic answers on what direction to take when I get to a fork in the road. I can see inside the situation. The underlying Truth... or reality. Don't know how to explain it. 
3. I am starting to be able to discern the thought forms and flow of life-force that is At Cause when manifesting things into the physical world. I'm trusting my inner gut feelings.

Finding a new kind of courage... that I can always find an answer to the next stage in my life. And keep creating it... even if the world around is going whacky. This is focused Ninja-training for the mind. Love it! Also... now I know about all his other programs. I already have two on my immediate list!

Udana Power


Los Angeles, United States

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The Silva Ultramind System

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The Silva Ultramind System

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