"I experienced that I can communicate with my higher powers more loud and clear"
The Silva Ultramind System

"I experienced that I can communicate with my higher powers more loud and clear"

Before the program I was already very spiritual both in my religion and scientific way combined, I have heard&practice a lot about brain wave but not like what I've heard form Silva Ultramind. I really fascinate in scientific meditation because when I combine them with my religious way it's been amazing experiences.
During the program, I experienced that I can communicate with my higher powers more loud and clear, I can feel their presents and mercy. 
My questions had been answered fast and clear, from the mental video technique. Also the 3 screens technique, I presented with someone new in my last screen and had no idea who that was. I saw him every time I do the 3 screen technique in that subject. 
Without a doubt, I believe in my higher intelligence that has to be something that meant to be and just be grateful to receive. 
One day, a man from nowhere got right into my life, approaching me and say he has been looking for me, and now we are getting to start something new together since we share the same value in life so much. Isn't that amazing? I've been wanted him for a long too, this what I felt at the back of my mind. 
After the program, I have been very peaceful at my spiritually level. Things happened as usual in front of me every day but my existence is solid and whole, no fear, very brave, and ready for the unknown. I will continue practice with all aspects.

Nikki Phao


Bangkok, Thailand

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