"After doing this, I am at peace"
The Silva Ultramind System

"After doing this, I am at peace"

I came all STRESSED out and completely Clueless but after doing this, I am at peace and feel gung-ho that i have the tools for meditation and connecting with my Center.. Thank you :)

Vishal Aggarwal

Entrepreneur - Network Marketing

Faridabad, India

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The Silva Ultramind System

"Look forward to be more aware of how I can create circle of receive"

Today 19 May at Cross roads. I heard Silva method long ago was aware of vibrations. Look forward to be more aware of how I can create circle of receive give receive Love and to all learn how to truly forgive.
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Consuelo Steley


Quito, Ecuador

The Silva Ultramind System

" love that it starts my day on an amazing note and helps me stay calm and centered"

I have a very busy, active life as a pre-school teacher at an international school and the challenge of the times we are living through is complicated by living and working abroad, away from my family. I've been wanting to learn about the Silva method of meditation for years and finally...
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Maria Chaplin

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Doha, Qatar

The Silva Ultramind System

"I love Silva Ultramind!"

Every attempt I made at meditation, I would fall asleep. I did not know the trick Vishen shared about finding a small uncomfortable situation, such as holding your arms out, which I did and I was able to relax but not fall asleep. I believe I was able to connect to the alpha level. I am very...
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Carolyn Cleveland


Nampa, United States

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