"I want to spread the universal belief that Abundance Starts with Giving"
The Silva Ultramind System

"I want to spread the universal belief that Abundance Starts with Giving"

I had been a silva practitioner in my early twenties and experienced mind-blowing results. Fast forward, today I am on a mission to impact a billion people by empowering a million charities around the world. 
By virtue of my current initiatives, which started in 2014 from Silicon Valley, I/we have already touched a million lives but a long way to go ahead.. 

So here I am back to Silva trying to find the magical business model that will help me tweak my model to empower a million charities by 2030 via our financial inclusion & digital transformation program for micro and small charities acre the globe. 

I currently run, Crowdera, a global truly free fundraising platform (soon to be AI powered fundraising platform) and I have kick-started a movement called #GivingEconomy in 2018 that is catching up with the world slowly...
I want to spread the universal belief that Abundance Starts with Giving. (you just have to be ready to receive after giving).

Chet Jainn

Founder/CEO at Crowdera

Singapore, Singapore

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The Silva Ultramind System

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