The Silva Ultramind System

"I have gained immense insight and clarity in my life"

This course blew my mind from Day 1. 

Prior to this program, hypnosis or altered states were unknown words to me. I felt extremely drawn to this Quest and little did I know how much this course would impact my life for the better! I find it incredibly mind blowing that within just 4 weeks, I have gained immense insight and clarity in my life and developed my intuition to the extent of trusting it more than my mind now. 

This Quest inspired me to take control of my life and my destiny, allowing me to be the creator of my reality and to be in service for more people. It's my wish that EVERYONE has the chance to learn from this mind expanding course. I was so inspired from Day 1 onwards, that I documented my journey and shared it via YouTube. Do check it out. Spreading the love <3

Naomi Huth

Yoga Instructor and Social Media Content Creator

Singapore, Singapore

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The Silva Ultramind System

"I am hoping to improved my confidence"

I am just starting my Quest Journey I am hoping to improved my confidence to become a success woman in my business and for my family.
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Charlene Readman

Financial Broker

Kelowna, Canada

The Silva Ultramind System

"The program feels to me like this is what I have been looking for as the next step in my spiritual journey."

I am currently in the Silva Ultramind System program. Since I am only on day 1 of the Silva program I don't have substantial news to report. However, the Ultramind program feels to me like this is what I hav...
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Kathy Foster

Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling

Red Bluff, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"This course helped me grow as an artist and as an herbalist"

Before this program it sometimes was hard to trust and talk about intuitions I have about facts, events, knowledge. Now I fully trust this. Moreover I now feel more focussed and know I can start to help people. This course helped me grow as an artist and as an herbalist. I am very grateful f...
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Nathalie Hunter

Artist, Master herbalist.

Mechelen, Belgium

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