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The Longevity Blueprint

"I enjoyed the Longevity class with learning tools for myself and my work"

I enjoyed the Longevity class with learing tolls for myself and my work.
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Petra Eggert


San Jose, United States

The Longevity Blueprint

"Love the great tools and takeaways"

Love the great tools and takeaways in this version of the course to help you mix and match the learnings to fit your health and fitness goals. Really enjoying the motivation these programs’ have given me to take better advantage of my beautiful surroundings and maximize the efficiency my...
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Deane Johanis

Associate Director, Enterprise Risk & Business Continuity, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Toronto, Canada

The Longevity Blueprint

"I am in love with this program"

I love the way he breaks it all down and has neat tips I had not heard of before. I have learned so much already and I am excited and look forward to more. Now I feel like I can do this no problem and as an instructor and life coach as well as a fashion designer where I help people also...
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Aashlee Morginn

Owner/Designer / Aashlee Morginn Designs

Delta, Canada

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The Longevity Blueprint

What Students Are Saying About The Longevity Blueprint Quest

The impact that Ben Greenfield has on people is unbelievable. These are life-changing stories from people around the world about Ben's teachings. 

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The Longevity Blueprint

"I want to take my health and fitness to a higher level for peak performance and longevity"

Before this program I have been working on self-improvement in all areas of my life. For starters, I quit drinking in September of 2019, and I have seen dramatic improvements all around - physically and mentally. Now I want to take my health and fitness to a higher level for peak performance...
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Billy Hyland

Creative Director

Wheaton, United States

The Longevity Blueprint

"It is really a great program"

Before the program, I was a fitness addict. I learn a lot of new things and improve my overall fitness capacity. Also put a lot of new information in my head about longevity. It is really a great program. Recommend to everyone.
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Balan Emil


Bucharest, Romania

The Longevity Blueprint

"Love being introduced to Plyometrics, Decompression breathing and the Tabata Set"

Great start to the program. Love being introduced to Plyometrics, Decompression breathing and the Tabata Set. Looking forwards to gaining insights on those key elements that will enhance my performance. Here to learn and to assist.
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Colin Miranda


Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Longevity Blueprint

"I want to be in the best shape ever"

I have always had to maintain some form of exercise and health considerations due to the Army. I have always struggled with my BF % since I was 40. I am tired of fighting it I want to be in the best shape ever as I turn 60 in 1.5 years. I want to be better than when I was 40. And I want to l...
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Dean Wood

US Army Officer

Vicenza, Italy

The Longevity Blueprint

"I lost 18 pounds and dropped in body fat percentage"

It turned out to be the perfect quest to keep me active, continually getting fitter and providing the empowering values that I can manifest the ideal physical body I desire and reverse my aging, by practicing the exercises, techniques and lifestyle habits covered in the quest.
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David Alden

Registered Massage Therapist

Ottawa, Canada

The Longevity Blueprint

"This Quest is just what I was looking for and has helped me so much"

Not only do I feel dramatically more competent physically but I am far more knowledgeable and actually UNDERSTAND the exercises and why they're important and beneficial to me. I'll be sticking to these programmes for as long as I can in the future...
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Aidan O'Sullivan

Entertainer and Speaker

Buckingham, United Kingdom

The Longevity Blueprint

"I feel I can lose fat and gain muscle in a better way"

Before this program I had joined so many fitness clubs and gyms and they all had different type of suggestions to lose fat. However, none of them worked for my body. After listening to Mr. Ben i feel I can lose fat and gain muscle in a better way because I can relate to his research work and...
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Kavita Krishnamoorthy


Thane, India

The Longevity Blueprint

"The Quest has given me an excellent foundation for becoming fit and making movement part of my healthy lifestyle"

The Quest has given me the structure and guidance that I needed to start to improve my physical health. I suffer from chronic pain and until now, have not been able to find a fitness program that gives me exercises that I can actually do to build strength and improve my symptoms. The Quest p...
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Lisa Mendivil

Phoenix, United States

The Longevity Blueprint

"I probably am in the best shape I have in 15-20 years"

Well sorry not to be in structure as this is not too deep but I definitely was way out of shape (at age 56 when I began the program)... With the program and some personal training where I live, I probably am in the best shape I have in 15-20 years. I would not say I have a revolutionary chan...
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Jeffrey Sams

President Boy and Beauty Co

Fuchu-shi, Japan

The Longevity Blueprint

The Longevity Blueprint with Ben Greenfield

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