The Longevity Blueprint

What Students Are Saying About The Longevity Blueprint Quest

The impact that Ben Greenfield has on people is unbelievable. These are life-changing stories from people around the world about Ben's teachings. 

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The Longevity Blueprint

“I’m definitely stronger and fitter“

Just done a second fitness test, with the first test numbers first and improvement in percentage:Push up 18 23 +28%Squats 29 37 +28%Plank 1.12 1.36 +21%Burpees 8 11 +38%Quite happy! Plank is weaker relative to others showing I need to work on my core, which weakened after my Achilles rupture 7 mo...
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Craig Griffin


The Longevity Blueprint

"I’m so glad because I’m not forcing my self to do what I should do"

I begin with fitness journey in 2014, I was curious about what I will look like when having lean muscles and its started with me when I saw videos for a bikini competition moms, and they look beautiful, sexy, and younger. I was at the end of my 30, and I was looking much older, and overweight wh...
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Somaya Mondani

Health care / A hospital

kuwait, Kuwait

The Longevity Blueprint

"I have started to build a morning routine that I look forward to"

Before the program I just did exercise without any formalities, this first week although slow to get going I have started to build a morning routine that I look forward to. The walk, the strength exercises and the idea of intermittent fasting (Hardest part in hospitality)
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Adam Simkins

Managing Director, Louis T Collection

Singapore, Singapore

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