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Mindvalley for Business

"Mindvalley has been a huge support for all of us, my staff, parent body and myself included"

I first came across Mindvalley a few years ago when I had a strong inspiration to start a new way of educating young students. A school where children's natural and spiritual gifts were cultivated, supported and encouraged. A curriculum that not only speaks to academic learning, but also...
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Mahalo, Licia "Kumu Mailani" Sakamoto

Ke Kula `O Ho`omakuapono

Mindvalley for Business

"Mindvalley has helped us pave the way to a stronger, more inspired team"

Leadership takes a lot of energy! Personal growth is a really good way to keep your mind & body in balance so you can consistently show up as the strongest version of you, manage time effectively, & get results from your team.Mindvalley is an excellent resource to bring teams toge...
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Nancy Lach

CEO Lasker Jewelers

Mindvalley for Business

"I've gotten so much out of it and I'm consistently sharing it with other people"

Your experience is awesome and you coach so compassionately it allows us to come up with our own decisions. I am your walking billboard, especially for Lifebook. These quests and the business mentorship have been amazing...
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Lisa Couturier

Founder, Coach and Advisor at R2RLife Coaching

Newark, United States

Mindvalley for Business

"Mindvalley became the guide I never had"

I've been a Mindvalley All Access member since March 2020 which coincided with the Covid pandemic. With added time on my hands, it couldn’t have been better timing. Soon I could see the effects of the learnings on my life and work – things changed, and slowly Mindvalley became the guide I never had
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Aman Chawla

Founder & CEO Citilight

New Delhi, India

Mindvalley for Business

"One year ahead now, more than 70% of the employees claimed loving this platform and want to keep taking quests"

I knew Mindvalley from a personal standpoint pursuing 3 quests I did over a year and when I was talking to my organization about some key lessons I learned, I realized there was an opportunity to better grant access to the Leadership Team so they can learn at their own pace and choose the...
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Daniel Sierra

General Manager, Duracell Mexico


Mindvalley for Business

“Mindvalley Quests Have Brought My Team To New Heights”

Mindvalley quests are a great avenue to infuse new ways of thinking to support employees and create a holistic life plan where work is a propeller of that life vision.  A perfect symbiosis where the individual and company benefit from a higher level of purpose, commitment and perform...
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Maritza Aulestia

Senior HR Manager at ExxonMobil

Mindvalley for Business

“Mindvalley swept in and save the day, i learned to be a team player and a leader"

I was never a team player. I've always done things on my own and have always preferred it that way. When I first started working with my current team, we were not efficient. It was much harder than it needed to be.Mindvalley swept in and saved the day. We learned things about ourselves we...
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Faudia Ramjohn

Operations Technician at ExxonMobil

Mindvalley for Business

"I deeply believe that any person who leads a team or an organization should prioritize the growth of their team"

My journey in personal growth has been only a few months long but accelerated in learning and tangible improvements. Probably the main improvement has been that working on my personal growth has made me deeply interested in the personal growth of my team with immediate results in terms of...
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Daniel Bayram

Outreach Director

Endeavor, Colombia

Mindvalley for Business

"We have definitely seen the positive impact of Mindvalley offering our team a powerful toolbox of transformational techniques"

Mindvalley offers many quests that can help develop these areas. The Mindvalley team is very professional and helpful. They listen to our needs, share their expertise and ensure we make the best choices to raise our teams' competencies. They propose additional mentoring episodes to deepen...
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Christelle Juan

Transformation Coach & Consultant

Forest, Belgium

Mindvalley for Business

"Thank you for the platform for growth Mindvalley created for humanity"

Initially I started to sign up mindvalley for personal use as i was exploring the exponential coach. Then the offer of unlimited caught my eyes and led the idea to share the access to wisdom to my direct reports. It was a social experiments to see the culture fit on top leadership level....
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maxim mulyadi

CEO (Creative Enlightenment Oracle) @ Lovian inc

Ungaran, Indonesia

Mindvalley for Business

"Those quests indicated some specific/factual things to do which I have found of support"

Before this program, I felt that I had to improve some points at work and in private life. I felt that I was not far to find how but I did not yet find ... Thanks to quests I followed/am following, I've put /am putting in place some strategies that help me to optimize my time, in terms o...
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Fabrice Loix

Training Manager

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Mindvalley for Business

"Part of any successful organization is the continued growth of its staff"

I was introduced to Mindvalley about 6 months ago and, through the courses that I was able to complete, I found tremendous value. I then decided to introduce the program to our senior management team. We are only some months into the program, and I am seeing positive changes in my team..
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Jas Kalsi

Solaris Worldwide, President & CFO

Mindvalley for Business

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