"Mindvalley has been a huge support for all of us, my staff, parent body and myself included"
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"Mindvalley has been a huge support for all of us, my staff, parent body and myself included"

I first came across Mindvalley a few years ago when I had a strong inspiration to start a new way of educating young students. A school where children's natural and spiritual gifts were cultivated, supported and encouraged. A curriculum that not only speaks to academic learning, but also addresses human needs such as sustainability, cultural rooting and connection back to our land, ancient stories, our ancestors, other living beings and to ourselves as well. A place where learning is fun, leading to new desires, inquiries and seeking of truths. A school that incorporates balance into their everyday lives and well being and truly prepares children to be successful adults on many levels.

Mindvalley has been a huge support for all of us, my staff, parent body and myself included. This year we have signed up for Mindvalley Unlimited and taken the classes 'Unconscious Parenting', 'Superbrain' and 'Being Extraordinary' so far together. These classes not only have given us the tools to help to meet the needs of our ever shifting children, but also connects us as a school, giving us common goals and a common language. It has helped us to build a beautiful community of healing and support for each other that is helping us all to navigate these amazing times and shifting into a higher consciousness together.

Mindvalley's team has been amazing in helping us to coordinate all of our people and learnings together. Daniela Zapata is a great support to me in insuring that everything is organized and my needs are met as a Principal. We at Ke Kula `O Ho`omakuapono feel so privileged to be a part of this online university and so enjoy sharing the new learnings with our students and community. It is an absolute JOY to see learning be so fulfilling and fun again.

Mahalo, Licia "Kumu Mailani" Sakamoto

Ke Kula `O Ho`omakuapono

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