"For more wonderful Quests to come!"
Mindvalley for Business

"For more wonderful Quests to come!"

As a person who's dealing with entrepreneurship and technology commercialization at the academy, I’m occupied with how to provide researchers and students the tools that will make them more applied;  Life skills training is exactly what we lack as an academic institution, and I was fortunate to find Mindvalley for Business excellent online Quests that had equipped me with extraordinary tools for life, as well as tens of my colleges and university members, For more wonderful Quests to come!

Or Santo

Head of Ecosystem Collaborations, Ben Gurion University Technologies

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Mindvalley for Business

"I incorporated new techniques and resources"

If we want to become good leaders, we need to start by changing ourselves, and I believe Mindvalley is a great way to embark on this self-discovery and transformational journey, with everything this entails. Thanks to the quests and episodes of the program, I incorporated new techniques and...
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Lorena Sanvitale

Advisory Deals Senior Manager, PWC

Mindvalley for Business

"Mindvalley has been the perfect psychological and emotional support"

When trying to think of a single word to describe my experience with Mindvalley, I inevitably conclude that the word is "blessing”. This past year has been particularly challenging, given some professional changes that allowed me the pleasure to lead more people than I was used to. Mindva...
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Nayla Arpigiani

IFS Marketing & Sales Manager, PWC

Mindvalley for Business

"We at Facebook, are thankful to the Mindvalley Team and Vishen for making this happen!"

I manage the Mindfulness and Meditation Employee Resource Groups at Facebook. Vishen and Mindvalley have a huge fan base here, and upon popular request, he kindly consented to visit and address an eager crowd at the Facebook HQ at Menlo Park, California. This Mindvalley session was attended...
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Deepthi Rao

Product Manager, Enterprise Facebook HQ

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