"Those quests indicated some specific/factual things to do which I have found of support"
Mindvalley for Business

"Those quests indicated some specific/factual things to do which I have found of support"

Before this program, I felt that I had to improve some points at work and in private life. I felt that I was not far to find how but I did not yet find ... 
Thanks to quests I followed/am following, I've put /am putting in place some strategies that help me to optimize my time, in terms of quality mainly. 
I feel more energized globally. I feel more synchronized with my natural pace. 
In conjunction with some good readings, those quests indicated some specific/factual things to do which I have found of support. I think the pace of the quests (daily a little) is part of that success. 
In that perspective, the quality of my life, as well as one of my close relatives and my team has improved.

Fabrice Loix

Training Manager

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

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Christelle Juan

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