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Lifebook Mastery

"Thanks to the program I've realized that I am not just an entrepreneur, yet also an artist"

It gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and make the decision to quit my job and become a full-time artist. Today I've sold over 100'000.- of my art, building a global community of conscious collectors and living my dream as an artist! That would have never been possible if...
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Oliver Hojas

Abstract Artist

Zurich, Switzerland

Lifebook Mastery

"I’ve improved each category of my life and for example, I started with no workout to 7 per week in 6 months!"

You can’t be lost if you know where you go… Lifebook Mastery is a fantastic program to move towards your dream life without stressing about it. The 12 daily habits & the tracking system completely changed my life. I learned with Lifebook Online what was my vision and where I wanted to go...
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Laëtitia Nguyen

Self-Married, Writer, Creator of Blog About L.

Grenoble, France

Lifebook Mastery

"LIFEBOOK will provide you with a framework to continually evolve"

Wow what a journey this has been with Missy, Jon and Alex! Them three have been so supportive and so true to themselves that I cannot thank them anymore for all that they have contributed to my life. I have learnt so much about myself and all 12 categories that surround me. I am an awe...
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Dylan Bernard

Life Learner

Sydney, Australia

Featured Lifebook Mastery Story
Lifebook Mastery

"I am on the path to self-actualization for the first time in my life"

My score went through the stratosphere from 90 something to 132! I ended a relationship, lost 32 Ibs, joined an accountability group, became more patient, began consuming audiobooks, became a better parent, started a new business, and feel fantastic. I am grounded, focused, and fulfilled. I...

Chris White

Self employed

Burnaby, Canada

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Lifebook Mastery

"I am now motivated and completely and utterly focused on creating the career I want"

I finished Lifebook at the end of 2019 and was ecstatic to have this beautiful 200 page book detailing what I wanted in all areas of my life. I immediately started Lifebook Mastery but then the pandemic hit and I stopped the program about halfway through. I live in New York so it was a to...
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Kerry Fisher

The Yoga Teachers

Huntington Station, United States

Lifebook Mastery

" Things just went super awesome after I jotted down my 12 sacred choices"

The very act of sitting down and writing how I want my life to be, introduced a lot of transformations in my daily life. Things just went super awesome after I jotted down my 12 sacred choices. I'm using my time efficiently now without burning out and feeling good overall. Really looking...
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Nabhan Abdulla

Product Engineer

Kozhikode, India

Lifebook Mastery

I love Lifebook & Lifebook Mastery. Such an amazing way to envision

I did Lifebook in fall of 2019. I enjoyed the process so much & ended up with a 200 page book filled with all my hopes, dreams & visions for making my dream life a reality. At the end of Lifebook, I opted to enroll in Lifebook Mastery & started the process. Then the pandemic came & I...
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Kerry Fisher

Wellness Educator/The Yoga Teachers

Huntington Station, United States

Lifebook Mastery

I feel grateful and happy that I've taken the course

I decided that I shall dedicate daily time on self improvement, just like MindValley founder Vishen Lakhiani. I took Lifebook Mastery because it was the natural progression after finishing Lifebook Online. Once the goals are set, it's time to find ways to execute it and make it happen!...
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Shun-Yun Hu

Founder, Joint Commonwealth Inc.

Taichung City, Taiwan

Lifebook Mastery

"I am building my own life much more consciously now"

Now, 1 year later, it’s still so magical how situations come into my life, valuable, meaningful, rich, authentic situations, in a way I never had before...
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Miguel von Stritzky


Geel, Belgium

Lifebook Mastery

"Hearing the same ideas repeatedly helped cement healthy concepts in my mind"

I completed the mastery program at a slower pace due to taking time to soak in the wisdom from each coaching call recording, not just the first/most recent. Hearing the same ideas repeatedly helped cement healthy concepts in my mind. While my assessment score dipped slightly, it is still...
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Arunachal Sen

Teacher, VIPKID

Wuhu, China

Lifebook Mastery

"I find myself making decisions based on goals I have set"

I found myself talking to my 22-year-old son and describing the clarity needed to go throughout life, just as I was taught not only by Lifebook, but Mastery as well...
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Richard Warren

Intermodal Manager / Customer Service

Liberty, United States

Lifebook Mastery

"Having gone through LB and Mastery 2020 has been an amazing year for me personally despite my finances being affected a lot by the crisis"

I've made big improvements in my love relationship, we hardly argue at all anymore, after 5 years of quite a turbulent relationship. And I feel so proud because I know this was all a result of my own consciousness and actions. It feels...
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Abigail Sanders

Freelance musician and music teacher

Berlin, Germany

Lifebook Mastery

"This quest put me on a healthy path to think, evaluate and take action on all categories of my life"

I walked in without any expectations however 6 months after I completed my Lifebook I got a promotion, including a pay raise, in the middle of a pandemic. How is that possible?
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Gregory Pacificar

Director of Digital Content

Los Angeles, United States

Lifebook Mastery

Lifebook Mastery with Jon and Missy Butcher

Take the next step in your Lifebook journey: after crafting your Ideal Life Vision, turn it into a step-by-step Action Plan with Lifebook Mastery. Align your goals and daily habits with your Life Vision so you can make your dream life a reality with Lifebook founders, Jon & Missy Butcher.
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