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Paul McKenna is the world’s leading hypnotist and best-selling author, renowned for helping people treat the most difficult problems. Described as "a cross between the Dr. Phil and Tony Robbins of Britain", Paul is named by The Times of London as one of the world’s leading and most important modern gurus, alongside Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Paul McKenna is the UK’s most successful non-fiction author, selling 8,000 books a week in 35 countries—a total of 10 million books in the past decade. He has worked his unique brand of personal transformation with Hollywood movie stars, Olympic gold medalists, rock stars, leading business achievers, and royalty. Over the past 20 years, Paul McKenna has helped millions of people successfully quit smoking, lose weight, overcome insomnia, eliminate stress, and increase self-confidence.
Paul McKenna
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Everyday Bliss

"I highly recommend it - to anyone"

I can't praise it enough. The lessons are short and to the point. This is very important, especially because it is designed for people that are dealing with stress. And the trance is a BLISS! I am much calmer. I do not procrastinate. I smile. All the time. I take things easier. I know that...
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Zuzana Meshulam

Petah Tikva, Israel

Everyday Bliss

"The great habits Paul has instilled in me will keep bearing fruit"

Before this programme I was frequently in a tailspin of worry and overload. I’ve suffered with clinical depression for decades and it has been treated pharmaceutically to varying degrees of success. Since doing the course I have certainly been able to put aspects of my discomfort into perspective...
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Steve Thomas

Between jobs

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Everyday Bliss

"This program has been amazing!"

This program has been amazing! It’s helped me deal with all sorts of stress at home from several deaths we have had in our family to home schooling! Thank you Paul for creating this program and Vishen for making it available for all to apply to their days lives .
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Darshan Palray

Dispensing Optician & Contact lens fitter

Grays, United Kingdom

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Everyday Bliss

"It’s a great quest as an addition to any area of life"

It’s a great quest as an addition to any area of life. The Hypnotic Trance is amazing. Just after 2 days, I found myself experiencing an inner calm around a specific experience that I would normally feel triggered about. I realised it right away. That was magical.

Inna Neal

Coach. Mentor. Energy Healer.

Auckland, New Zealand

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Everyday Bliss
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Everyday Bliss

"I am now equipped with many various tools to prevent any stress and strengthen my resilience"

I really want to send thanks to Paul for creating this excellent program. I enjoyed it so much! I love all lessons, but some insights have been especially valuable for me and especially the one that helped me realizing that I am guilty of busyholism. The program also taught me that I am resp...
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Kateryna Kolkova

Research administrator and life coach

Taastrup, Denmark

Everyday Bliss

"I would recommend this Quest to anyone who struggles with managing stress"

This program is a simple and easy way to lower stress without too much work. The Quest features lots of practical tools that are helpful in day to day life. Paul has a fun personality and this makes the lessons enjoyable. The biggest change I've noticed is I'm in a more relaxed state by d...
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Trent Thomason


Phuket, Thailand

Paul McKenna

"The hypnotherapist of choice for celebrities"

The hypnotherapist of choice for celebrities including Robbie Williams, George Michael, Ellen DeGeneres and David Walliams, whom he helped prepare for his 22–mile swim across the English Channel in 2006.
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Home of the Daily and Sunday Express

United Kingdom

Paul McKenna

"He is also a celebrity favourite"

He [Paul McKenna] is also a celebrity favourite, having helped David Walliams to swim the channel, Sophie Dahl to lose weight and Ellen Degeneres to stop smoking. There are many more examples, and they come up often.
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The Independent

United Kingdom

Everyday Bliss

"Don't miss the opportunity to add more quality to your life with this great quest"

One of the easiest to follow on the Mindvalley platform, and for me, it is with the most visible, tangible results that are experienced daily - less stress and more calm, relaxed body and positive mind mean better health, easier and happier communication, a true bliss, every day!
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Iskra Petrova

founder, Clarity and Confidence Academy

Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Everyday Bliss

"I looked forward to fitting it into my schedule each and every day"

The Everyday Bliss Quest with Paul McKenna is exactly what I hoped it would be, a powerful tool to relieve my stress and anxiety. Paul provides easy to implement stress busting tools that immediately started helping me relieve years of built up stress, and by helping prevent it from buildin...
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Chris Mealing

Paramedic and firefighter

Moose Jaw, Canada

Everyday Bliss

"This Everyday Bliss quest has brought me many new insights"

Brilliant short, informative lessons filled with easy effective techniques have made my life more blissful! We all go through stressful moments in our lives. This quest gives us underlying feeling of calm as well as teaches us easy, quick and effective techniques that we can use in differen...
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Diana Venskyte Landborg

Teacher, social anthropologist and economist

Enskede, Sweden

Everyday Bliss

"I am amazed by how calm and happy I was during my pms for the very first time"

The audio track that comes with this quest was a huge help and I was listening to it often when I found myself getting frustrated or stressed. It's the most relaxing audio I've ever listened to and it also inspired me to get back to my daily meditation routine. Now I don't skip any day.
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Wioleta Wydrych

Success Coach for Coaches, Life Coach for children with challenging behaviours

Manchester, United Kingdom

Everyday Bliss

"I think this Quest is for Everyone!"

Paul McKenna’s deceptively simple tools and skills have been absolutely remarkable in keeping me wonderfully calm and free from overwhelm. Furthermore, some of exercises have helped me to release old, stuck stress patterns and reset my body’s ability to relax in minutes. Paul’s voice is sublime..
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Coach, Mentor & Mom

Johannesburg, South Africa

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