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Everyday Bliss

"Thank you Paul and Mindvalley for this priceless resource"

Whenever I feel stressed or need to raise up my motivation for anything I just pick my favorites techniques I learnt during the Quest and I am back to be the happiest person in seconds...
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Maria Bezaida Diaz Vasquez

Conferences Services Manager

Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic

Everyday Bliss

"Changed in one hour!"

Thank you, Paul McKenna, for this amazing hour together with everyone!An amazing transformation, amazing energy! So many techniques that will change your level of happiness from 2 or 3 scorings to 10 in minutes!Wonderful experience! Thank you Mindvalley and Paul McKenna! Love Everyday Bli...
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Sara Jones


Everyday Bliss

"I highly recommend it - to anyone"

I can't praise it enough. The lessons are short and to the point. This is very important, especially because it is designed for people that are dealing with stress. And the trance is a BLISS! I am much calmer. I do not procrastinate. I smile. All the time. I take things easier. I know that...
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Zuzana Meshulam

Petah Tikva, Israel

Featured Everyday Bliss Story
Everyday Bliss

"It’s a great quest as an addition to any area of life"

It’s a great quest as an addition to any area of life. The Hypnotic Trance is amazing. Just after 2 days, I found myself experiencing an inner calm around a specific experience that I would normally feel triggered about. I realised it right away. That was magical.

Inna Neal

Coach. Mentor. Energy Healer.

Auckland, New Zealand

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Everyday Bliss

"I feel so good - clear-minded, focused and empowered"

Oh my God, mind-blowing! I feel so good - clear-minded, focused and empowered.Thank you, Paul, for sharing your amazing insights with us. I love your energy and your passion too!
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Lyndsay Wright

Everyday Bliss

"The great habits Paul has instilled in me will keep bearing fruit"

Before this programme I was frequently in a tailspin of worry and overload. I’ve suffered with clinical depression for decades and it has been treated pharmaceutically to varying degrees of success. Since doing the course I have certainly been able to put aspects of my discomfort into perspective...
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Steve Thomas

Between jobs

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Everyday Bliss

"This program has been amazing!"

This program has been amazing! It’s helped me deal with all sorts of stress at home from several deaths we have had in our family to home schooling! Thank you Paul for creating this program and Vishen for making it available for all to apply to their days lives .
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Darshan Palray

Dispensing Optician & Contact lens fitter

Grays, United Kingdom

Everyday Bliss

"It is the best thing I have done in a long time"

I haven’t had a holiday in 5 years & this feels like I have given myself a holiday from the negative ways & responses I have developed & lived with for a long time- the live zoom calls every Sunday were amazing & Paul answered some of my questions on the live call which was so helpful.
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Julie Robinson

Banking customer advisor

Bradford, United Kingdom

Everyday Bliss

"I now have the confidence to kickstart my online business of transforming other peoples' lives"

Everyday Bliss has been the CPD I needed to get me back on track. It has been wonderful to reconnect with the techniques I already knew & new ones, such as the Havening Technique & TFT that are new to me. It has also given me the patience to manage our relationship...
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Carol Passemard

Owner of Breakthrough Retreat Connemara

Clifden, County Galway, Ireland

Everyday Bliss

"I will continue to use these techniques personally and professionally"

Day one's exercise was the most profound for me, as it reconnected me to a very special time in my life, at age 1-2 years old and I was able to reclaim a part of me, which I had dissociated from, due to trauma. I cried and cried with relief! Also the 'worry buster' questions, allowed me to narrow...
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Phillippa Corney

Clear Qi Acupuncture

Christchurch, New Zealand

Everyday Bliss

"My relationship with colleagues and the way I handle stress at work have improved"

I was too over thinking and stress with job and family matters before I joined the Every Day Bliss Quest. But then,I was surprise how I have changed myself from negative to positive. My relationship with colleagues and and the way I handle stress at work have improved and it's getting better...
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Mursyida Idris


Penang, Malaysia

Everyday Bliss

"I am now equipped with many various tools to prevent any stress and strengthen my resilience"

I really want to send thanks to Paul for creating this excellent program. I enjoyed it so much! I love all lessons, but some insights have been especially valuable for me and especially the one that helped me realizing that I am guilty of busyholism. The program also taught me that I am resp...
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Kateryna Kolkova

Research administrator and life coach

Taastrup, Denmark

Everyday Bliss

"I knew I had to sign up"

Seven years ago I suffered severe burnout, debilitating anxiety and depression. After lots of looking within and working on my self it's clear to me "now" that stress was the fundamental course of my burn out. Life needed me to pay attention and it came in the form of a series of tough love lessons.
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Dean Mitchell

Professional Commercial Photographer and Videographer

Bridgnorth, United Kingdom

Everyday Bliss

Everyday Bliss with Paul McKenna

Everyday Bliss is a 21-day journey towards lifelong freedom from stress. In just 15 minutes or less a day, you’ll experience Paul McKenna’s signature tools and techniques for reprogramming how your mind and body respond to stress.
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