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"I lost 23 Kgs (50.7 LBS) in 4 months"

I lost 23 Kgs (50.7 LBS) in 4 months so I went from Stage 2 obese into the overweight category and now I am almost reaching a normal weight category. It’s like a lifestyle change, not some fixed rules.To anyone thinking of doing WildFit I would say: if there s any area of your life y...
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Gareth Davies


"Eric Edmeades, you've given me the greatest gift I could have ever imagined"

Vishen Lakhiani asked me to share my Wildfit transformation. Here it is. Eric Edmeades, you've given me the greatest gift I could have ever imagined: my health. I cannot thank you enough. Who else is also on WildFit?
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Virginia Salas Kastilio

Serial Entrepreneur, Inc. named 1 of 26 Women to Change the World

United States


"You have changed my thinking, my body and my life"

Before I started this programme, I was overweight (and had been for 20 years), had been diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic, I was on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and acid reflux, and the Covid lockdown added to the misery that I was already feeling. Then I found Eric and WildF...
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Babs Burchell

Local Government Principal Officer

Conwy, United Kingdom

Featured WILDFIT Story

"What I weigh today I haven't weighed in the past 2.5 years and I've never felt healthier"

I had recently turned 18 when I started this program and was really unhappy with how I looked and my fitness. However, that has completely changed after completing this program and i feel so happy and confident now. Every time I see myself in the mirror my confidence increases. What I we...

Yashasvi Khemani

Intern Suraj Logistix Pvt. Ltd.

Jamshedpur, India

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"I'm so happy that I embarked on this journey"

WildFit exceeded my expectations! With all the nutrition intake and rest from unhealthy "foods" my body not only got healthier and went through a healing-process, I also gained clarity in mind, better mood and lost about 10 kg. With the help of shwetas guided meditation the whole program...
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Saltsjoe-Boo, Sweden


"I am so very happy to report that after the WILDFIT 90 day challenge I am off of ALL prescriptions"

In the short 13 week challenge, I am no longer on ANY prescribed medications. I still have some weight I would like to release; I expect my numbers to continue to improve. My deepest gratitude to Eric Edmeades for...
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Cynthia Cammarata


New Bedford, United States


"3 months later, I have successfully "shed" 28lbs & feel transformed into a happier & healthier version of myself"

My energy is stable & constant. The aches & pains I thought I might have to live with, are minimal or gone. I don't feel lethargic in the morning, nor do I need an afternoon coffee to keep going. It is amazing to release weight...
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Jewel Graham-Rudow

Ocean, forest & food lover!

Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada


"I have lost 9 kgs and now back to my wedding weight"

the team have helped me get my head back on track and to structure my nutrition in a way that makes so much sense, it feels good and I love the compliments I get. It is a WIN WIN for me...
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Lynne Hutton


Sydney, Australia


"I am so glad I took this challenge, I got my life back and so much more"

I can fit more of my clothes, a little snug but I can manage. I thought it was over for me, I had failed myself! Taking care of everything and everyone except myself. I needed to do something for me...
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Marshe Hamilton

Insurance Agent

Richton Park, United States


"Today I am happy to say that I finally found a way of life that totally resonates with my beliefs and could put me in the path of food freedom and health"

I and my wife, who is an MD also, never thought that we could learn so much about the nutrition field at this point of our professional lives. By the way, I released about 10 kgs, made peace with the scale and am thinking about the next progressive steps on the way of...
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Wladmir Bromberg/Heloisa Maestrini

Medical doctors, I and my wife

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


"I have the same shape I did while in my 30s. Wow!"

This journey has set me free! I have lost 21 lbs, have substantially improved my issues with arthritis, my sinus issues are gone, have no more 4pm energy lows, sleep better, have the energy I had when I was in my 30s (I’m now 54), have learned which hungers controlled me...
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Voula Demopoulos

Real Estate Sales

Montreal, Canada


"My sugar level is now normal and I am off medication"

During the 13 week period, I released 17 inches and 9 1/2 kg. I plan to release 15-20 kgs more , over 3-4 months period to move to Wildfit category 1...
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Sanjay Agarwal

Business Consultant, Trainer

Chennai, India


"It is indeed possible to have a “new lease on life” at 80 and 84"

My husband is 80, I am 84, we have done the WildFit journey together which has been totally wonderful for us. We have supported and encouraged one another from Day 1 to Day 90, today. And onward...
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Rosi Lovdal

Entrepreneur, Business Woman, worked with women's business organizations in different countries

Oslo, Norway


WILDFIT with Eric Edmeades

International author and speaker, Eric Edmeades suffered health issues throughout most of his teens and early 20's. After years of study and research, he founded Wilfit — an easy, structured and step-by-step system which anyone can use to attain basic physical fitness that will lead to a long, healthy and enjoyable life. Transform your body in just 90 days (no diets or exercise required).
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