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"Halfway through I saw such a difference that nothing could stop me"

And now after 90 days I have lost 26 pounds, 9 to go to be at my college weight of 185. I am so grateful for this amazing program. It's a good feeling to feel proud of myself again...
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John Mabry

Photo Studio Manager

New York City, United States


"After 90 days of Wildfit I am whole, authentic and vibrant again"

This program is life changing for me. I have done so many prrsonal health growth classes over the last 20 years (joga teacher class, theta healing, ho’ oponopono, fasting with terapeut terapeutic spine massages, refleksotherapy, full body masssages clases, energy healing classes) but my h...
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Katie Zgonc

Event manager

Reston, United States


"The WildFit Challenge was everything it promised it would be"

I have released 14 pounds and 17 inches. He has released 16 pounds. The support I received from videos, live coaching calls, accountability buddy, and Facebook group support from coaches as well as other tribe members was invaluable!...
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Shami Kaur

Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Somerset, United States

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"What I weigh today I haven't weighed in the past 2.5 years and I've never felt healthier"

I had recently turned 18 when I started this program and was really unhappy with how I looked and my fitness. However, that has completely changed after completing this program and i feel so happy and confident now. Every time I see myself in the mirror my confidence increases. What I we...

Yashasvi Khemani

Intern Suraj Logistix Pvt. Ltd.

Jamshedpur, India

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"I want as many people as possible to know about this quest and implement living WILDFIT"

Thanks to the WILDFIT program my allergies are all gone, my skin looks awesome, my muscles work on fat-burning only when I want them to and overall I've learned so much about really eating healthy that I'm now becoming...
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Hans Faes

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Lommel, Belgium


"I feel I was given the information I needed so all my parts could align to live my most authentic life"

During my WildFit journey, I was able to release 9 lbs (4kg) and over 9” (23.5 cm), but most importantly I have seen a vast improvement in my mental health. I’m no longer riding the roller coaster of significant highs and lows. I celebrated my 48th Birthday...
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Brandi Payne

Director of International Development for Eco Mama’s Global Community Garden (non-profit)

Vancouver, Canada


"The program has transformed my relationship with food and has been the absolute best investment I have ever made!"

This program has completely transformed my life! I’m forever grateful for this incredible tribe, absolutely fantastic program, and amazing coaches! I feel energized, confident, happy, and supported. I have lost 15 pounds so far and my husband has lost 41...
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Heather Wiser Soubra

Leadership & Well-Being Coach

McLean, United States


"After the Wildfit Quest, I have lost 27 pounds easily!"

Before I took the Wildfit Program I couldn’t loose even 5 pounds. After the Wildfit Quest, I have lost 27 pounds easily!
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David Sanders

Nurse Anesthetist

Tucker, United States


"I’ve lost 29 pounds and now have zero arthritic pain, zero heartburn/coughing, no brain fog"

I can tell, and confident I can and will make healthy food choices long after this Quest is over. My skin seems clearer and my senses of taste and smell are enhanced. I’m still 66 but I feel younger...
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Jim Rylander


Scottsdale, United States


"I can finally go for a walk with my son and that means the world to me"

Before Wildfit I was struggling with recuperating from giving birth to my son (9 months earlier) and had lots of physical challenges due to Corona. Since the programme I feel so much better with more energy and already a loss of 5 kilo's. 🥳 I can finally go for a walk with my son and tha...
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Cathy Spaas

HSP (high sensitive person) artist coach

Bocholt, Belgium


"The success I have achieved on this program was 30 lbs of weight release and 24 inches reduced around my body!"

y! Painful achy hips that would wake me up in the morning was gone within the first 2 weeks (or less?), dry skin patches on my hands and feet cleared up, also early on in the program – I attest that to getting...
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Norah Seed

Theatre Sound Technician



"The program taught me to watch my emotions and food industry messaging"

I followed as closely as I could and lost more than 11 lbs. I feel so much better with nearly no gastric reflux and have clarity in my mind and focus and energy each day and sleep well...
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Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, NY Proton Center

NEW ROCHELLE, United States


"During this challenge, I learned why most of my previous “diets” didn’t work"

Besides of helping me with my kids education, this challenge help me to lead them by example. They saw my whole process and PROGRESS. I release pounds and inches, but the best of it, was my energy levels went up to the sky...
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Maria Paola Sosa


Guatemala, Guatemala


WILDFIT with Eric Edmeades

International author and speaker, Eric Edmeades suffered health issues throughout most of his teens and early 20's. After years of study and research, he founded Wilfit — an easy, structured and step-by-step system which anyone can use to attain basic physical fitness that will lead to a long, healthy and enjoyable life. Transform your body in just 90 days (no diets or exercise required).
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