"WildFit gave me a tribe of people who accepted me"

"WildFit gave me a tribe of people who accepted me"

I began my Wildfit journey when I signed up for 10X and then asked myself, 'do I have the energy to do 10X'? I was worried the answer was NO. 
I refused to fail at 10X so I decided to set myself up for success by taking WildFit first. 

Being someone who has been thin all my life, friends were often angered if I tried to contribute to conversations about losing weight, diets and being healthy. Others looked at me and said, 'you don't know what it's like. You don't need to lose weight.' I couldn't get any support in wanting to eat better and live healthily. 

WildFit gave me a tribe of people who accepted me. The tribe accepts everyone, no matter their size or situation, for who they are, with unconditional love and support. 
When I was successful in the program and when I was challenged, this tribe of people located all around the world was walking beside me. 

My successes are massive and many: energy, sleep, the ability to wake up and have a morning routine that I love, enjoying cooking for the first time ever, eating new foods, losing 10 lbs and 18 inches (see I did have weight to lose!), calmness, joy, beauty, confidence and releasing of physical pain. I am so grateful for this program, the tribe that is ABSOLUTLEY the reason that I made it through, and myself for showing up every day! Vibrant, healthy, longevity is my goal, and living WildFit is giving me the lifestyle to achieve it. 

My journey has just begun. And watch out 10X...I'm ready for you!

Jenn Becker

Quality Improvement Specialist

Saskatoon, Canada

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