"I have the same shape I did while in my 30s. Wow!"

"I have the same shape I did while in my 30s. Wow!"

Hello to My Tribe, Eric and my Wonderful Coach Tai. 

When I began this program, I never imagined it would be such an eye-opening and healing experience. When asked what were our goals, mine were to increase my energy and vitality, to lose 15 lbs and to make healthier eating choices. I never thought I would have far surpassed these goals. For me, this was not only about digging deep into the improvement of my physical well-being, but more importantly, an emotional and psychological one I never expected to take. 

This journey has set me free! I have lost 21 lbs, have substantially improved my issues with arthritis, my sinus issues are gone, have no more 4pm energy lows, sleep better, have the energy I had when I was in my 30s (I’m now 54), have learned which hungers controlled me: thirst, nutritional and emotional and have taught me that although I thought I was eating well, I now have learned and acquired more tools and awareness about food, food manufacturers and how badly I was really eating but more particularly, the difference I needed to make in my eating habits in order to be healthier. 
Besides the weight loss, I have lost significant inches around my waist, arms and legs and clothes I didn’t fit into 5 or 10 years ago now fit! 

When I began Wildfit, I was in the midst of many-body changes due to menopause and yet now, I have the same shape I did while in my 30s. Wow! Never, would have I ever thought this was possible! 

More importantly, and something I will be forever grateful for to Eric, Tai and all the other coaches of whom I diligently listened to the calls and Q&As, is that I have been on anti-depressants since 2005 and have struggled since 2007 to get myself off of these meds that made me feel numb and did not allow me to be ‘’me’’. I attempted to quit the anti-depressants about 10 times throughout the years (some times on my own and other moments with doctors’ advice) and in all of those times, I would end up not being able to get out of bed, extreme weakness in my legs, my body shaking like a leaf all the time and needing to get back on them just so I can function daily. It was a feeling of helplessness to know that I had to depend on medication in order to function and left me disillusioned and defeated. 
In about Week 8 of the program, because I was so well-nourished, I felt strong enough to slowly wean myself off of the medication. With the help of Wildfit and a doctor’s advice (of whom Tai recommended his book, Dr. Daniel Amen), I have now completely stopped taking the anti-depressants and have done a 180 in my life.
 I cannot describe in words the wonder, the freedom, the internal power this has brought to me. 
As I mentioned to Tai in one of our last coaching calls ‘’I have found myself again, that girl who felt that anything is possible has come back. Being able to ‘feel my feelings’ and not have to ‘hide’ for fear of pain and knowing I can trust myself and my body. I haven’t had this feeling since my mid-30s’’ and ‘’Yes! This girl is back again!’’

I know that this program has changed my life forever and that from now on, I have changed my whole mindset around my relationship with food and how much more I respect and honor my body and plan to continue to nourish it in the best way possible. I have seen my loved ones express curiosity and happiness in seeing my energy and vitality increase and the changes in my body. It has improved the relationships in all aspects of my life: personal & work. My loved ones are now learning from me when I choose (or not) to eat something. 

I thank Eric, Tai and all the coaches for this amazing journey. To my Tribe, I want to say thank you for your ongoing support and stories. I learned from all of your ‘wins’ and ‘struggles’ and want you to know that ‘The Hero is in all of us’ and that if we continue to care enough about ourselves, any type of healing is possible! I will continue to live the Wildfit way so that I can be around for a long time to come….

Voula Demopoulos

Real Estate Sales

Montreal, Canada

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