"I have lost 9 kgs and now back to my wedding weight"

I am so grateful to be sharing my story with everyone.
13 weeks ago Eric popped into my computer, exactly when I needed some help and he delivered BIG TIME. 

I have lost 9 kgs and now back to my wedding weight, but more than that the team have helped me get my head back on track and to structure my nutrition in a way that makes so much sense, it feels good and I love the compliments I get. It is a WIN WIN for me. 

For the past 2 years I have been trying to lose weight to combat the menopause weight gain, so the photos I share with you today are of a very happy me and a screen shot of a weight loss chart that shows - the weight loss attempts from August 2018 and then you will see the sheer drop that is when I started Wild Fit in Sept 2020, the photo ended but my progress did not. 14th September. 2020 I started Wildfit and the results started for me from Day 1, the simple, step by step help and incredible community and learning is what makes this a programme that is simply put - OUTSTANDING. Thank you.

Lynne Hutton


Sydney, Australia

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Yes, that is right... it was sugar/ diabetes-related and not the consequence of the chemotherapy, as I thought. I have never been so grateful for a program as I am with WildFit. I have learned an incredible amount, and I am a life long learner of nutrition and well-being...
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Beverly Tadeu


Bethesda, United States


“I am enjoying having an empty stomach and I'm not hungry”

 In a nutshell: I have released 18 lbs and have not been below 230 lbs for 15 years. Suits fit way better and people are saying things like "you are a shadow of your former self" etc. Mental clarity increased, better sleep and able to meditate a lot better. I am enjoying having an empty stom...
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Robert Martin

United States


"I lost about 18 lbs, my husband dropped 28"

But what was wonderful to see was my husband's energy. He was literally shuffling around like an old man. Now he is bright and focused and hurrah! His libido has returned without the drugs.
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Michele Hall

Communications Director, Tommy Transit Productions

Vancouver, Canada

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