"After 3 months I’m down to 88kg, feel stronger & more energetic than ever"

"After 3 months I’m down to 88kg, feel stronger & more energetic than ever"

Before this program I did not realize how fat I was until I had to climb over a 6-foot fence to get back into my property (Gate motor failed). 

At 1.68m and 105kg I was obese and thus struggled like an old zoo gorilla to hoist myself over this minor obstacle. 

Then late one night, I signed up for Wildfit after watching the masterclass with Vishen... 

Result: After 3 months I’m down to 88kg, feel stronger & more energetic than ever, no more aches and pains when waking up and best (worst) of all is that I have no desire to go back to my old lifestyle. 

My relationship with food, my body and my natural health has been redefined. 

My deepest gratitude goes out to Eric Edmeades (And Vishen / Mindvalley) for saving my life with this program. 
Love & Light, 

Peter Goosen

Crash Test Dummy

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Georgia, United States


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Erika Imai

Business Development Manager at Schlumberger

Mexico City, Mexico

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