"I have had my eyes opened regarding nutrition and brain function"

My mother signed up for WildFit through Mindvalley in January 2021 after seeing a Facebook advertisement. I joined her, mostly to make sure this wasn't a scam. 

Before the WildFit journey, Ann Marie felt like her diet was dependent upon other people. She was overwhelmed with where to start in the kitchen. Learning to make one meal gave her confidence. Making two meals gave her more. Soon enough, she was going to the grocery store with her shopping list and her weekly menu planned out. 
She has gained so much confidence, I am proud of her not because of the weight she has lost but because she has learned to learn. She is such a role model. 

For me, the skeptic, I knew a few things in the kitchen before WildFit, and I had made a decision about a year previous to refrain from sugar, but my sleep had been very bad, even when I got a full 8 hours. 
There were also certain foods or drinks (coffee) I just HAD to have, day or night. 
Now, thanks to the WildFit program, and to Mindvalley's making this program into a game, I have had my eyes opened regarding nutrition and brain function. We did this module together, and we both got a lot out of it even though our results were different. 

Ann Marie is powerful when she goes to the kitchen now, as she understands which foods work together for optimal health. 

For me, I am not dependent upon particular foods or drinks anymore, and... I. sleep. through. the. night (ZZZzzzZZZzzzz). 

Our lives are changed, and everything that we have learned will be available to us after the end of the 90 days. 
Every day, we shared brief videos with the tribe on where we were in the journey. 

The video link below is a capsule of those clips so that I can always look back on doing this needed nutritional project with my awesome mom. Note how much energy we each had, even after just a few weeks of WildFit. 

I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready for a change from the standard American diet.

Ann  Marie O

person at life

Dallas, United States

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