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The Integral Life

"This quest allowed an incredible transformation in my own consciousness!"

I can now use the Integral Theory knowledge to include different views in my own, resulting in an ultimate understanding of reality and embracing an all-inclusive reality. My understanding...
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Ivan Garcia

Civil Engineer | Educator

Lisbon, Portugal

The Integral Life

"I am hoping for help and guidance and support on integrating the realities of 3D life into a connected life of intentional living"

I have been pursuing a spiritual path for the last 14 years or so, while navigating the distractions of the 3D including jobs that required almost full time travel, sometimes up to four countries per week. I’ve let myself slip at various times into a party mode, or rather a pursuit of pl...
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Jack Geier

CEO, the CJI Group

Irvington, United States

The Integral Life

"Finally, when I met INTEGRAL THEORY I rested in amazement and gratitude expressing"

Being a psychologist and psychotherapist and before knowing Ken Wilber and his INTEGRAL THEORY I had investigated, practiced and searched everywhere (during 20 years) for a comprehensive and all encompassing methodology to get it ALL TOGETHER. Finally when I met INTEGRAL THEORY I rest...
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Raquel Torrent

INNER POSITIONING - The Art of Inhabiting yourself

Orihuela Costa, Spain

The Integral Life

"The lessons in this quest are super deep and advanced"

e. I also learned how to deal and manage my own Shadows or what Ken calls "Shadow Material". That deep, hidden, and dark side of myself that I'm unable to acknowledge as being part of my Whole & Highest Self. Once I'm able to accept and acknowledge and integrate this dark side of myself...
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Jan Mckingley Hilado

Author, Entrepreneur, Wellbeing Coach

Cebu City, Philippines

The Integral Life

"I am sure this class will give me some wonderful new insights"

I am a retired Laboratory Technologist. I live in a small coastal town on the Oregon Coast. We are in PST, time zone. I enjoy being out in nature in any number of ways. I have enjoyed many outdoor sports over the years. I enjoy playing golf very much. I love hiking with friends through...
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Julie Bongers


Yachats, Oregon, United States

The Integral Life

"I was able to dig in and start absorbing this vast wealth of knowledge"

When I decided to dive into this Quest, I beleived I was very open and acceptant of diversity, and I really liked philosophy. I started this program and immediatly felt the content was beyond my understanding and knowedge. After the first several lessons that laid a foundation, I was able...
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Pamela Katleba-Jenkins

True Happiness Coach

Colusa, United States

The Integral Life

"This quest was way above my knowledge, my understanding"

This quest was way above my knowledge, my understanding!! I loved the challenge, all the learnings and healing. When you embrace new learnings with passion, there is only one inevitable result: growth. Very grateful to Mindvalley for bringing the best of the world in every quest!!
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Silvia Estevez


Salt Lake City, United States

The Integral Life

"A quest that I expect most of us can revisit time and time again"

I was lacking a framework to communicate with others in. Others who I might find dismissive and narrow-minded. So, the greatest gift I found in this quest was getting that much longed for the framework, with such depth and perspective! It is clear that this is presenting Ken's life work...
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Dr Vegard Engen, PhD

Manager, Teacher, Researcher and Holistic Therapist

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

The Integral Life

"I have certainly become more mindful of a lot of areas of my life"

I enjoyed the shadow work and I have certainly become more mindful of a lot of areas of my life. What I absolutely fell in love with is the notion that when we make room for everything, then everything gets better...
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Despoina Charavgi

English teacher, Mom


The Integral Life

“My karmic connection to you has opened my heart”

Grace and Grit is your testimony to the path of love that you have walked. My karmic connection to you has opened my heart beyond what I know is possible. [...] Your reputation is always about the mind, and the brain but your work touches people deeply and relives them of burdens they are carryin...
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Diane Mucho Hamilton

United States

The Integral Life

“Your ideas have transformed my life”

You’ve had an amazing impact on my own life. You’ve also had an impact on so many. Your ideas have transformed my life and therefore I can say it has transformed Whole Foods markets. It’s had a huge impact on the way I think about our business, our culture and the way I lead. You truly are ...
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John Mackey

CEO of Whole Foods Market

United States

The Integral Life

The Integral Life with Ken Wilber

This Quest is an adventure in your own discovery and ways to find and empower the best, brightest, and the most fun elements in your world. Ken Wilber provides you with the Integral framework to identify what you’re missing, what you’re overtraining and how all your practices fit together to create an integral life practice
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