"This quest allowed an incredible transformation in my own consciousness!"
The Integral Life

"This quest allowed an incredible transformation in my own consciousness!"

This was the most transformative Quest I've taken so far! ✨ 

Before this quest it was not always easy to truly understand and accept other points of view, such as different cultural behaviours, religion, politics, and even within relationships. This quest allowed an incredible transformation in my own consciousness! I can now use the Integral Theory knowledge to include different views in my own, resulting in an ultimate understanding of reality and embracing an all-inclusive reality.

My understanding of different human consciousness levels is higher than never and I already see major improvements in my life. Although sometimes it feels like having so much new information to absorb, the desire to become aware and feel an Ultimate Reality is baffling.

My sincere gratitude to Ken Wilber, the Integral Theory team and Mindvalley for making this breathtaking journey possible! 🙏

Ivan Garcia

Civil Engineer | Educator

Lisbon, Portugal

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The Integral Life

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Raquel Torrent

INNER POSITIONING - The Art of Inhabiting yourself

Orihuela Costa, Spain

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