"A quest that I expect most of us can revisit time and time again"
The Integral Life

"A quest that I expect most of us can revisit time and time again"

Growing up, I felt torn between science and technology, and spirituality, philosophy, mysticism, etc. It was clear most people and society preferred me to go down the path of science and technology, which I did professionally. However, in my personal life, I was drawn in a different direction. 
While I consolidated the different areas, values and beliefs for myself as I continued to grow and develop, I was lacking a framework to communicate with others in. Others who I might find dismissive and narrow-minded. So, the greatest gift I found in this quest was getting that much longed for the framework, with such depth and perspective! 
It is clear that this is presenting Ken's life work. He is very articulate and provides a quest that I expect most of us can revisit time and time again, to gain greater insights as we continue to evolve and grow our consciousness.

Dr Vegard Engen, PhD

Manager, Teacher, Researcher and Holistic Therapist

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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The Integral Life

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The Integral Life

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The Integral Life

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