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Life Visioning Mastery

"The course was life changing"

I am combining Life Visioning, with Mindfulness & art based therapy to help people, as I am also an artist. I am a former hostage and crisis negotiator police officer. I am having an incredible life. I have also signed up to the Mindvalley coaching course to help with delivery of the wellbeing...
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Tracey Telford

Company Director / Owner

Chester, United Kingdom

Life Visioning Mastery

"Now I know that I am here to spread love and share my light"

Before this program I did not understand what my purpose in life was. Since going through the 35 days I have learned how to meditate and am beginning to listen. Now I know that I am here to spread love and share my light. I feel there is more, which means more meditation and working to stab...
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Peggy Billingsley

Administrative Assistant

Calgary, Canada

Life Visioning Mastery

"I’ve reached some clarity in my life after years of some confusion"

I realized I needed to be bolder with my life and take some risks to fulfill my purpose. So, I decided to return and move to my hometown of Austin. I plan to build my dream home here and reunite with friends. Coincidentally, some of my life long friends are also moving here ( moving back)...
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Sr. Mgr, Quality Improvement @ HCSC

Chicago, United States

Featured Life Visioning Mastery Story
Life Visioning Mastery

"I’ve learned to improve my everyday life"

Now I have this incredible confidence about myself, knowing that I can create any outcome I desire. Now I have peace and ease in my life and I love knowing it’s all up to me, I am powerful creator. Thank you Mindvalley for offering variety of Life changing programs.

Terje Kulu

Self- employed, Gym owner, manager, coach

Boca Raton, United States

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Life Visioning Mastery

"I can look back in my life and see how everything has led to this moment!!"

I have started looking for something I can do that I’m passionate about and within days was led to Marissa RTT and Hypnotherapy course... I start this course this week and I’m so excited, everything feels right, I can look back in my life and see how everything has led to this moment!!
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Janet Taylor

Supervisor at Royal Mail

Felixstowe, United Kingdom

Life Visioning Mastery

"Money has come in unexpectedly from different areas"

With help from this programme, I started asking the universe to give me the time to focus exclusively on my pivot. And the universe has listened. I was furloughed, initially for three weeks, now two months down the road with no end to furlough in sight, I have finished my course and am in...
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Christina Melville

Manager, International Real Estate

Orpington, United Kingdom

Life Visioning Mastery

"What I got was far more than expected"

What I got was far more than expected, as the course gives you a wide selection of spiritual practices that help you do two things: first, dig deep into your own personality and find the root source of your un happiness; second, to embrace such an abundant set of practices that you...
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Pablo Rossell

Senior Executive

La Paz, Bolivia

Life Visioning Mastery

"Of the many things that I learned, one thing that jumped out at me was not to attach myself to an outcome"

Before this program, if an individual that I considered a friend or a family member repeatedly offended me, over time I became frustrated and would conclude that I needed to distance myself. Of the many things that I learned, one thing that jumped out at me was not to attach myself to an...
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Nicole Gholson

Retired NYPD Sergeant

Queens, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

"I love his teachings and the way he teaches"

I am a deeply spiritual person myself and spend a lot of time on this journey. What I appreciate most is the collection of spiritual teachers and the wealth of knowledge at Mindvalley. What all of them share is very valuable to me and to all humans on this journey....
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Julie Paquette


South Portland, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

"This quest is the most powerful gift I could have ever given myself"

I lacked clarity about what my true purpose was and how to use my talents and skills to live a purposeful life for the benefit of myself and as many other people as possible. Having done this powerful quest, I have not only unlocked incredible joy, centredness and clarity for my life...
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Nevashnee Naicker


Johannesburg, South Africa

Life Visioning Mastery

"The Life Visioning Mastery course with Michael Beckwith was absolutely mind-blowing and life-changing"

During the Life Visioning Mastery course, I experienced so many miracles, including the manifestation of a big financial gain, a new career opportunity in Gran Canaria, and the blooming friendship of my estranged parents who haven’t talked since before I was born! The right people have...
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Nicole Brooke Schwartz

Life Coach and Elementary Educator

Barcelona, Spain

Life Visioning Mastery

"I finally released that part of me that had kept me separate"

I would thank Dr. Beckwith and Vishen for giving me my life back. After all the years in the deepest darkest hole of hell I have had a glimpse of heaven. Nothing in this world can repay them for giving me back my place with the all being love of the universe. Just my deepest heartfelt thanks.
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Christine A Cavaliero

Personal Growth Coach

New Milford, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

"The universe provides more and more things for you to be grateful for"

I didn't know that there were laws of the universe that related to me. Sure, I knew about gravity and spinning planets that travel around their suns, and the Big Bang, But there's a universal presence? that BY LAW answers every question that I ask? WOW. And, BYLAW, the universe provides mo...
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Michelle Staples


Oshawa, Canada

Life Visioning Mastery

Life Visioning Mastery with Michael Beckwith

Go on a spiritual journey beyond traditional goal setting & manifestation to help you tap into what the universe has in store for you with world-renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Michael Beckwith.
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