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Life Visioning Mastery

"The insights received during this quest and the practices have been transformational and life-changing"

By the end of this quest I am...and this is exactly what I wrote down: whole, centered, healed, at peace, clear on my life's purpose & direction...
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Victoria Kariuki

Operations Analyst-Safaricom Ltd

Nairobi, Kenya

Life Visioning Mastery

"These programs started a new life for me, Michael has really changed my life"

During this program, I was able to realize what things were holding me back within myself and my believes, and of course, realizing that some of the people in my life and my love for them was making me live a life that they would be happy with and not me...
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Tash Salas

President, Artha Consulting

Tiburon, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

"Michael's program was so useful in helping me take back my imagination, live from a deeper level and more"

It's taken me a while to write this because I wanted to capture how much Michael has changed my life. This was the 1st quest I did and was still quite reluctant about it. I am successful and doing well on all parameters of life. Yet, something was missing. I felt I was not in touch with m...
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Mansi Jain


mumbai, India

Featured Life Visioning Mastery Story
Life Visioning Mastery

"Immediately my whole perspective on life changed"

Before this program I was more lost then I ever have been in my entire life. I had no idea how to handle my emotions because I didn't know what to do with my life. I lost track of who I was and all sense of happiness. I have always wanted to be an actor since I was a kid. Before the pande...

Nick Schultz


Roseville, United States

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Life Visioning Mastery

"Along this course, there were so many aha moments"

Other techniques were entirely new and I am using them diligently. Along this course, there were so many aha moments, as when I finally understood the role of gratitude...
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Marli Guarino

Data Science Consultant

São Paulo, Brazil

Life Visioning Mastery

"The lessons I learned in this class have put me at another level"

During this class, wow, I have been able to grasp so many incredible lessons that redefined my thought processes and taught me the inner workings and lessons I was always meant to learn. The purpose of the dark night of the soul...
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Billy Giannouloudis

Life Coach

Boston, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

"I’m actually working on manifesting my vision"

Before I started this quest I was hesitant about sharing my mission. It felt too big or I felt too small. Now it’s out there and I’m actually working on manifesting my vision.
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Astrid van Egmond

Yoga teacher at Yogalicious

Enschede, Netherlands

Life Visioning Mastery

"I loved the work on forgiveness, it's such a great modality to embrace"

I also learned modalities on how to exit a situation I feel I am bogged down in. I remember after having two dates not going the way I wanted them to be, I meditated and asked empowering questions. I shifted from feeling bad to tap into joy. This is HUGE...
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Dina Ibrahim


Richmond Hill, Canada

Life Visioning Mastery

"Now I can flow easier in life and relationships"

Before the program I was unaware of areas I was still living in blame stories and subconsciously in egoic patterns. Now I can flow easier in life and relationships and life flows so much easier to me both in writing opportunities that have presented themselves and in my holistic business...
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Kate Rawding

Empowerment holistic life coach

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Life Visioning Mastery

"Within two weeks I was feeling like the person I know I am again"

Before this program I was feeling a great deal of anxiety and stress and worry about finances. Even though i knew cognitively this was not necessary as i have so many things in life going for me... an amazing partner, a beautiful home and a vacation home, beautiful healthy children and l...
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Karen Pezderic

Megaliving Insurance

Calgary, Canada

Life Visioning Mastery

"Thanks to this program, I feel more inspired than ever with a excited confidence to move forward"

I now spend more time conversing with God about my cool and fun future, rather than rehashing a boring past. Also thanks to this program, I learned many scientific facts which back up spiritual laws and principles. This took my understanding and realization to a much higher level...
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Ana Cooper


Miramar, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

"Thanks to this program I have learned so much"

Before this program I was distracted and wasn´t inside so much. Thanks to this program I have learn so much. I love when rev. Michael Beckwith is speaking and he is my big inspiration. And now my life is much better. I have more clear vision and I´m starting again after 20 years :D......
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Veronika Petrová

Life and Spiritual Coach, Lecturer

Praha, Czech Republic

Life Visioning Mastery

"Today my eyes opened and I 'intend" to embrace the opportunities that are available to me"

I have done a number of MV quests or maybe I should say I have purchased a number of MV quests. I always found an excuse for why they never worked for me.I am currently at Life Visioning. Dr. Backwith is awesome. My aha moment came during my shower this morning. Simply put: I am afraid to...
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Clemard Coakley

Life Visioning Mastery

Life Visioning Mastery with Michael Beckwith

Go on a spiritual journey beyond traditional goal setting & manifestation to help you tap into what the universe has in store for you with world-renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Michael Beckwith.
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