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"It is definitely the best learning tool I have come across my entire life"

I love Mindvalley. It is definitely the best learning tool I have come across my entire life. Everything I need to upgrade myself in a personal, intelectual, professional, and physical sense is here with the best quality in entertaining and enlightening programs and amazing teachers. This...
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Alma Flores

Marketing Manager

Monterrey, Mexico


"I know I can create my goals and I welcome the magic of my life's journey ahead"

I have been on an intensive personal development challenge to give my healing journey a boost. After losing half my family to ( a death and a divorce ) last year, my remaining children now have their mum back in their lives. Mind valley landed in my lap at a time it was absolutely needed....
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bushregenerator, / gardener

Sydney, Australia


"Personal growth has to be not only good for us as individuals but for the good of all"

The values of MindValley articulate and make explicit what I have been driven by in my own journey. It was great to hear about those three values of unity, transformation and envisioning. I wholeheartedly endorse this approach and it makes me feel more optimistic that we as humans can tu...
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Shelley Ashley


Wellington, New Zealand

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"The biggest gift I can give to anyone is to tell them to look for mentorship by checking out Mindvalley University’s discussion platform"

The biggest gift I can give to anyone, young or old, is to tell them to look for mentorship by checking out Mindvalley University’s discussion platform. In my humble opinion, this is a pre-requisite to becoming a mindful and successful individual, be it in services or business. Some...

Nash Purswani

Entrepreneur, Managing Director at Thai Martin Group


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"In the past week, I have learned more than I thought was possible in a week"

I joined mindvalley in hopes that I would learn ways to better my sales skills. I had no idea how vast and helpful the knowledge base I was that I was about to tap into. In the past week, I have learned more than I thought was possible in a week and I am now on a journey to change the re...
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Albuquerque, United States


"Thank you and i am looking forward to finishing the other programs"

Thanks to this program and other programs from Mind Valley i go more easy through my life, have more perspectives. Thank to you and i am looking forward to finish the other programs.
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Schärli Roby

social worker and departements manager

Luzern, Switzerland


"I took many of the Mindvalley programs"

Before this program. 1973 I was born to a mum and dad who ..doted on me...well dad did...he owned nightclubs and I was the apple of his eye. .he adored Me.. It's the only time ever in my life I was wanted, loved and safe....he died when I was 9 and so did everything normal in my life .....
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Denpasar, Indonesia


"Mindvalley has put a structure together allowing you to have better understandings of what you are doing and what you want to accomplish"

Mindvalley seems to have so much to offer us in learning and growing I can't wait to see what else I learned and thank you for teaching me to put it all together in such a beautiful way...
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Alice Moore

House Cleaner.. I enjoy bringing to clean this to my customers home I have wonderful great caring grateful people that I work for allowing me to make a living. Even though it is not my passion I still enjoy and love what I do.

Zephyrhills, United States


"My life just got better and better"

I have been on a path of self growth for a long time now. It started after a breakup that really shifted my perspective on what I wanted in life. I should also mention this breakup came only a few months after losing my mom to cancer so it was already a very sensitive time for me. I’ve re...
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Owner, Designer/Elsa and Rose

Auburn, United States


"I have met so many amazing people through Mindvalley"

I have met so many amazing people through Mindvalley. I have been part of the tribe for a couple of years now and the people I met at A-fest or Mindvalley University have made a long-lasting impact on me. I made friends there but also made a lot of business connections.
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Founder Golden Era Media

Amsterdam, Netherlands


"Mindvalley is the best website to learn self-development"

Mindvalley is the best website to learn self development. thank you so much.
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Burly Silva

OFW in South Korea

Namyangju, Korea


"My whole life has switched when I came across Vishen and Mindvalley"

Camilla is a hardcore Mindvalley user and former Miss Sweden.After being crowned Miss Sweden back in 2014, Camilla courageously decided to break the mould, drop out of college, and started her own CBD oil business Camilla OrganicsThen somewhere along her entrepreneurial journey, she stumb...
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Camilla Hansson

Entrepreneur, Miss Sweden 2014

London, United Kingdom


"This platform ended my struggle towards personal growth"

I started my journey with joining Mindvalley, and Mindvalley community encouraged me a lot. People from Spain, Madrid, Turkey, US, UK to Russia helped me, guided me, gave me advice and their precious time, treated me like their own family...
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Mohit Soni


Bikaner, India


Mindvalley with Vishen Lakhiani

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