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"My life has drastically changed in just a few months"

In 2019 I had a really rough year at work as a small business owner. I kept working more and more yet the amount of work continued to increase. By the end of the year, I was experiencing burnout. I honestly didn't even realize that I was stressed until the point when my body simply couldn...
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Daniel Cote


Montreal, Canada


"I have acquired so much knowledge and new skills that I'm applying in my life"

I would just like to say that I am truly blessed to have found Mindvalley. It is a truly remarkable academy, with the world's number one teachers. Plus I feel very connected, Vishen is a fantastic human being, and a wonderful teacher. He explains things so clearly that's it's easy to unde...
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Danielle Ellis


Ronkonkoma, United States


"Mindvalley is a most awesome resource for anyone who believes they can continue to grow and evolve"

Mindvalley is a most awesome resource for anyone who believes they can continue to grow and evolve and sometimes revolve, that is, make a turnaround in what they are doing. I have tried meditation and its beginning to work for me...
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Kenneth J Kovach

President, The KENNETH J KOVACH Company

Shaker Heights, United States

Featured Mindvalley Story

Rapper Big Sean mentions his two favourite Mindvalley Teachers

Marie Diamond. She helps me take my meditation to the next step, my visualization, the feng shui of my house. She's an absolute guru. Christie Marie Sheldon—she's amazing as well. I work with both of them in different capacities, but they are the real deal...

Big Sean

Rapper, Singer and Songwriter

Los Angeles, United States

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"What Mindvalley gave me is a feeling of certainty and belonging"

Before Mindvalley it was me creating the new world and I know now that I have the whole family of people who are truly committed to creating the new world where we can live from love, from compassion, from understanding, from co-creating rather than from fear
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Helena Houdova

Czech Supermodel and Humanitarian


"I am extremely grateful to the universe for having given me the opportunity to access this infinite mantle of knowledge "

Mindvalley came into my life a little over a year ago. So resonated within me the message of a prospering spirituality, teachers with current conscience advocating a future of global union and growth, doing for the world ... I am extremely grateful to the universe for having given me the...
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Raquel Aldeano Tarazaga

Marketing manager Hotel San Roque, aromatherapist coach

Madrid, Spain


"Thank you team Mindvalley and all coaches for putting these wonderful courses in one jar"

I'm very Greatful to Almighty that from no where I bought this course at Mindvalley just two days back and in last 48 hours I have realized life has a lot for me restored and I just need to complete all courses here to become a better Me and create a positive Aura around me Thank you team Mi...
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Piyush kumar


Delhi, India


"I realized I could reinvent myself"

Before joining Mindvalley I had been working until COVID hit. Then since March of 2020 I’ve been home. Coping with staying home was challenging and depression set in. I began seeking ways to figure out what’s next for me. I started asking am self at my age what what be helpful to do...
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Carol StarPeer

Peer support / Western Mass Recovery Learning Community

Charlemont, United States


"After joining Mindvalley, I have started enjoying my life"

Haven't read a single book in my whole life. Now enjoying reading. Have bought 6 books in last one month. This whole journey started with knowing about the book T"he Buddhas and The Baddas". Started growing in all aspects of my life.
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Vasanta Lakshmi Devarakonda

Software engineer/Frontend developer

Irving, United States


"Not a day goes by without growing, developing and giving the best of myself"

This is the best learning environment on the internet. I love Mindvalley, the variety of teachers and guides, the insights, the changes I experience, the community and the feeling of never being alone, all together... one big family! One world! My life has change for the better... bi...
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Sabrina Van den Bossche

Business - life change coach

Waarschoot, Belgium


"Before Mindvalley I didn't feel there was a place where I could go to improve myself in a mindful way"

Before Mindvalley I didn't feel there was a place where I could go to improve myself in a mindful wa...
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Amanda Pare Court

Training expert

Riva, United States


"One day Mindvalley is going to be the next Stanford or Harvard"

One day Mindvalley is going to be the next Stanford or Harvard of education since you are teaching people how to take the bite-size information, how to connect the dots that have never been connected...
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Naveen Jain

Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Founder of InfoSpace


"I have been listening to various podcast episodes and Mindvalley live videos on YouTube"

Some of talks by Marissa, Jim Kwik, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Vishen made me realize my mind is holding me back. I used to believe I don't have time to workout, self improvement and meaning work and kids. But making time everyday to listen to an episode and reflect, I actually do have time...
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Senior verification engineer

Milpitas, United States


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