"What Mindvalley gave me is a feeling of certainty and belonging"

Before Mindvalley it was me creating the new world and I know now that I have the whole family of people who are truly committed to creating the new world where we can live from love, from compassion, from understanding, from co-creating rather than from fear

Helena Houdova

Czech Supermodel and Humanitarian

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"Mindvalley online programs are a truly invaluable learning experience for me"

Mindvalley online programs are a truly invaluable learning experience for me as I learned how the brain works and it is fantastic how it opened up a whole new dimension of evolving into an extraordinary human being. By aligning all brain, heart, soul and body, I have never experienced such a...
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Bianca Ioana

World Karate Champion

Brasov, Romania


"This community really helped me to fully fall in love with myself and realise how important it is to be me"

When I first joined ‘’the tribe’’ I didn’t even like the name of it. I would never believe that I can make friends online or that the facebook group would have any effect on my experience of any quest. Until I first joined one of mindvalley’s tribes. Somehow something pushed me to s...
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Wioleta Wydrych

Business and Life Coach

Glossop, United Kingdom


5 Top CEOs On The Power of Focus

Focusing all of your business's resources on a few key products or a select group of customers could help you stand apart from the competition. That's an approach Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of personal development education company Mindvalley, took.Several years ago, Lakhiani compared his company to co...
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United States

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