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The Habit of Ferocity

"I'm starting this program because I want to change"

I'm starting this program because I want to change. I usually don´t complete my tasks, often get tired and give up easily, especially at work. On the other hand, although very dissatisfied with the "status quo" I feel like I don't have enough strength to turn the page and go ahead. Hope t...
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Natalia Cipcic

Insurance company

Luanda, Angola

The Habit of Ferocity

"Now I found course offerings that I’m interested in taking in the evening to help retool"

I’m starting this program. I have difficulty finding the extra gear consistently. I tend to rev out of control or circumstances in my life misalign. I recently moved home from a place I loved since I needed room to refocus and find myself, and landed a great job that would all...
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John Liu


Parsippany, United States

The Habit of Ferocity

"I have taken my life into my own hands and I am thrilled to be doing this program"

I have been a member of Mindvalley for YEARS and when I saw Steven Kotler's interview for this course I NEW I had to do it! I knew it was the perfect fit for my personal education program! I am a full-time student, currently working towards a masters degree in social work but I firmly bel...
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Melanie Fitch

Independent Living Counselor/ Trinity Services

Richton Park, United States

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The Habit of Ferocity

"This has truly been my favourite Quest on the Mindvalley Platform so far"

If you are seriously interested in having better goals and working harder and more efficiently towards them, this is THE BEST COURSE to make that happen. My goals are now bigger, better, stronger and clearer than ever before. I know what I want to achieve and I KNOW that I can achieve...

Aidan O'Sullivan

Entertainer and Speaker

Buckingham, United Kingdom

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The Habit of Ferocity

" I decided to start the course and work on my habits so I can be consistent"

I have never achieve anything in a specific field so far. I'm more of a "Jake of All Trade, Master of None." And many a times, surrounding people judge me for that. I generally am a happy person. Only that, now I feel I can start something to contribute to those around me, but they look d...
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Devin Tee

Asst, HPB

Singapore, Singapore

The Habit of Ferocity

"I hope to find the answers i need in order to create a meaningful life"

Starting the habit of the Ferocity and I hope to find the answers I need in order to create a meaningful life
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Armando Jose Gonzalez Seoanez

Customer Service Specialist

Bogotá, Colombia

The Habit of Ferocity

"The same life feels a lot easier now!"

Before this program I was stressed about my high chalenging life. I then learned how to deal with it, and to turn these fears into passion. The same life feels a lot easier now !
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Nikola Kor

Architect / Magician / Coach for multipotentials

Annecy, France

The Habit of Ferocity

"This course touched something deep within me"

I have just completed Habit of Ferocity course but really just begun the lifetime journey to mold myself into this habit and develop more flow in my life.This course touched something deep within me and also helped create a beautiful step by step path to realizing my full potential. Deep...
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Anand Kane

The Habit of Ferocity

"My reason for enrolling in the Habit of Ferocity is I have a burning desire to reach a higher level of vibration in the use of the skills"

My reason for enrolling in the Habit of Ferocity is I have a burning desire to reach a higher level of vibration in the use of the skills I have worked diligently to improve over the last 15 months.
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Theodora J. Almansberger

Retired. In the process of creating an online business geared toward women 60 and older.

Rochester, United States

The Habit of Ferocity

"I am very grateful to complete my 35 days and begin my lifetime of Ferocity work for the world"

Before the program - I had a very common sense of direction and confidence to be a consultant in my business. I have years of experience, a solid skill set, a clear direction and a solid motivation. However, I felt stuck and common, which frustrates me. It left me susceptible to diversi...
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Ryan Mainey


Irving, United States

The Habit of Ferocity

"Very grateful for the connections and the lessons"

Steven Kottler taught us about Flow, finding our Flow profile as part of this. At the end, I'd manifested a new magazine, published 2 issues, and identified in a potent where ( and how) I choose to focus in order to make the difference I am called to make. I love my work, I love my life and..,
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Zola De Firmian

Business owner- Business coach consultant for new paradigm change-makers

Creston, United States

The Habit of Ferocity

"I was able to develop a solid gym habit, I'm in the best shape of my life and honestly, more fulfilled and happier than ever"

Before this program for 5 years, I struggled to develop habits and especially a solid gym routine. I would always go to the gym for 1 week, lose motivation, and stop going. The main issue was I was going too hard too fast, I would do too much at once. After this program, in the last 30 days...
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Khoa Tran


Adelaide, Australia

The Habit of Ferocity

"I am excited about starting my first day on this program"

I am excited about starting my first day on this program. It sounds to me like a combination of velocity and fury😄. Just what I need because I feel I am just too laid back for the dreams that I have had for the longest time. Huge dreams and just not enough action. Damn! And I am ab...
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Dr Hasliza Ahmad Hassan

Founder and Managing Director of Customized Healthcare Sdn Bhd @ Health By Design

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

The Habit of Ferocity

The Habit of Ferocity with Steven Kotler

Discover how to easily reap The Habit of Ferocity: the behavioural formula used by visionaries, artists, and the world’s top performers to put success on autopilot. Make extraordinary performance your effortless default state with high performance expert, Steven Kotler. The Habit of Ferocity is a 35-day online journey towards your fullest potential. Join Steven Kotler and thousands of students worldwide as he installs in you the frameworks, thought models, and behavioral changes that facilitate ferocity.
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