"Thanks to the program, many pieces have started to fall into place and the bigger picture is becoming clearer"
The Habit of Ferocity

"Thanks to the program, many pieces have started to fall into place and the bigger picture is becoming clearer"

I joined The Habit of Ferocity hoping to glean some information on what it meant to be Ferocious. Previous to taking the Quest I regarded people possessing this quality as somewhat intimidating. I did not view myself as such and I suppose I hoped that if I could understand what it meant to embody Ferocity, I would no longer fear it. To be fair it wasn't Ferocity, but Curiosity that got this Cat. 
Most of my questions were answered and others surfaced that I will continue to work on for years to come. I am okay with that. The Quest taught us effective tools to create a Powerful Mindset and Vision with which to propel us forward into a Bigger Version of Ourselves, a vision not only of personal satisfaction, but of service in Making the World a Better Place.
In looking deeper into self, I rekindled a Love Affair with Fine Art Painting and completed a Donation Piece for Aids Life Cycle Los Angeles that I had been struggling on for months. 
I decided to continue with my passion for writing, took two separate Master Classes, began listening to audiobooks on writing skills while at work, and wrote the second draft of the first chapter of a Novel I had given up on. I revisited my interest in Music/Voice, Meditation, and Creative Video/Audio Production, finding unexpected meaning through interconnections between all these skills and seemingly disparate interests. Thanks to the program, many pieces have started to fall into place and the Bigger picture is becoming clearer. I can not help but say it out loud: “Everything happens for a reason!”
Ironically, it was not until the latter part of the program when we worked on training “Grit” that I realised just how Gritty I already am. I might even hazard to say that I have mastered that part of Ferocity to some degree, so much so that it is part of my everyday routine. I took it for granted and in considering our passions for the course, I neglected to include the previous two and a half years of tireless research, extreme lifestyle change, courage, and determination it took to maintain my efforts towards curing Cervical Cancer naturally. It was only at the end of the course, after a long awaited Pap Test where I got an “all clear” negative result for HPV that I realised the meaning of Embodied Ferocity. 
If I were asked to name the most valuable things I have received in taking this course, I would have to say : The permission to include all parts of self in the journey to Greatness, the realisation that I am the Journey and the Greatness, the joy and satisfaction in connecting with like minded individuals and finding not only inter-connectedness in my own interests, but also with theirs, and finally the validation that I am always in the Right Place a the Right Time, and...in Flow. 

Brigitte Emma Marie Rondeau

United States

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