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Live By Your Own Rules

"I am searching for more self-awareness"

As I begin this course, I am searching for more self awareness.
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Denise ross


San Angelo, United States

Live By Your Own Rules

"Hope the PD programs in Mindvalley will help me to transform into a better version of myself and unleash the power in me"

I have never thought that I needed to enroll for personal development program. It was until 1 or 2 years ago, my inner voice has been nagging with the feeling of hollow. Questions popping in my head, how would I live my life for the next 20 years. I would like to reach at the top of mount...
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Katherine Chung

Company Secretary in Public Practice

Tawaui, Malaysia

Live By Your Own Rules

"Few Times while meditating or listening to Kristina I had wow moments"

I took this programm to bring back some lightness to my life.I really enjoyed it. Few Times while meditating or listening to Kristina I had wow moments. And that was very much welcomed....And Yes the Universe Has My Back🙏 Kristina if you decide to do another class in English please let...
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Vero Del Valle

Laughter Yoga Teacher

Paris, France

Live By Your Own Rules

"I consider myself a lifelong student of becoming the best version of me"

I set aside space in my life to learn. I consider myself a lifelong student of becoming the best version of me.
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Nicole Magnus


Prescott, United States

Live By Your Own Rules

"I am really hoping for guidance on how to shed those and become the person that I know I am deep down"

I have just begun this program. What I am really hoping to get out of it is to become a real person. I feel like I walk around in a bubble and do not put out to the world the person I actually am. In truth, I think I don’t like that person very much. I have so much love in my heart and I...
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Trish Horgan

Chief Heart Officer

Chepachet, United States

Live By Your Own Rules

"I’ve begun to realize that I’ve never truly lived by my own rules even after becoming an adult"

I am a 70-year-old divorced mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and culturally abused Black woman living once again in the small Ohio town in which I was born after 40 years of working basically unsatisfying survival income jobs in California that supported me, a couple of diff...
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Maxanna Brooks

Retired Los Angeles County Health Services Contract Program Auditor

Steubenville, United States

Live By Your Own Rules

"I now want to honour the feminine me and my sovereign self"

Up until the last few years I’ve worked among men on construction sites and it’s really worn me down because I’ve been really poorly accepted. I now want to honour the feminine me and my sovereign self, and develop an authentic connection with the dying and journey with the dying, and dev...
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Sydney, Australia

Live By Your Own Rules

"It has renewed the strength within me to live"

I have for most of my life lived making sure that I took care of other while neglecting my wants and dreams. Working to provide for my family and delivering at a high level for my clients. I got to a point where in life where it wasn’t sustainable and I was burnt out and overwhelmed. I di...
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Kwame Michel


Duluth, United States

Live By Your Own Rules

"These courses all make such sense and have helped me to reignite, to review the unconscious patterns of my life"

Throughout lockdown, I’ve started strong then began to flounder especially with each ensuing ‘pandemic lockdown’, my own effervescence began to lose its sparkle and self doubt began to take seed....none of this appealed so I decided to try out ‘live by your own rules’ with Mindvalley as t...
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Product Development & yoga teacher

Dublin, Ireland

Live By Your Own Rules

It was an amazing discovery!

During Christina's quest, I had a lot of insights. As for the roles, dormant, but very important roles have opened that need to be brought to light and embody fully. I saw my dominant role, which brings me untold benefits, but in the situation that I find myself and am trying to resolve n...
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Oksana Kremleva

Moscow, Russian Federation

Live By Your Own Rules

"I feel more self-love and I more feel I’m enough"

Before I join this program, there were certain patterns in my life that I didn’t understand, and I felt uncomfortable with them and I didn’t feel enough. Thanks to this wonderful program, I discovered that most of these patterns were part of myself, of who I really am, and that there’s...
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Jonathan Aliaga Ramirez

Monitoring Staff, Domobol S.R.L.

La Paz, Bolivia

Live By Your Own Rules

"I have kept most of the meditations introduced in the quest as my favorites"

This program transformed my morning rituals to practice 6 phase meditation every day. I have been failing to do meditations throughout my life, but now I cannot survive without them when I feel uneasy, discomfort, resentment, anxiety, etc. This new habit makes my day more energetic and...
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Rumiko Hachisu


Kawasaki, Japan

Live By Your Own Rules

Live By Your Own Rules with Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

In 31-days, author and instructor Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani delivers key ideas and tasks to methodically declutter your mind and your identity, so that you immediately experience transformation towards the authentic, extraordinary life you desire… one day at a time.
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