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The Power of Boldness

"It's the most practical quest I took so far"

I had so much courage to do things I haven’t done before in my life. And this brought me more clients than in the last 6 months! It's the most practical quest I took so far, I have now the framework, the motivation and the tools to move further...
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Monica Ducu

Business Mentor/ Coach/ Speaker

Sibiu, Romania

The Power of Boldness

"Naveen Jain has opened my mind in ways I never imagined"

The Power of Boldness is an amazing quest! Naveen Jain has opened my mind in ways I never imagined and he’s encouraged me to think much bigger and bolder than I ever have. He has such a fun and open way of explaining things and even though I don’t know if my moonshot idea can change 1 bil...
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Valerie van Ginhoven

Radical Forgiveness Coach & Infinite Possibilities Trainer

Lima, Peru

The Power of Boldness

"I now have identified the root cause of my professional blockage"

I am a serial entrepreneur and often struggled with excessive creative and innovate energy and thoughts. Rarely have I felt attached to any I wanted to see through to completion and none to fullest fruition for self. This is how I have come to assist start ups, consult, and sell business pl...
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Kerri Beth

Principal Designer, Innovator

Toronto, Canada

The Power of Boldness

"I’m so much clearer on what I want to do and why"

Before this Quest I had a great idea I wanted to take forward and have been taking small shots forward, even creating the website. Then I went through this question and went through a roller coaster of wondering whether my idea was good enough. I’d enrolled in the quest expecting to get...
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Heidi Tyler

Coach, Author, Creator & Lifebook Ambassador

London, United Kingdom

The Power of Boldness

"I don't think I've ever dreamt as big as I have over the last couple of weeks of this quest"

Wow, what a journey! Even though I'm still processing the idea that maybe I could have an idea that would benefit 1 billion people, I don't think I've ever dreamt as big as I have over the last couple of weeks of this quest. This quest has helped me make some bold decisions - both on a pe...
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Renny Slade

Owner 'The Wise Learner'

Cheltenham, France

The Power of Boldness

The Power of Boldness with Naveen Jain

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