The Power of Boldness

"The quest will improve your Zest for Success!"

Before I started as a seeker and joined Quest my life was interesting productive n successful after taking Quest the Vision has become bolder the canvass bigger of touching n transforming a billion lives. 

The reason for joining Quest is my hunger constantly for personal development and mind valley as a one-stop shop platform for Mind Expansion.

The reason why I recommend Quest is the deep passionate knowledge of the Faculty n the Tribe who are your critics n cheerleaders. 
The 3 most important take away is Dream big /Execute with an obsession/Don’t give up. The quest will improve your Zest for Success !!

Jagdish Valecha

Chairman Golds gym India (Founder Master franchisee)

Mumbai, India

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The Power of Boldness

"I am here to learn to think differently"

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Edward McPherson

Founder of Proactive Philanthropy, Inc.

Marshfield, United States

The Power of Boldness

"I am excited by this power of boldness intro"

Hi, I am excited by this power of boldness intro. I am thrilled about Mind Valley. My story--a beginner with the tribe, just joined about a month ago. So far I find that the wisdom and the belief in More that the programs present are shifting my life. But...give me a couple of months so...
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Rose Richards

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The Power of Boldness

"This quest got me so fired up and every day he made me up my obsession to inspire people and be a cheerleader for the world!"

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Barbie Layton

Speaker, author, intuitive life coach and entrepreneur

Anaheim, United States

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