"A Quest every entrepreneur needs to take to truly be bold!"
The Power of Boldness

"A Quest every entrepreneur needs to take to truly be bold!"

All I can say is WOW- this quest was like an ATOM BOMB- short yet soo powerful and impactful. 

I took up this Quest as I pivoted and embarked on my entrepreneurial journey a couple of months back. I really wanted to learn how to understand and execute my vision with absolute clarity and let go of my doubts and fears surrounding it. I wanted to learn the tools and techniques to achieve my vision. 

This quest really stripped me from any self-doubt regarding my vision. It taught me right from the basics of understanding what my actual vision aka moonshot was and how to go about bringing it to life- what are the support systems one can make use of to truly achieve their moonshot. 
The nuances that you learn in this quest are so simple yet often overlooked by most of us. I personally have loved each day of the quest as it has truly taught me soo much. 

I can easily say that post this quest I have become much more confident, gained mental clarity and really understand how to take that much-needed leap towards my moonshot. I am ready to boldly march forward with the intent of bringing my moonshot to life and to top it up I have already found like-minded people to support me with it!! 

Thank you Naveen Jain for 2 weeks of pure wisdom & practical knowledge and thank you Mindvalley for yet another superb quest. To sum up my feelings for this quest in a line- A QUEST EVERY ENTREPRENEUR NEEDS TO TAKE TO TRULY BE BOLD!!

Kanika Jain

Finance Professional/Entrepreneur

Manama, Bahrain

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