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Mindvalley Membership

"Mindvalley is the best learning platform with a variety of teachers and programs"

Greetings, I am Vesu. I am from Malaysia. I am grate full to be able to enroll in this program. I have just completed my super reading quest with Jim Kwik. It was an awesome experience and very beneficial. Mind Valley is the best learning platform with variety of teachers and programs.
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Safety and Health Coordinator.

Johor, Malaysia

Mindvalley Membership

"I can now carry my 4yr. old daughter and actively play with her outside which I wasn't able to do last year"

I became an amputee (Right Below Knee) February 2020. I was in the rock bottom of my life, hopeless and lost when I found Mindvalley during my post-op recovery of my amputation surgery in the hospital. I was 33 yr. old having muscle atrophy of my leg muscles because of decreased mobility...
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Lawrence Tuazon

Department Manager

Fukuoka, Japan

Mindvalley Membership

"Mindvalley videos and Vishen's book, The code of the extraordinary mind, have worked a beautiful miracle"

Before discovering Mindvalley, my morning routine was not very good, and I was always in a hurry. I wanted to change some of my habits, begin my day in a healthier way, and reconnect through meditation, among other things. Mindvalley videos and Vishen's book, The code of the extraordinary...
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Virginia Gutiérrez

Drama teacher, Language teacher, Translator

Montevideo, Uruguay

Featured Mindvalley Membership Story
Mindvalley Membership

"The best thing to happen to me in the most uncertain time of my life!"

The best thing to happen to me in the most uncertain time of my life! Before signing up for Mindvalley Membership, I had been coasting along in my life, reading widely on whatever issue or idea popped into my mind but ultimately feeling like nothing was shifting or moving forward in a fulfilling...

Leah Marville

Model, Host, Inspirational Speaker, Miss Barbados World 2009 and Attorney-at-Law

Los Angeles, United States

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Mindvalley Membership

"This is the most valuable dollar you will ever spend"

After Mindvalley I was inspired to take charge of my own health, heal myself, break bad relationship patterns, learn to fall in love with myself, find my voice, create wealth, make friends and have the courage to start my own coaching company...
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Cassidy Chapman

Self-Healing Coach

Andover, United States

Mindvalley Membership

"Mindvalley has been a significant force over the last 3 months"

Before I started my personal development journey I was SAD ! sick alone and dependent (financially and emotionally) Now I am HBI Healthy Belonging and protected by a fortress of well being we built with my wife and children and our families Independent (financially and emotionally) Mind...
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Alex cabon


Paris, France

Mindvalley Membership

"I have implemented a lot of what I've learned in the masterclasses, developing many life-changing habits along the way"

This is my first "official" quest. I have taken numerous master classes. The chance to join for a year at such a great price and take part in this quest (Lucid Dreaming) as well as several other quests was too good to pass up! I have implemented a lot of what I've learned in the master c...
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Paul Melkonian

CGO at; Writer; Side Hustler

Lowell, United States

Mindvalley Membership

"Mindvalley is responsible for calming my anxiety, for encouraging me to see the beauty in the world"

Before I found Mindvalley I was flailing around trying to figure out who I was, why I wasn’t sleeping, why my anxiety and emotions so often felt out of control and why I was so unhappy and critical of myself. Marisa Peer’s ‘Uncompromised Life’ showed me from Day 1 that self love, kindne...
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London, United Kingdom

Mindvalley Membership

"I’m like a child in a sweet shop with full access to all your courses"

Whilst growing up I didn’t enjoy learning at all, I found it all a constant struggle. I really started learning in 1993, and haven’t stopped. Jim Kwik course introduced me to Mind-valley. I’m like a child in a sweet shop with full access to all your courses. Chocolate heaven to me!
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Kardia Eracleous

Personal trainer and energy rehab

Hendon, United Kingdom

Mindvalley Membership

"These quests allow us to access our abilities and skills and teach us to apply valuable techniques to achieve personal growth"

Mindvalley quests are really useful and I have been recommending them to family and friends. These quests allow us to access our abilities and skills, and teach us to apply valuable techniques to achieve personal growth. I believe my Mindvalley subscription was one of my best investments...
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Flávio Pinto

CC Advisor, Vodafone

Bromley, United Kingdom

Mindvalley Membership

"Having all access means I can tune in to topics when I need to hear that particular message"

I love Vishen's style of teaching and his approach to education. With so many experts and a variety of subjects, there is something for everyone. Having all access means I can tune in to topics when I need to hear that particular message. I can control when and what I learn. My next Quest...
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Connie Holt

Goldsum Insurance Solutions serving the 65 + with all Medicare and Life insurance needs. And, having fun doing it!

Orinda, United States

Mindvalley Membership

"I am so clear and delighted about my future and beginning a podcast for the good news and wellness"

My tools, confidence and inspiration, I owe to Vishen and his Mindvalley extraordinary authors and inspirational teachers. And, just to let you know, I am 78 and am proving, it is never too late to change your life...
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Sally Preston

DreamBuilder Life Coach

Columbus, United States

Mindvalley Membership

"I absolutely love the transformation that Mindvalley has had on my life and my two kids"

I stumbled into Mindvalley through life book. Fell totally in love and made the investment immediately. Totally transformed my life. I wanted a divorce because things where really bad between my spouse and I. A 22 year relationship with two kids (20 and 15 year olds) I learnt to thin...
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Mara Almeida


Viseu, Portugal

Mindvalley Membership

Mindvalley Membership with Vishen Lakhiani

Mindvalley Membership gives you access to the Best of Mindvalley. You’ll save big on your lifelong education. You’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning. And you’ll connect with the world’s best teachers and community. All on one revolutionary online learning platform
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